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Cooking a Duvet

2 Jul

Sooo…can you cook a duvet if it is in the dryer too long? I would say “asking for a friend” but let’s be real, we all know I did it lol.

I got home from a workout / hang out with a friend to find the cat got sick on my duvet. sigh. Usually the duvet has a cover on it, and another blanket on top of the cover to keep it protected from potential cat vomit (you live with a cat long enough you learn tricks like this!) but today is laundry day and the cover was off because I’d washed it and hadn’t had time to put it back on before going out. My bad. I should’ve known the opportunity to get sick directly on the duvet would be too much to resist.

I spot treated the affected area then stuffed the entire thing in the washer. I had some doubts, since it was hard to get it all in the washer but figured once it was wet it would sort of shrink down and be ok. Note to self, that doesn’t happen. The washer started making this sound, this very unhappy sound, during the stage where it should be spinning and sucking water out of the machine. When I checked the duvet was wrapped tightly around that middle post deal that is inside the washing machine (well, if you have an old washing machine it has that post), and it was doing zero spinning. Figuring the best option was to get it out I started pulling the duvet out of the washer only to find that it wasn’t evenly wet, so hadn’t been cleaned all that well, and the bottom of the machine still had a lot of water in it so the part of the duvet nearest the bottom of the machine was soaked. In my effort to squeeze the water out enough to move the duvet to the dryer without getting water everywhere I proceeded to get water everywhere. Soaked my shirt, the floor, the front of the washer. Yup, total highlight of my evening.

Eventually I got the duvet in the dryer, got it running, and figured everything was fine. I Googled to make sure it was safe to put a duvet in the dryer, Google said it was ok and who am I to doubt Google? When I went to go check on it there was a mild concern because as soon as I opened the dryer door there was a smell, like, I dunno, I was cooking my duvet? It wasn’t a great smell, and it sort of made me think of fire. Which is ridiculous, I’m not going to start a fire by drying my duvet in the dryer, that’s crazy.

I pulled the duvet out, shuffled it around because of course the part that got folded into the middle while the machine was spinning was still wet, stuffed the whole thing back in the dryer and once again walked away…thinking of fire…

Eventually I took it out, thought it just had to be done by now and uh, yeah, it wasn’t, technically that should be present tense, it isn’t done, still. Hours later. It is currently spread out over the back of two chairs, turning my living room into one big messy fort, so the patch that is still noticeably wet can air dry. Ya know, air dry in a basement suite where it is chilly enough even in a heat wave it takes pants three days minimum to air dry. I’m resigned to my duvet being stretched out like this for a while…and my being cranky and chilly in bed because I am without it.

But yeah…you don’t think I’ve like, cooked the feathers or something…right?

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