Bad Vampire!

14 May

This past Monday I had to get blood drawn, I would’ve posted about it sooner but my internet has been down, boo for sucky internet connection! 😛



So I popped over to the lab that is across the street from where I work and attempted to be all nonchalant about yet another needle poking in to my vein, sigh. I still firmly believe that if people were meant to have needles go in to them we’d all be born with valves in our inner elbow area.

So I sit down, put my arm out, she disinfects the area, tells me how much blood she is taking, stabs the needle in to my arm aaaaaand…nothing.

No blood. Not even a drop.

We are both looking at the vial, watching as it stays empty, I don’t know about her but I was confused and our convo went like this:

Me: Maybe I’m all tapped out.

Her: I’m sorry.

Me: Huh?

Then she takes a firmer grip on the needle and pushes it in super deep.

Me: Ouch!

Her: Sorry I had to hurt you.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t sorry at all! lol Oh, and get this! Me being the super polite Canadian that I am, I actually said “no worries” about her hurting me and apologized for saying “ouch”. That can’t be normal! lol *rolls eyes*



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