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Random Convo

26 Jan

Was getting gas the other night and decided to go in the shop to grab a couple things. Figured why not get a scratch ticket cuz hey, someone has to win right? Why not me!

Here’s how that convo went…

Me: I’d like that scratch ticket please.

Clerk: Sure, if you show me some ID.

Me: Uh…okaaaaay…

Pull out my licence and show it to the guy.

Clerk: Thanks, oh! Oh wow, sorry! Hey, you’re aging really well!

Me: laughs awkwardly, Thanks. Sunscreen!

I mean I know I don’t look my age but no way do I look under 19. 🙄 Can’t really complain though, not since I thought this wouldn’t happen again lol

I don’t look thaaaat young…right?

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