The Car Is Mine

28 Apr

Anybody remember that song “The Boy Is Mine”?…anybody? No? Ok, well, go YouTube it to remind you of the beat because every time I think “the car is mine!” my brain thinks it to the beat of that song and it is driving me a tad nutty lol

Today, officially, was my final payment on my suv! Yay! I am so freakin happy about this! Now sure, for most people finishing your vehicle payments probably isn’t such a huuuge massive deal, just one more thing you can check off the list or something but to me, well, lemme tell ya, these payments being over is going to save me financially.

Sound overly dramatic? Well trust me when I say I am telling it like it is. 😛 When I bought this suv I had a roomie and way cheaper rent, oh and I was earning a bit more money than I am now. So while the payments were a bit tight they did fit in my budget. However, life changes, the company I worked at went under, I got a job with a higher hourly wage but fewer weekly hours, oh and I moved and my rent went up so all of a sudden my finances blew up.

Blew. Up.

Now though I have an extra $200 bi-weekly to spend on something other than my suv payment. One less bill. Extra $400 a month.

The possibilities are endless!

Well, not endless cause I still have other bills to pay and normal expenses to cover and I’d like to create some sort of savings plan but it sure feels like the possibilities are endless because the screws are not being turned quite as tight as they were only yesterday. 🙂

Tomorrow will be my first payday in years and years and years that won’t have a suv payment coming out of it…I can’t wait!


Happy dance time!


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