Death Threat Or Act Of Love?

22 Mar

This was in my bed last night…

poor dead ladybug

poor dead ladybug

It may be hard to tell from the picture but it is a cat toy made to look like a ladybug that has been split open all along its back courtesy of the cat.

Soooo…a dead ladybug toy…

It has been my cat’s favourite toy for a while now, he not only loves to kill it more than any of  his other toys he also occasionally sleeps with it, it’s super cute.

However, having it waiting for me when I went to bed last night was slightly disconcerting and I am trying to decided how to take this gift of his. I figure it is either:

(1) an offering, to show he wants to help take care of our little family, similar to when an outdoor cat brings a dead bird or mouse to his/her owner


(2) a death threat

I’m not gonna lie, the dead ladybug in my bed reminds me of the horse’s head left in the bed from the Godfather movie, which ok, sure, I haven’t actually seen but I’ve heard about it, who hasn’t?

So there we have it…my life may be in danger or he could be feeling a need to help take care of us. I’m really hoping it’s the latter, though him finding a way to earn money I could put towards rent would go a lot farther than a dead toy in my bed, just sayin! 😉


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