Weight Watcher Veggie Soup – 0 Points and Yummy!

I think this is actually a bastardized version of the WW soup, I got this recipe from my mom and it’s really good. It has 0 points and is tasty, well, tasty as long as you like vegetables. lol

chop 1 onion – put in huge pot on low heat to sautee (rinse onion so it has some liquid in the pan)

chop 2 celery stalks and garlic (however much you like) – add to pot

put lid on, let cook for a few minutes

add 1/3 bag frozen sliced carrots

add 1/3 bag frozen cut green beans

add 1/2 bag coleslaw or shredd approx 1/2 cabbage

add sliced zuchinni, quantity up to you

can add any veg you want (I usually add a can of mushrooms)

add 1/4 bag Europe’s Best Mediterannean Diced Delight (when it’s on sale cause it’s expensive!)

put lid on, let simmer about 10 minutes

add small can diced tomatoes (I usually add a large can)

add spices/seasoning: parsley, basil, oregano, paprika, pepper, Mrs. Dash (the more Mrs. Dash the spicier it is)

add veg broth, enough to cover all the veg (can be a powder like OXO or a liquid – whatver you prefer)

bring to boil, then simmer for 10 minutes

Alternate Endings:


add one can of Primo Mixed Beans – cook till veggies done


add 1/4 cup pot barley

stir, bringing back to a boil

return to simmer until barley is cooked, approx 1 hour (barley will be larger and chewy/soft when cooked)

Will make about 10 cups of soup, freezes well.

I usually add a can of kidney beans and the pot barley, get some protein in there and it makes it more filling. You can also add some potato (small pieces obviously) or really anything you think will go well with all the veggies. I suggest tasting the broth after it has all ingredients in it and has had a chance to simmer for 5 minutes or so, I find I always have to add more seasoning. A good option is using a liquid broth but having a powder one on hand and adding some of the powder instead of more spices, gives it more flavour by enhancing the veggie flavour instead of overpowering the soup with a spice of some kind.

I make this soup when I have an hour or so and then let it sit on the stove after it’s all cooked and cool naturally (it takes hours cause it’s a lot of soup!), then I freeze half in ready made portions and put half in the fridge to eat that week, it works great for work lunches (if you have a microwave)


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