Weight Watchers Chocolate Raspberry Muffin – 2 points!

Chocolate Raspberry Weight Watchers Muffin

Prep Time 10 minutes, Cook Time 22 minutes, Serves 12, Weight Watchers Points per muffin is 2


1 Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil’s Food Cake Mix

1 Cup Raspberries

8 oz Unsweetened Applesauce

2 Small Zucchinis

5 tbsp Water


Preheat oven to 400F

Spray a 12 cup muffin tin, or use two 6 cup muffin tins. Place dry cake mix in medium bowl. Grate 2 small zucchinis and squeeze out moisture. Add 1 Cup of raspberries and the grated zucchini to the dry cake mix. Mix thoroughly. Add 8 oz of unsweetened apple sauce and 5 tbsp of water. Mix well.

Use a 1/3 Cup measure to measure batter in to muffin tray.

Bake for 22 minutes. Let muffins rest 5 minutes then take them out of the muffin tin and cool on rack completely.

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Pretty decent size, don't ya think?

Pretty decent size, don’t ya think?

Couple little side notes:

– I used a different cake mix brand called Compliments! it is the healthier option provided at Safeway, I chose it because it was slightly healthier and because it was cheaper lol

– the raspberries become a little smooshed when mixing everything together. I used frozen raspberries but I had let them thaw a bit on the counter, I think the mixing would be easier if the raspberries were closer to frozen then thawed

– the muffins are so moist I didn’t spray the muffin tray, you’ll see in the picture I used muffin liners, I was worried once the muffins rose they would be stuck to the top of the muffin tray, they weren’t, not even close to sticking!

– they don’t rise in a nice uniform and pretty way, some of mine had a bit of a dip in the middle, they were fully baked and tasted ok though, just weren’t pretty

– the texture is a little off, due to using the zucchini and applesauce I think, they don’t have the texture of a “normal” muffin but it’s not so different you wonder what you just put in your mouth, give it a try, keep an open mind! 🙂

– they are very rich, more of a dessert thing than a breakfast thing, in my opinion

– press as much water out of the zucchini as humanly possible! I was worried about removing too much moisture and messing up the recipe, let me assure you, that is not possible! those little zucchinis have an incredible amount of moisture in them, drain! drain till you can drain no more! 😉 lol


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