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Day 2…thought I was gonna starve!

23 Jun

Ok, so it is day two of my attempt to shrink myself, it could have gone worse I suppose – least I didn’t cheat! Oh yeah, thats right, two days with no cheating, go me go!

I went to bed last night hungry, which I used to do when I wasn’t watching my food intake so that wasn’t weird on it’s own. Still, it is unpleasant having your tummy growl while trying to get in to la-la land.  When I woke up I was amazingly hungry! I felt hungry from pretty much the moment I gained consciousness, not good since I don’t eat until 8:30am and I am awake at 6:15am. I wait so long to eat because I meet up with  a friend at work,I will call her K, and we get breakfast together. It’s a nice way to start the day. 🙂 And we are lucky, work provides us with a lot of free food and drinks – which is why we eat there, it’s free!

So by the time I got to eat my poor stomach was making so many noises I thought people were going to be looking at me funny. lol. Breakfast did not hold me over until lunch, I got hungry enough mid morning I had trouble concentrating on work, not sure if this is because of what I ate for breakfast or the quantity or what, shrug, I will try something new tomorrow for breakfast and see what happens.

Lunch was pretty decent for filling me up but by the time I got home I was hungry enough to start making dinner right away instead of exercising right away and eating later. A month or so ago I started exercising when I got home from work, I find if I eat first and plan to exercise later I never do it, *rolls eyes*, but I fell off the wagon with that. I think I will eat healthy for a week or two and then start exercising more regularly…ease in to things.

For dinner, I tried taking a small small portion of the pasta I had in the hopes of keeping my points low, that didn’t work as I didn’t get filled from dinner and ended up eating another portion of pasta an hour or so after finishing dinner. I still fit it into my points so thats alright but I think this means I should eat a slightly more normal portion of food and get filled from my meal instead of eating too little and having to eat again quite soon.

So here is what I ate today:

bowl of rice krispies = 4 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

2 cups of tea = o

1 banana = 2 points

1 nectarine = 1 point

1 kiwi = 1 point

1/2 bowl weight watchers veggie soup = 0 points

1 whole wheat english muffin = 2

butter on muffin = 1 point

mixed veggies = o points

1/2 cup broccoli and cheese pasta = 4 points

1 cup tea = o points

1/2 cup broccoli and cheese pasta = 4 points

1 nectarine = 1 point

1 jaffa bar = 3 points (haven’t actually eaten this yet but I will when I am done typing)

Total points used = 24!! Exactly what I am s’posed to eat. 🙂

I used part of this evening to portion out foods in to servings so it will be easier tomorrow, I portioned out all my fruit, I have grapes and pineapple (well, and the nectarines but those don’t need to be portioned, shrug). I think I need to make something for dinner tomorrow that I can take part of the portion to work the next day for lunch , I am not sure what though…

I am reading a really informative book called Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat by Nancy L Snyderman, M.D. It is full of a lot of things I didn’t know but you can never take just one person’s info about eating healthy and losing weight. There are so many different views and they all claim to be scientifically proven blah blah blah. She seems to know what she is talking about and isn’t promoting any kind of fad or strange diet, she keeps going back to burning more calories then you are taking in – seems to make sense. I will post more about what she says after I am done the book.


On My Way Down!

22 Jun

I am (hopefully) on my way down – weight wise that is!

I am constantly making amazingly great plans to lose weight and never manage to follow thru longer than a couple weeks, at most! I am lazy, and I like foods that are bad for me, and I have a horrible metabolism because of my food history – I don’t say this as an excuse (or three) but as an explanation. And yeah, I know lots of people don’t think there is much of a difference between the two but there is; one holds you back and one helps explain your actions and gives you something to overcome. I am hoping this time to finally overcome. 🙂

I don’t want to over burden anyone who may read this by blabbing about everything in the first post so let’s keep this first one simple shall we? My plan (this time around) is to write down everything I eat, and I mean everything – this could get ugly – also, I am going to keep track of all exercise I do – or don’t do – in the hopes keeping track will stop me from cheating.  A big part of this plan is I want to try to lose the weight in a healthy way, usually I dive into pills, powders, flushes, shakes anything that offers a quick fix. This dependency on quick fixes is based on experiences I had years ago with an amazingly awesome drug called Xenadrine with Ephedrine. The ephedrine is what made that pill the best, now it is sold without that active ingredient, what’s the point of that?? eesh. So, when I took those pills, they worked. I wasn’t using them for weight loss mind, I would take one about 15 minutes before I went to the gym (which was a daily experience) and it would give me so much energy (yeah I know, fake energy but who cares about that?) that I could exercise for a good solid 3 hrs. I’d do a minimum hour and a half intense cardio, then weights, then an exercise class of some kind then more weights, maybe a bit more cardio then stretching then home. I wasn’t doing that to lose weight, I was maintaining and paranoid that I was going to gain weight…I also thought I was horribly overweight which when I think of that now I want to bang my head against a wall because I am now 50lbs or so heavier. Ugh. 50 Pounds?!?! Thats horrible! I can’t believe I let that happen!

And I am starting to ramble, sorry!

Ok, trying to get back on track here, I am going to attempt to lose weight in a healthy way, to do this I need guidance so I am following Weight Watchers, keeping track of everything I eat and physically do and hopefully it will work. I have a timeline but I don’t know if it is realistic because I am not sure how quickly/slowly a healthy weight loss plan works. I think it is 2lbs a week, sooooo, I want to lose approx 50 lbs (I am scared to weigh myself so I don’t know exactly how much weight I need to lose, lol, I know! I am a wimp but I am gonna work up to standing on the scale – it will probably happen this saturday) 50lbs/2 = 25 weeks which is a little under 6 months, man, that’s depressing, I was hoping to have lost a noticeable amount by mid-August, at most that will be 18lbs, hmmm, that sounds like a good number.

Ok, little goal, by August 20, 2010 I will have lost 18 lbs.

Here is what I ate today and the corresponding Weight Watcher points:

1 whole wheat bagel with peanut butter – 6 + 2

1.5 cups of tea – o

1/2 a bowl of Weight Watcher Veg Soup – 0  (I will put the recipe on a page – it is uber yummy!)

1 orange – 1

1 kiwi – 1

1 whole wheat english muffin w/ butter – 2 + 1

1 Eating Right (fr Safeway) hamburger patty – 4

2 Kraft cheese slices – 2

7 sweet pickes – 1

Large serving mixed veggies – 0

1 Jaffa Bar – 3

My Total Points Eaten today is = 23

My Daily Total of Points allowed in one day  = 24

Oh, and I drank water, not the 8 glasses I am s’posed to have but I had about 3 and for me that is pretty good.

So yah! Didn’t go over! I am not sure what to do though, I don’t have anything in the house that is only 1 point so if I eat anything it will put me over my allowed points for the day. I don’t know which is worse, being one point under or being a bit over. Anybody?

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