Try It Tuesday: Cat Edition

19 Jul

I figured all these new things I am trying, why shouldn’t the cat get to try something new? Seems only fair to me! 🙂

I found a new treat for cats and figured odds were good the little furball I live with would love it, what with it being tuna an all.

Whenever I open tuna, which is rare because I’m not a huge fan of the stuff, Striker gets his share…and then some! The treat I found is tuna in water. That’s it. Pretty simple huh? Apparently it is even better than the tuna in cans that us silly humans consume because this is flaked tuna in water in a plastic container, so less leaching of who-knows-what from a tin. Also, less sodium etc because nothing is added to this tuna.

It was a dollar and change and also comes in salmon. I played it safe and got tuna since Striker is ridiculously picky about what he will eat.

2016-06-13 18.19.23

Pretty gross looking. I wasn’t sure if I should drain it or not, I opted not to initially and figured if he turned his nose up I’d drain it and see if he liked it better that way. Turns out I didn’t have to drain it, he loved it!

He may have loved the treat but he didn’t much care for being photographed while he ate sooooo after I got that look from him I put the phone down.

2016-06-13 14.11.34

He didn’t eat it all in one go, he prefers eating small amounts so he ate some, walked away, came back later, ate some more, and so on until it was all gone. He really liked the liquid, or at least I am assuming he did since he lapped it up. Over the course of 4 hours or so he ate the entire dish and then meowed at me for more lol

Next time I think I’ll get him the salmon also, see if he likes that one as much. 🙂


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