A Bakewell Tart…Maybe?

15 Dec

So there I was in Surrey (long story, don’t ask!), driving along when out of nowhere I saw the holy grail…A British Shop! Technically it is called Sherlock’s The British Store, their website is http://www.TheBritishStore.ca I haven’t checked out the website yet but trust me, I will!

I immediately pulled in to their cramped little parking lot and started the inner pleading of “cheese and onion pie, please have a cheese and onion pie, don’t get your hopes up they’ll have a cheese and onion pie, oh pleeeeease have a cheese and onion pie”

Then the pleading stopped because I entered the shop and it smelled heavenly. Fresh baking. I love the smell of fresh baking. Mmm!

Not only did it smell amazing I was staring at all the yummy treats my cousins in England take for granted and I miss oh so much. I basically ignored the section with magazines, paper weights, and the like and focused solely on the food lol Priorities! 😉

I mostly just wandered, trying to prolong the possible devastating news that they don’t have cheese and onion pies but eventually I had to wander my way over to the bakery counter and what do you know, they had cheese and onion pies! *happy dance*

There were three in the display case and not many people in the shop so I felt it was safe enough to keep wandering and guess what I found? Frozen cheese and onion pies! Which seems a practical purchase to me, after all, shouldn’t one at all times have a cheese and onion pie in the freezer as an emergency meal? Yup, they should. I knew you’d agree.

Grabbed a frozen cheese and onion pie, started my way back to the bakery area and saw this…


It had a sign with it’s name, which I have forgotten, but I think it is called a Bakewell Tart? At least that is what my internet sleuthing is telling me, though I don’t know if I feel that is correct…

Regardless of the name of it I was positive it was something I liked, even though if asked I wouldn’t have been able to describe the flavour or texture of it to save my life. For purely scientific reasons, to make sure I was correct in thinking I liked it, that tart came home with me.

For science people!

The science proved conclusively that my memory is right and it was sooooooo good. Mmm! It tastes like almond, and has a cake type texture in the middle. I could have done without that weird cherry on top but whatcha gonna do? Maybe I’ll remember to pick it off next time. If there ever is a next time, Surrey isn’t exactly next door…which I want to be sad about but it is probably safer for both my wallet and waistline that this shop is far away from me lol



One Response to “A Bakewell Tart…Maybe?”

  1. VeeEmm December 15, 2017 at 6:49 am #

    yes, that is a Bakewell tart – very similar to almond tarts, except for the icing and the cherry. I think they are named after a town (village?) in England. Cheese and Onion pies!!!!! yummy! My favourite pie – I’m jealous.

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