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5km…But Not Really

9 Oct

I participated in the Run For the Cure this past Sunday. It is a 5km run/1km walk to raise money for breast cancer research.

Here is a link to the site:


$27 million was raised nationally at this year’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, how amazing is that?! 😀

There are runs all over the country and while I can’t speak for the runs in other locations I can tell you the one I went to is fun! fun! fun! 😀

It’s only a 5km run so nothing impressive to brag about, especially since so many of the blogs I read that are by people who are also working to get into better shape show they are training and running full marathons – that’s 42 km! (26.2 miles) How is that even possible?! *shakes head in wonder*

While at this run I saw:

– multiple dogs wearing pink tutus

– lots of pink feather boas, pink wigs, basically pink everything lol

– a cheerleading squad along the route chanting we are “G-R-E-A-T…Grrrreat!”

– men, women and children all coming together to support a totally worthy cause

I would have liked to attempt running the entire route but I was with a friend and we ended up alternating between jogging and walking…mostly walking. Ah well. I used my Runtastic App to track us so we’d know exactly how long we took and realized that not only would it track our speed but it would map the route we took so I can go back another day and run the route again, see if I can do it. Yay!

When we were done I took a look to see our time and discovered that the route was actually only 3.49km, I feel jipped. 😦 I’m not sure how a route that is officially supposed to be 5km measured out at only 3.49km, not like we missed a turn somewhere…The shorter distance makes me want to redo the route even more so I can measure it again, see if it was a glitch with my App that time, I can’t think of what else it would be…

I know this run doesn’t have the seriousness of a full marathon, it is meant to be a stress free enjoyable experience. There is no pressure to be first (that I was aware of anyways), there isn’t even a big clock at the end to tell you how long you were (there was two years ago when I participated, but not this year). I can’t say for sure how this run compares to a full marathon since I have never been in one of those but I know if you are looking for an event that involves getting out, having fun, raising money for a good cause and being active this is a good one to start with.

Participating in this has made me think that maybe I could train to do a longer run, not a full marathon, lets not go crazy or anything, but maybe a half marathon? Or a quarter marathon, is there such a thing? I feel that if there isn’t there should be! 😉 lol

And in a move that is sure to go down in blogging history (dramatic much? lol) I, for the first time ev-ah!  am putting a pic of me in a post…well, of a side of my face anyways lol to show you the face painting I had done before the run started. I enjoyed having it but I had to go to work after the run and lemme tell ya, gold glitter does not like to come off my face with ease! I was glittery the whole rest of the day *rolls eyes* lol

Yes it is my face, horrendously close up, eek! But how else can I show off the face painting?

Yes it is my face, horrendously close up, eek! But how else can I show off the face painting?

I Ran a Marathon Today

2 Oct

Ok, before you get excited it was only 5km long and the word “ran” is a bit of an exageration, it was more like a fast walk. lol. 😀

I had been noticing a lot of the weight loss blogs I read the writer at some point runs a marathon – this has had the effect of making me feel like I am not trying as hard as others because (1) I’m not training to run a marathon, (2) I’ve never run an actual marathon and (3) I actually had no intention of running a marathon. lol. Well, when I was competing in my last Dragon Boat Race Festival there was a booth there for the CIBC Run For the Cure which is a marathon walk/run to raise money for finding a cure for breast cancer. I talked KL into signing up with me and all of a sudden, boom! I am going to be running a marathon!

This of course meant I had to (1) get people to give me money so I could reach my fundraising goal and  (2) prep for a frickin marathon…how the hell does a lazy arse like I do that?

I figured I’d just stick to what I was already doing, my almost daily hikes, my weekly dragon boating and my two to three boxerfit classes per week…I mean, what else was I supposed to squeeze in there?? and ok yes, I am sure other people would have found a way to fit more in there but remember I am lazy? It is vital you remember that! lol

I actually ended up doing way less active stuff then even I was happy with because of (1) weather – there were many days I couldn’t hike cause the trail was washed out and (2) I was so sick from my meds fiasco that I was having trouble standing upright let alone doing some sort of physical activity. sigh. I comforted myself with the knowledge that I hike almost 4km everytime I hike and after the hike I usually do weight work etc so even though that’s not a hiking motion it is still being active and well, I survive that right? Sooooo, what is one more km added on to that? Practically nuthing!…right? *scared face*

Now, I’ve never researched marathons, don’t really pay any attention to them so I thought 5km was maybe a normal length but I guess not since some people when they heard the length of the run made slightly dispariging comments about it…guess this is like a baby lengthed marathon. But that’s ok, I mean, it is my first after all!

I wanted to try maybe jogging for part of it but KL was very specific about she was only willing to walk and we were doing this together so walk it we did. And really, I’m cool with that cause she signed up to do the marathon with me so we’d have an activity to participate in together and have fun – and fun we had. 🙂 We’ve decided to participate again next year so perhaps we will run it then…we shall see!

So how did I go about prepping for the big day?

Last night, instead of stretching, or exercising or doing something that is meant to help me the next morning when this event started I was baking cookies. Coconut cookies. Yummy cookies. 😛 They were not for me, they were for my landlord and his family. Once those were done I sat down and watched a late night movie while over eating on those Royal Dansk cookies that come out this time of year – they are a major weakness of mine *groan* I ate too many of them and I was already having a bad tummy day, the ulcer was acting up a bit but not as badly as the previous week so it was manageable, well, manageable until I overdosed on cookies lol. Then it was just pain. sigh. Me being me I am incapable of going to bed at a decent hour so I got to bed about 1:30am or so then tossed and turned until about  3:30am or so then I had to get up at 5:50am in order to get ready, pick up KL and get to the start site in time for registration and t-shirt pick up. That puts me at about, oh, 3 hours of sleep or so…restless sleep I might add, oh, and I woke up with the stomach ache I went to bed with – not cool tummy!

Getting through the morning and the run and even the late breakfast KL and I went for after the run was ok cause I was running on ‘fun’ – it’s like adrenaline but not…you know how you can do all kinds of stuff cause of adrenaline? Well, I can do all kinds of things on little to no sleep as long as I am having fun – I think most people can? Anyways, it was exciting and fun and so I didn’t feel all that tired. That soooooo wore off tho lol. After the late breakfast I rushed home to wash up then went and met up with BW who is my new roomie and we went on a spree of apartment viewings, sigh, kinda fun but really tiring and sorta boring and I mean, come on, we looked at ten places, none of them were exactly what we needed/wanted, two were possibilities and many of them were “absolutely no way in hell!” (can you say spiders? mold? uh, more mold? water damage? no parking? no living room?…it keeps going, ugh)

I got home at 8:30pm and was exhausted *yawn* it was a looooong day! Me being me I didn’t go to bed, that would just be too practical lol. I talked to my parents for a bit, then watched the new episode of Pan Am (I am really enjoying this show!) and now I am blogging while watching a cheesy dance movie that I know is bad and yet, I can’t stop watching, lame. lol. I swear tho, as soon as it’s over I am going to bed cause I’m about to fall asleep while watching it and it’s not like I can sleep in till whenever tomorrow – there is another apartment to look at and things to be done *rolls eyes* Silly life getting in the way of my sleep! How rude! 😉

Oh! Real quick note about the marathon…yes, I know it was only 5km but that is 1 km more then I have ever walked/hiked/jogged/ran at one time so I was worried that by the end I’d be a nasty sweaty almost dead and panting mess…I was none of those! I didn’t really break a sweat at all, it was a good walk that I know I could have gone faster during and still maintained speed – in fact I made better time on this 5km then I usually make on my 4km hike – I am assuming because the trail and terrain on my hike is harder. I don’t really care why it was easier, I am just happy I was in shape enough to do this baby marathon and survive lol. 😛

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