Vanity, Thy Name Is…

20 Dec

This past Thursday even though I was wearing my contacts I stopped being able to see properly, it was…unpleasant…

I thought the contacts must need replacing, no biggie, so that night I threw them out and put a fresh pair in my contact case so they could marinate in contact solution over night.

Friday I put them on when getting ready for my day and thought they were ok. When I got to work and really started having to focus on things and ya know, read stuff and function in a productive manner I realized I couldn’t see properly. Anything that was on a screen was super blurry and hurt my eyes and trying to read anything on a piece of paper was near impossible. Even when I held the paper close to my eyes the words weren’t any clearer, just all kinds of blurry. I started testing my eyes and noticed I couldn’t see as far in to the distance as I usually could and that in general my vision was getting worse.

Not cool.

I mean, I’m fairly blind, but at least with my contacts I can see. All of a sudden having my contacts on but not being able to see was disconcerting.

Luckily there is an eye doctor in the shopping centre across the street from where I work and they were still open so I called and asked if there was any way to get an emergency appointment the next day. I explained what was going on and the receptionist said I could come in at 12:45pm, the doc would shorten her lunch and fit me in before her already scheduled first appointment after her regular lunch time. Nice huh?

Unfortunately for me I was scheduled to work until 1pm so I said I had to wait until the next day when I could speak to my manager and find out if I could leave early. She said no worries just call the next day to let them know.

My manager rocks, I told her what was happening and asked to leave early, she was all “of course!” and away I went.

The doctor is awesome! I will soooo be keeping her as my regular eye doc. She is my age, hilarious, and friendly / chatty while also being super efficient. She listened to me when I described what was going on, knew immediately what was happening, did an eye exam with my contacts on, then with them off, and badda bing badda boom! Solution to problem found!

It is a sucky solution, sigh, but I guess I shouldn’t be so picky. Something or other in my eyes was swollen, or inflamed, or something like that, and my contacts were irritating that issue which is why my eyes weren’t able to focus properly. Her solution was to prescribe me eye drops and tell me to wear my glasses for the next couple days.

Ugh. Glasses. Me in glasses. In public.


I hate how I look in glasses. Plus, I bought my glasses in 2007. 2007! Can you say out of date much? Sigh. I know most people with glasses replace them every year or two but I only wear mine for about an hour at night right before going to bed and an hour (if that!) in the morning when I get up…actually, in the morning it is more like 10 minutes max. So why replace them when nobody sees them and I hardly wear them? I keep them safe in a case so they are in good condition but the lenses are an old prescription and the frame style is out of date.

Aaaaaaand this would be where my vanity comes in to play lol I don’t want to wear them because I don’t like how I look in glasses and the frames are old. Plus I miss having peripheral vision, and glasses give me headaches, and blah blah blah. Mostly I don’t like them for pure vanity reasons lol 😛

But if I want my eyes to get better I have to wear them so today I not only wore them all day but I was out in public in them, at work! Where people I know saw me! All. Day.

I didn’t like it. It felt so strange having them on my face. When I had to walk through the rain I had to deal with water drops on the lenses, I had to move my head more to see things instead of looking out the corner of my eye or just glancing upwards without moving my head (I am very blind so if I am not looking through the lens I see nothing but blurry random blobs), I had to deal with the headache they cause me, the comments I kept getting, just all of it, I had to deal with all of it. How the hell do people deal with these things on their faces all the time?!

Contacts people! Wear contacts!

I can’t wait for tomorrow to find out if I can go back to wearing my contacts. Man I hope I can go back to my contacts. Well, not myyyy contacts because she wants me to switch brands, but to contacts in general. *crossing fingers*

hate glasses

Random tidbits from the visit:

Apparently I am so blind that if the doc had to test my vision without lenses (even the ones they put in front of you when they go “which is better, one, or two”) she would have to test me by standing in front of me and asking how many fingers she is holding up because the letters on the wall can’t get large enough for me to even realize they are there.

When she was looking at my eyes through some machine I don’t know the name of she blurted out “wow, your eyes are really bad! how have you not had laser surgery yet?!” to which I replied it costs too much and she said costs have gone down and for my eyes, with the latest lasers it would cost under $3000…umm…as if that makes it sound affordable? ha! But now of course I am thinking about it so in January I think I will contact my benefits peeps and see if laser surgery is covered for me. A friend of mine, his coverage paid for most of his laser surgery this past summer so maaaaaaybe mine will be covered, or partially covered…that would be so nice!

Did you know if your eye visit is an emergency visit like mine was you pay nothing? I mean, it is Canada, so you barely pay anything anyways lol but the entire cost of the visit was billed to healthcare, I didn’t have to pay a dime for it. Oh, and my drops are the expensive kind so after benefits paid their part I had to pay $4 and change for them. I love having benefits, *happy sigh*



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