Return to Real Life

2 Aug

So, I’m back. Back to Canada. Back to my little apartment. Back to work. I think I’d rather be on vacation lol but who wouldn’t, right? πŸ˜›

I absolutely fell in love with Wales, there is something about that country that just clicked with me. It could be because it is beautiful, or the people, or just the fact that I was on vacation and having a blast…whatever it was I loved it there. πŸ˜€

The vacation didn’t go perfectly, in fact, the beginning of it was so sucky I was actively wishing to go home. By the end though I was having such a great time and I swear I blinked and boom! vacation over! What’s with that?? Boo!


I had intended to write posts every evening after my days adventures while on vacation, I was actually really excited to do that buuuuuut even though the websites for the places I was staying said they had wifi they didn’t, sigh. Nothing I could do about that, shrug. I also planned on keeping a journal while on vacation. I am horrible at remembering the names of places I go, and the details of things I do and I hate that I forget that stuff. I figured I would write in my journal every night so that years from now I could read it and laugh at all the random crap I was thinking or better remember all the stuff I did. I only did that for a while unfortunately. I was super tired one night and couldn’t stay awake enough to write everything down so I did some bullet points and thought I’d write more the next day but who has that kind of time? Not me, least not when I’m on vacation. So I let it slide. I’m surprisingly not too worried though because the trip has really resonated through me and I am grasping tight to all of my memories because I can’t bare to not remember. I figure I’ll remember long enough to write a bunch of blog posts about them and put together a photo album at least. *crosses fingers*

Since coming home I have embraced the new schedule jetlag has given me, I am awake early every morning and tired much earlier every evening then normal for me. I am kinda liking this whole get up early and have lots of time during the day thing…I don’t kid myself that it will last very long, I am naturally a night owl and all it will take is one day of sleeping in to mess with this new rhythm but for now I’m enjoying it. Today, before it was ten in the morning I had read a bunch of my book, showered, dressed, done dishes, done laundry, played with the cat and was sitting down to breakfast and a lovely cup of tea. Oh yeah, that is one other thing being up early has changed with me, I am eating more than once a day! Weird huh? I am up early enough I have breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, oh and somewhere in there I have a snack. Super weird lol πŸ˜› I’m making conscious food decisions, that means I’m not eating super super healthy but I am trying to balance every meal, I make sure every meal has a fruit or veg in it, is not huge portions and I’m working on increasing my protein (I always suck at getting enough protein). I’m hoping little changes will help implement bigger changes, healthier changes. For now though I’m focusing on eating three times a day, for me that is a big change and I want to cement the new routine before changing a bunch of other stuff.

I have decided that instead of doing one small-ish post about my vacation and trying to fit all the deets in it I will do a series of posts over the next week or so, each one detailing a different adventure or day of my trip. Consider yourself warned that my next week or so will be all about vacation memories, complete with pictures! πŸ™‚

For now though I have to go get ready for work, ugh. That is the hardest part for me when I come back from vacation, getting used to a schedule again. Sure, while on vacation there are places I have to be at by certain times or things I have to do at certain times but for the most part those are activities and places I chose, and I want to be there. Coming back and getting used to a schedule that I don’t have control over, and that requires me to be places I don’t wanna be, well, let’s just say laaaaaaame! Why do we as a society let ourselves get trapped like this? Ok, wait, I won’t even get in to that rant right now cause I so don’t have the time lol πŸ˜›


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