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The Fake Film Festival

13 Feb

Hi all you lovely readers! I was asked to be in a short film that was going to be entered in to a “fake” film festival. You may be wondering what I mean by fake, well, the rules are this, you take a pre-existing movie, condense it to sixty seconds, and voila!

It is a low budget film (ie. almost no budget lol) but we worked hard and it turned out to be pretty funny. We did Thelma & Louise in sixty seconds. Yah!

I am putting a link below and if you have an urge to click on it, watch the sixty second video and then hit the “Like” button underneath the video (essentially, voting for the video) I’d appreciate it. The top 25 videos get shown in a proper screening! Exciting! And the winner gets a trophy, bragging rights and $10K. I am more excited about the exposure since as a newbie actor that is oh so needed. πŸ™‚

Thanks in advance to all that vote! πŸ˜€

Thelma & Louise in Sixty Seconds

*crossing fingers* that the link works lol

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