An Old Find

31 Aug

I was walking to the store earlier today and passed by this little corner store near my place. They have these shelves set up outside that usually have flowers for sale on them but today there was an odd assortment of items for sale. Almost like a person working there didn’t feel like having a full on garage sale so instead put the items out at work hoping someone would see and want to buy.

There was an old bread box, and when I say old I mean ooooold! Old like it is that avocado green colour that appliances used to be made in back in the day, that was what, the 60s? 70? Somewhere back then.

I don’t know what drew me to the bread box but I opened the door and was looking at it when the guy working at the store popped out to talk to me. I asked how much it was, thinking it would be pricey and would put me off buying it and he said for me he’d charge $8. Before I really thought it through I agreed to the price and boom! Retro bread box is officially mine! Β πŸ™‚

I picked it up on my way back from running my errands, didn’t really feel like carrying it to all the shops and back. I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t believe me when I said I would come back for it, especially based on his facial expression when I walked in to the store with the bread box in my arms ready to pay. πŸ˜›

He pointed out to me that on the back it said “Made in Canada”, something I hadn’t noticed, I don’t know that it really matters where it was made, but upon further thought I don’t know that any other kitchen item I own is made in Canada so that makes this piece even more unique.

2016-08-31 18.27.42

I absolutely love this find! I never used to be in to antique / retro items but over the past couple years I find myself leaning towards that style of furniture more often.

The tricky part is where to put it…I have a super tiny kitchen with almost no counter space so it can’t go there. There are these three built in shelves in my kitchen but the bread box is too big for those. I’m contemplating moving the stuff from the top of my fridge and putting it there, or maybe on the microwave cart…I dunno. I might scrap putting it in the kitchen altogether and instead put it on my dresser and use it to hold something completely not food or kitchen related. I mean, there’s no rule saying I have to use it to hold bread, shrug. Whatever I use it for, I am excited to have it, so happy I decided to walk to do my errands today! πŸ™‚


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