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Snow Day!

6 Dec

I live in the one section of Canada that doesn’t get a true “Canadian winter” every year so snow, any snow, is exciting and fun and destroys the city in mere minutes lol

This year we got snow! Yay! So pretty. So seasonal. So easy to have an accident in, sigh.

This is where my driver’s side mirror used to be…


Now it is just some cables sticking out looking rather pathetic.

The gist of the incident is this…

I was driving, suuuuper slow, down a hill in my neighbourhood, I went over a speed bump, lost traction, started sliding down the hill, couldn’t stop myself so instead I tried to control the skid and make it around the corner that I was headed towards and instead I smooshed into the meridian that divides the traffic on the cross street. I managed to avoid two trees, so yay me! but the driver’s side of my suv became super close friends with a post, sigh. The post sheared the driver’s side mirror clean off and continued to scrape down the side of my suv until getting jammed in the back tire’s wheel well.

Good times! 😉

I was stuck there, waiting for a tow truck that wasn’t going to show for an hour and a half when a guy stopped, came over, and managed to manhandle the post to an almost flat position on the ground so I could gently roll over it and escape. Woohoo for escape!

I proceeded on my way and immediately became aware of just how much I use my driver’s side mirror because holy crap I went to look in to it what felt like a million times only to find myself staring at wires. Wires! Ugh.

I filed an online claim with my insurance people and got an automated response they’d get back to me in two days. Two days! Uh…I need my mirror now not two days from now! So I called them later in the day to find out what I should do, had the longest convo of my life lol, but the guy I spoke to did all the stuff to my claim right then that would normally take two days because I did my claim online, and next thing you know I have a case manager, a claim number, a list of of approved auto shops to pick from and strict instructions to make sure I get the courtesy car while the shop works on mine because I have gold-star something or other that entitles me to a car.

The accident was Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon I had the suv in the shop being looked at. They managed to screw the mirror on to the side of my suv and then duct tape it to secure it. It isn’t pretty but it is functional so oh well. There is a bit of a scheduling problem for getting it officially fixed though…they can take it Dec 19th and work on it over Christmas but I have no way to get it there and then get me home to grab my stuff and then get me to the airport in time for my flight. The other option is wait until January to get it fixed and get a courtesy car. I’m still trying to figure out what to do…sometimes being a grown-up and having to figure shit out kinda sucks…

So instead of thinking about the damage to my suv lets enjoy some of the pretty snow pictures!

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