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The Cost Of Getting Pretty

30 Jan

I am not that person that spends huge amounts of money on grooming. Partly because I don’t have extra money to be throwing around and partly because well, why?

So it is weird for me that this week I have spent so much money on things to make me pretty lol

The beginning of this little shopping spree was when I made a “quick” trip to Shoppers Drug Mart. I went in with the intention of getting some advice and walked out with these…

2015-01-29 15.43.11


Anything French is bound to be over priced lol πŸ˜› I was looking for a new moisturizer, sigh. I love the moisturizer I normally use, it works and it is completely affordable but for the past month (or maybe a bit longer) it hasn’t been working quite as well. I’ve been getting dry patches on my face which I was able to deal with (sort of) by applying more moisturizer but whenever I have to put foundation or primer on my face boom! dry patches! and yeah, that can’t be happening when I am going to auditions.

So yeah, I went in with the intention to ask about a new moisturizer figuring I needed something for the next month or so, just to get me through the rest of winter and the lady convinced me I needed not just a new moisturizer but also a moisturizing cleanser. Why am I so susceptible to sales pitches? Arg! She swore that in a week I’d look at my face in the mirror and be all “wow, is that my skin??” I am already thinking that when I look in the mirror because for some weird reason the right side of my face has broken out *rolls eyes* That was not what I wanted! I’m sticking with it, hoping this is just my face getting used to the new product and in a week or so the break out will have cleared up and I’ll have pretty, moisturized skin…my hopes for this aren’t amazingly high but I’m trying to have at least a little lol

Then Wednesday I had a hair appointment, this was planned so not like a surprise I would be spending money there lol They were having a promotion which I got to take part in because I haven’t been in so long, it was a “We Miss You!” promotion, if I spent $50 or more I got $25 off at the till, if I spent $100 or more I got $50 off at the till, not a bad deal! I go to the Aveda Academy for my hair cuts, not because I am some Aveda snob but because if you get a student to cut your hair it only costs $35 and that includes the aromatherapy and massage. πŸ™‚ I knew the $35 haircut wouldn’t allow me to get a discount at the till but my hair was needing to be tidied up at the ends and my bangs had grown out ages ago so it seemed like as good a time as any to book an appointment. When I was there I ended up buying a product for damage control, I blow dry my hair and use a straightener so putting something in my hair to help protect it makes sense. I normally would have found a similar product for cheaper elsewhere but because of the promotion I was able to buy the product and get almost the entire cost of it taken off my bill so I almost got it for free, yay! It looks like this:

2015-01-29 15.43.30


In case you were wondering, this is what they did to my hair, try to look past my bad skin k?

2015-01-30 01.04.40


I have not been able to recreate the curls or get the bangs exactly right but that is because hairdressers have magic that I do not lol My hair before the cut was down to the top of my butt so I feel a little bald right now even though other people still think I have really long hair, it’s all in the perspective I guess.

Lastly, I received something in the mail I ordered weeeeeeeks ago and I have oh so impatiently been waiting for lol I had been watching a YouTube video about beauty products for pale skin, despite how I look in the above picture I am quite pale, not red, and have trouble finding foundations etc that match my skin tone. Well, this one video mentioned a company called Redhead Revolution and omg my life changed! I went to their website, http://www.redheadrevolution.us and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! People who looked like me…models with my skin tone, and freckles, and hair colour…I was seeing makeup and various skin products that are designed for someone like…me…That just doesn’t happen, ever. I got giddy, not even making that up, I actually got giddy and did a little bounce in my chair, I then proceeded to scour that website looking at everything. It was amazing. *happy sigh* I want to buy it all. πŸ˜‰

I decided cautious optimism was the best way to proceed and I bought a sample bottle of 3-in-1 Love Your Freckles Tinted Moisturizer. I was leery of buying anything that goes on my skin that has any level of tint or colour to it that I couldn’t first test (like how you would at a store) but the website even has a section that helps you figure out your undertones and which shade would be most suited for you. They have a tag line “Makeup for the 2%” and I love it! It makes me feel like I am part of a cute little club instead of the weirdo that doesn’t blend in lol The sample size is only 2 fluid ounces, which meant nothing to me until I got the bottle in the mail, it is super tiny! I’m putting off trying it until I have this whole dry patch thing under control, I don’t want to waste any of this precious little bottle.

For the 2%

For the 2%

So that was basically my week, I feel like I bought huuuuge amounts of beauty products but I suppose compared to a lot of women I barely bought anything lol. Let’s hope they all live up to the hype! πŸ™‚


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