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Snack ‘n Go

30 Jan

I discovered in Safeway the other week these great little hummus snacks. Well, they are great if you like hummus…and crackers…and snacks…

Who doesn’t like snacks?!

There are two flavours, original and roasted garlic. I bought both and love both equally. I enjoy hummus, not as much as some people, but it is a yummy food choice that I have pretty much no guilt about so yay for that! Normally I buy a larger container of hummus and some carrots and go that boring old route but I seem to never finish the hummus, or the carrots, and it is such a waste. But these! These are perfect for me! I love things that are portioned out already, they make it so much easier for lazy people like me to pick the healthy option vs grabbing some cookies or just not eating lol

The crackers are crazy delish. To the point I purposefully finish the hummus quickly so I can eat one or two of the crackers by themselves. Yeah…I’m that person *rolls eyes* What can I say, carbs make life worth living. πŸ˜‰

Sadly, as with any small convenient food option, they aren’t cheap. I only bought them because they were on sale for um, two for $4 or $5 I think it was…which doesn’t sound like a lot initially but when you realize they are only small snack items and regularly they are three something each well, is it really worth it? I dunno…You’d get more snack time out of the bag of carrots and larger container of hummus but these I did not waste, ate every bite of the 6 I ended up buying before the sale was over. So maybe, when you look at it like that, they are worth the money? I’ll leave that decision up to you and your wallet, but if your taste buds get to weigh in on the decision to buy them be prepared for the taste buds to say “yes! buy! buy! buy!” cause seriously, so tasty! πŸ™‚


Foggy Nights

29 Jan

2016-01-02 21.17.19

I love foggy weather, I find it so peaceful.

Something about the lack of visibility, the muffled sounds, the mood the fog can inspire. Its pretty much the best weather pattern I can think of. πŸ™‚

This is the scene that greeted me as I left work and started walking to where my suv was parked. It was foggier in person, I’m never able to get a good picture of fog, such an elusive thing!

If it wasn’t so late in the evening, and chilly, and I so poorly dressed for the chill I would have gone for a wandering bit of a walk and enjoyed it more. As is I made up stories in my head, inspired by the fog. One of the great things about having an over active imagination is how entertained I am able to keep myself lol

I hope it is foggy again tomorrow…

So We Are All Aware

23 Jan

Just so everyone is aware the cat had a very tiring day.

First he had to walk to his food dish from the bedroom where he had been curled up on what I pretend is my bed (since ya know, I paid for it) but in reality is his bed because he is a blanket and space hog.

2013-05-17 14.02.28

Then he had to move from one spot in the apartment to another at various times throughout the day so he could make sure to nap in each of his favourite spots at least once in a 24 hour period. Wouldn’t want his dolphin blanket to think he loved it less than his spot in the back of my closet. πŸ˜‰

By the end he was so exhausted his only recourse was to collapse on my legs and have one last glorious sleep session…

2016-01-21 20.33.27

…before ya know, curling up in my arms and purring his way back to unconsciousness.

2016-01-11 23.09.28

Poor guy. Don’t know how he manages to survive such hard and stressful days. He’s an inspiration to me!

Surgery Here I Come

22 Jan

Yesterday I had a consultation at Lasik MD to see if my eyeballs qualified for laser eye surgery.

So yay, they do!

Now begins the journey towards lasers doin their thang to my eyes…or I suppose its more like I am beginning Stage 2 of the journey since I’d like to think all the research I did prior to my consultation counts as part of the journey. What can I say, I need to validate all the time I spent searching and reading and learning since it appears most people don’t really do all that much research…they just kinda assume the peeps at the laser surgery places will tell them everything and they don’t need to take any responsibility for what will be happening to their eyes. What’s with that?


In preparation for the consultation I had to not wear my contacts for minimum 24 hours prior to my appointment, I had to take sunglasses with me, the box for my current contacts and, hmm, that’s about it. Oh! I had to arrange for a ride home because my eyes would be blurry and light sensitive and I wouldn’t be able to drive.

Lucky for me I have a friend who was willing to drive me. πŸ™‚

They never did bother to look at the box for my current contacts, I’m not sure if that is because they knew they would get that info from my eye doc when they sent in the request for medical records form (had to fill that out when I arrived) or because they forgot, or because they don’t reeeeeally need it. Whatever the reason I don’t think it is that big of a deal.

After filling out some paperwork I went in to a room with a row of 3 eye testing machines. I am not sure what the first machine did but I am fairly certain machines 2 and 3 were being used to partially blind me lol I’m joking! Machines 2 and 3 had my eyes being exposed to super bright lights, one in a striped pattern which made me think of those turning circle things that are used to try to hypnotize people…

hypnotise image

Many pictures were take of my eyes from those machines when they were doing their thing. I think they were taking pics of the back of my eyeballs but I really don’t know. Whatever they were, none of them hurt or felt even slightly invasive, they are nothing worse than what you might have done when at your regular eye doc appointment.

Then I was escorted back to the waiting room but before I could sit a second person came out and called me in to her room of machines. There I did the read-the-letters tests multiple times, learned my left eye is dominant, had more bright lights shone in my eyes, had my eyeballs dilated and was then let loose to the waiting room again. There was a 10-15 minute wait for the eye dilating drops to fully take effect so I sat there with a hot chocolate wishing I could see my phone but unable to because ya know, my eyes couldn’t focus. sigh.

Fun fact! Most everyone has a dominant eye. Most people’s dominant eye matches their dominant hand, so if you are right handed your right eye will be dominant. I am the anomaly. I am right handed but my left eye is dominant. The person checking my eyes who tested that said it could be that I was supposed to be left handed but was raised right handed, what is this, the dark ages? That is so not it! Or I could be partially ambidextrous, which I figure is the closer of the two answers. I do some stuff with my left hand that you’d think I’d do with my right since I’m right handed but it feels more natural to use my left hand, shrug. Sometimes I will purposefully do something with my left hand because I read it is good for our brain health to use both hands for things, so I try to use my left hand for say, putting on face moisturizer because theoretically it will help my brain. Is it true? Who knows! Does it make a difference in my day to do something left handed? Nope. So might as well do it. πŸ™‚

Ok, back to testing!

I got called in to room number 3 by person number 3. He did even more eye tests, two of which I found highly interesting. To test the thickness of my cornea he jabbed, ok fine, tapped, my eyeball with two different um…things? Tools! I guess I should say tools lol Before doing this he put numbing drops in my eyes so I didn’t feel it, and I didn’t. It was so strange though, knowing someone was touching my eye with a metal thing-a-ma-jig and not being able to feel it. Oh he also did this thing with, get this, another bright light! lol where I could see the back of my eye in my vision field. Man I love weird stuff like that. Imagine those pictures you have seen of a dessert with cracks in the ground that are thin and spread all over the place, got it? That is what it looked like, just not that colour lol Don’t worry! It is normal! It isn’t because my eye is super dry or anything, it is just that I could see the blood vessels at the back of the eye…seriously, so cool! Why didn’t I become an eye doc? They apparently get to look at interesting things every day.

back of eye

Not my eyeball!Β 

So yeah, after guy number 3 finished with his tests he took a look at the results he got plus the results from the other tests I went through and it was determined I am a candidate for laser eye surgery.

After all that I damn well better be! lol πŸ˜‰

He went over the two types of surgery there are, Lasik or PRK. I had already done a huuuuuge amount of research on both types so what he was telling me I already knew, although I did ask for some clarification of things. Then I pulled out my notebook and asked all the questions I had written down because I knew I would forget when in the office.

Poor guy. I don’t think he knew what hit him.

He said he’d never been asked so many questions and made a comment about how for once he wasn’t just repeating all the same things. Looks like I made him earn his paycheque that day! lol

I was asking about the technology, the procedure, the post op care, all of it, and was happy with his answers.

In the end, because I qualified for both types of surgery, it was up to me to pick which one I wanted and even though it has the longer more painful recovery I chose PRK because all the research I did leads me to believe that is the better option.

After my convo with person number 3 I went back to the waiting room, thank god they have such comfy couches lol and eventually got called in by person number 4 who is there to discuss surgery dates and pre-op stuff and payment.

By the end of the approx 2 hours I was there I’d had one delish cookie, one ok cup of hot chocolate and walked out of there with a surgery date and the mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness…all in all a productive day.

Then I spent the rest of the day doing nothing because my eyes hurt, well, more like ached, and they were still dilated so everything seemed very bright…

2016-01-21 15.14.35

These are my eyes! Look at the pupil size, you’d think I was high or something lol

The 52 Week Savings Challenge

16 Jan

A friend at work told me about the 52 Week Savings Challenge. She wasn’t really making sense so I googled and learned immediately what it is and that some people love it and some people hate it. Of course. *rolls eyes*

Basically it has you putting money aside every week and by the end of the year you will have saved $1378. Pretty crazy huh?

Whatever week of the year it is, that is how much money you put aside. So the first week of the year you put $1 in to savings, the second week of the year you put $2 in to saving, all the way up to the 52nd week of the year where you put $52 in to savings.

From my understanding, the weekly contributions are supposed to help teach you to always put money away, on a regular basis, and by gradually increasing the amount it is supposed to be less painful because it is just a dollar more than the week prior. Kind of like 30 Day Squat challenges where you think no way in hell can you do 85 squats but when you are doing your squats you realize it is only 5 more squats than you did yesterday and if you can do 80 than hell yeah you can do 85.

The challenge intrigued me so I started reading people’s blog posts about it.

Like I said earlier, some people love it, they think it is a great way to save money. Other people had quite the list of reasons to not like it…

  1. in the month of December, when you are already spending a crap tonne of money you have to manage to put aside $202
  2. most people will hit a point in the challenge where the numbers are too big to be putting that kind of money aside every week
  3. you can get the same amount saved by the end of the year if you put aside $26.50 a week, which would be easier to manage budget wise (my mom pointed this one out)
  4. most people will at some point have something unexpected happen that will throw their budget for a bit of a loop making it hard if not impossible to put aside the weekly amount
  5. the challenge says to put the money in a jar or piggy bank so you can watch it grow, it is good motivation to keep going, but this means you don’t earn any interest
  6. some people said you should do it in reverse, make the large payments in the first weeks of the year, so that you get the more painful months over with first

There were other reasons people didn’t like it but those were the ones that stuck with me. They do make a point, but the challenge still intrigued me and I kinda want to give it a try, but heaven forbid I do something exactly how it is laid out lol no no no, I have tweaked it to work better for me, cause why not? πŸ˜›

First I printed off one of the many printables you can find online to track the money you put aside. I picked one I liked the look of because then I would find it enjoyable to look at it, rather than finding the paper boring.

52 weeks saving challenge

I found this one at

Then I made the decision that instead of following the order the challenge puts forth, so $1 in week one, $2 dollars in week two and so forth I am going to play it more like bingo. Where, what amount of money I put aside each week is decided based on how my finances are doing that week. So if I’m having a particularly poor week I’ll put in one of the lower amounts, if I am having an ok week I’ll put in one of the higher amounts. This means each month will have a combo of larger deposits and smaller deposits, making it easier for me to manage financially. Oh and I’m not putting it all in a piggy bank. Some goes in a piggy bank (I have an adorable one) and some gets transferred to my savings account. I’ll make the decision based on if I have the cash on hand or not, which means more often than not I will be transferring money to my savings account because I almost never have cash on me, I prefer plastic lol Β This will give me the chance to watch the money grow in the piggy bank but also have some of the money earning me interest.

To keep track of where the money went (piggy’s tummy or my TFSA) I am writing a little note at the side of each deposit that I have completed with either P.B. or TFSA, fairly straight forward, shrug.

I don’t know if it will work, it would probably be better if I waited until after April to attempt this because that is when my car payments are finally done and I’ll have more money at my disposal but I’ll try and see how it goes. There is no rule saying I can’t re-start it later in the year if I have to stop at some point and have my money saved up in time for say, summer vacation (of 2017) rather than Christmas of 2016.

Ahhh the joys of making things work for you rather than conforming to the pre-existing template. πŸ˜€

The Unwritten List

15 Jan

I have a random list of things to get done, it ranges from refinishing a table to organizing various things in my apartment, to getting better at dealing with my finances, to learning to knit, to building furniture, to getting my suv looked at…and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head…

Told ya it was random! lol

Every time I complete one of these tasks or errands or whatever you want to call them I immediately think of something else that has to get done so my list, which is very un-safely being stored in my brain, never gets any smaller, if anything it keeps growing.

Its not that I mind having things to do, but sometimes when I’m chilling and watching tv or reading or whatever I’m doing to kill time I think of all these things I need to get done and can’t seem to pick one to work on at that moment in time so I work on none of them. Yet one more reason the list is not getting any smaller lol

One thing I did accomplish was building my new pantry and it is so purdy!

I can’t seem to take a good picture of it so I nabbed the picture from the Canadian Tire website…


I wish it was more black than brown-black but I got it on a wicked sale, it holds a lot of stuff and hey, a girl can’t afford to be picky, not when she has as little money as I do lol

I had a smaller pantry that I built when I moved in to this place, it was less than half the size of this one and while I thought it would be big enough to compensate for the lack of cupboard space in my kitchen it was not. Maybe if I had some decent counter space it might be ok but I don’t have that either, shrug. My kitchen always looks like a cluttered mess, even when I have just cleaned it and I hate that! Soooooo when I saw this on sale, for a really good sale price, I indulged myself. πŸ™‚

I’m that weird person who actually really likes building furniture. Bought something at Ikea? If you offer to feed me, or hell, give me a glass of wine, I will totally build whatever you bought for you, and have fun doing it! I’m an oddball like that lol This sucker was harder though, which caught me off guard.

For starters, apparently you need two people to build it, which I scoffed at until I had to lift the entire thing from laying flat on the floor to standing in one smooth motion so as not to overly stress any one part and break it. That was…interesting lol πŸ˜‰

I had a little trouble with the tracks for the drawer, they were not labelled and nowhere in the pathetic excuse of an instruction booklet did it specify which track goes on which piece so I put them on without paying enough attention and the drawer wouldn’t go in. sigh. I was going to just leave it without the drawer in the middle, I kinda liked how it looked, but in the end ended up swapping the two tracks that were inside the drawer space around and boom! Problem solved.

The only thing I didn’t do was attach it to the wall because I am not capable of that lol I don’t own power tools and I am not strong enough to attach the pantry to the wall using my little phillips screw driver sooooo I’ve left it unattached and am just going to have to hope that when we have another earthquake it stays where it is. I mean, it is pretty heavy now that it has so much stuff in it, and I made sure to put heavy stuff on the bottom shelf so maybe it’ll stay put…and if not well I’ll just have to hope I’m not standing in front of it if the big one hits and it falls. Though, if the big one hits I’m pretty sure I’ll have bigger problems than my pantry falling…like potentially being homeless…or sinkholes…or not having anything even slightly related to an emergency kit and thereby dying from lack of preparedness…not that I’ve thought about it or anything lol

The building of the pantry gave me some war wounds, always fun…

2016-01-08 02.49.41

I took the pic a couple of days after I built the pantry so the scratches are not as red as they initially were. People at work thought the cat tried to kill me lol which don’t get me wrong, he does try, just not on that particular night lol πŸ˜‰

Good and Bad

4 Jan

Don’t you hate when you get some bad news and then some good news so close together that you can’t figure out which one to think about?

I mean sure you want to think about the good news, cause who wouldn’t rather be thinking about good things but if you are like me you sometimes ruminate on the bad thing that just happened to you and switching to thinking about anything else can be challenging.

Maybe that’s just me though?

The Bad News:

This afternoon I had a follow up eye appointment to see how well I had improved since an incident I experienced right before I went home for Christmas.

Quick-ish recap!

I stopped being able to see properly. Even when wearing my contacts everything was blurry and I was unable to focus. Anything bright hurt to look at and any type of screen became torture for my eyeballs. The eye doc made me wear my glasses, ugh, and put me on eye drops, and told me to come back after my trip for a follow-up.

This afternoon I had my post-trip follow-up and was informed that my eyes have max 6 months left of being able to wear contact lenses before the irritation to my corneas becomes dangerous.

Six months.


So I am supposed to wear my glasses when I can, the doc actually said she medically advises me to wear only my glasses but as a friend she understands that isn’t totally possible right now because of them being so old etc.

She also highly recommends laser surgery. As in, super highly, she wrote me a referral for a consultation to go see if I qualify and to get a cost for the procedure so I know how much money I will have to magically make appear. She estimates for both my eyes I’m looking at about $2900.

Cause yeah, sure, I totally have that kind of money just lying around.

my eye

See those eyes? They are decorative, NOT functional! lol

The Good News:

I’m walking back to my car after that gem piece of news when I check my phone and I have a voicemail from my agent. He had submitted me for a commercial and going off of head shots and previous work they want to book me so I am filming a commercial Jan 12th!

OMG yay! πŸ˜€

Normally when I book something I get so excited that basically becomes the only thing I think about, and don’t get me wrong, I am super excited! But I keep going back to thinking about how I only have 6 months left for contact usage for my eyeballs and glasses just aren’t an option for me as a full-time thing which means I am relying heavily on being a good candidate for laser eye surgery but even if I am a good candidate I have no idea how the hell I am supposed to find the money for it, within 6 months.

Anybody want to buy one of my kidneys? Or my hair? Or some other part of me? I wouldn’t recommend buying one of my eyeballs since they are pretty much useless. πŸ˜‰

I know there are financing options so I can spread the payments over 3 years, or maybe she said not have to pay for 3 years, I can’t remember which is it…but I am still paying off my car so no way anybody would say yes to letting me finance the cost of surgery. My car payments will be done end of April so if my eyes can wait until say, end of May, maaaaybe I can swing financing, I don’t really know though, I’m not good at money stuff like this…

I am going to call my insurance company once I’ve had the consult and know how much it will for sure cost to see if they will cover any of the expense but I dunno, of all the people I know who have had laser surgery only one had an insurance policy that actually paid part of the surgery, the other companies said no.

Arg the stress!

Ok, you know what, I just have to focus on the good stuff, the booking of a commercial that doesn’t pay all that much but will be good exposure and good to put on my resume. Maybe it will lead to something that will pay well and then I’ll be able to afford the surgery!

Positive thinking people! Positive. Thinking.

January Fitness Challenge

3 Jan

You may or may not recall that in December I made up a 20 day fitness challenge, 20 Workouts in 20 Days…

I decided to make a new fitness challenge for January, to help keep us all motivated, well, ok, mostly to try to get me motivated lol I got super lazy over the holidays, and combining super lazy with eating ridiculous amounts of food, lets just say I am not so comfy in my body right now. Ugh.

I decided to makeΒ it a bit more do-able of a challenge, since most people I told the December one to thought it wasn’t achievable so instead of another 20 Workouts in 20 Days (which personally I thought was catchy lol) it is…

20 Workouts in 30 Days!

Ok, so not as catchy, but maybe not as scary for people?

Jan Fitness Challenge 2016

The basic rules are the same:

(1) a workout consists of 30 minutes or more of activity

(2) a workout can be any physical activity (ex. 30 mins at the gym, 30 mins cleaning your house, 30 mins packing away Christmas decorations…or whatever else you can think of, as long as it is 30 minutes)

(3) if you miss a day you can make it up another day – so, if you miss your planned 30 minute walk due to life getting in the way you can just add that 30 minutes on to a workout another day. This one isn’t quite as necessary since this time there are 30 days to complete the 20 workouts but towards the end people might be running out of days and I don’t want them to quit because they think they failed.

Thaaaaaat is pretty much it!

I am going to make some sort of cute tracker to put on my fridge to count the workouts, I like to be able to visually track my workouts, I find it helps motivate me on lazy days lol I have also found in the past a good way to keep track is to write on my calendar what exercise I did each day and then highlight it so when I glance at the calendar I can see quite clearly which days I worked out. The more highlighted words the better! It’s sort of like giving yourself a gold star sticker for accomplishing something and weirdly enough it works. Hey! Don’t judge! It’s just how I roll! lol πŸ˜‰ You do whatever works for you k?


A New Year

2 Jan

We are a little over 24 hours in to 2016…how are things going for you so far? Is it everything you were hoping it would be? πŸ˜‰

I know it is hard to tell this early in to the New Year but maybe you have an inkling of how things might go…or at least a hope!

It is kind of funny,Β  I always think of the New Year as a chance to wipe the slate clean, start fresh, ya know? But this year I am still dealing with a bunch of stuff that happened at the tail end of 2015 and it doesn’t feel like a new year has started, that I’m at the beginning of a new chapter in the Book of Me. I feel like I am still cleaning up after 2015.

It kinda sucks…

Not the happiest New Years post is it? sigh

It isn’t that every thing is bad or anything, I’m just in a bit of a down spot I guess. It’ll get better, promise!

I wish I had been able to post the past couple of weeks, due to technical difficulties I wasn’t able to easily get online or write anything so I thought I’d do a catch up post Dec 31st but that didn’t happen…obviously lol

I went home for Christmas, got to hang with the family and friends, got to enjoy the snow and remind my weather wimpy body what true winter weather is like lol I had a great visit! Which is one of the reasons I wish I’d been able to post while away, it is always so much more fun to write about things the same day they happened!

I took a bunch of pictures, though not as many as normal, they are currently uploading to DropBox as I type…I don’t think they will be uploaded in time for this post, seems I took over 100 pics! Eek! But I’ll do a post another day showing you some of what I got up to. πŸ™‚

Mostly my trip consisted of taking advantage of the measly 5% sales tax Alberta has (lucky bastards! lol) and hanging with people. In fact, a happy benefit to my being where there was only 5% sales tax aaaaaand great Christmas sales is that I am writing this post on a brand new oh so lovely laptop! wOOt! Which I’m hoping means I will no longer be having tech problems that keep me from posting. *crossing fingers*

The laptop came loaded with Windows 10, which is going to take me a bit of getting used to lol I’ve spent the last little bit installing Office and anti-virus and logging in to various websites so this laptop can remember my log-in deets for all the various sites I visit. I didn’t get the old laptop backed up and then have it all dumped on this one so I am starting fresh, which is oddly unsettling lol

2016 may not be starting off quite as I envisioned but I’m sure it will be great! Awesome things will happen…some sucky things will happen…but then other even more awesome things will happen to balance the scales and by the end of 2016 I’m sure I will have forgotten how I felt on the first day of this year. πŸ™‚



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