Stupid Modem, Grr!

7 Nov

Stupid frickin modem, I’d say I wish it would die but it already has…last sunday, sigh, which I why I haven’t posted since then. I didn’t quit, I didn’t decide to stop posting, I didn’t decide I had too busy a life to go online every night…I didn’t do or think any of the things you may have thought of. Instead I have been living through my own hell…a life without internet! *gasp*

I have read blog posts where people actually willingly choose to not use the internet for a week, just to see what it is like…what the hell would you want to do that for?!?! I can tell you the result of me not having internet for a week, sucky. 😦 I am way out of touch, haven’t been able to check my hotmail, facebook or blog in 7 looooooong days – oh, and important stuff? Like paying bills? Nope, can’t do that either cause hello? that’s all online now. I got a text from my phone provider to let me know my online bill is ready for viewing, well that’s nice, too bad I can’t SEE it! It get’s even worse, I know, you’re wondering how that is possible, well it has because I am that person who is sitting in a starbucks on a sunday evening with a cup of tea and my laptop typing away…I always make fun of those people, heh, my normal thought process when I see someone in a coffee shop typing away on their laptop goes something like this: “oh look, someone who thinks the world wants to see how busy and important they are that they have to be working on their laptop while taking an expensive coffee break cause they just don’t have time to relax with their drink” well, the thinking usually goes something like that…it’ll depend on how the person looks, I usually give a bit of a break to students cause I remember needing a change of environment when studying – course, even then I didn’t go to starbucks. *rolls eyes* After all that ranting indirectly about starbucks I guess I should be grateful for them cause otherwise I still wouldn’t be able to blog. *sniffle*

I missed writing my daily blog more then I thought I would. This blog has become an integral part of my weight loss and I felt a bit, well, lost without it. Every evening this past week I thought I would go sit in a starbucks with my laptop and write up what has been going on but there just isn’t time. It’s easy enough when I am at home and can sit and type while eating or in between laundry loads or something like that but finding time to go out to sit in a shop all so I can go online? I just don’t have that kind of time in the evenings…which is sad cause that means that I probably won’t be able to blog again until next weekend…or when my new modem shows up in the mail, whichever comes first.

So, hmm, how to cap up the past week…


Zooooooomba! Ok, it’s actually spelled Zumba but I can’t say the name without stretching the sounds out, it’s more fun of a word that way, lol. What is Zumba you ask? “It is a fitness/dance class that combines Latin rhythms with cardio exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training. It uses a variety of styles in its routines, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco and calypso.”  – case you’re wondering, I quoted that from the class description. lol. I get 6 classes for $60 and that seems fair. The class last monday was a freebie, to sorta intro the class, let you get a feel for it to see if you want to pay, it was loads of fun, the instructor, this uber tiny bouncy full of energy lady was insanely awesome. 😀 When she wanted to change directions or steps or whatever instead of saying “left!” or some other command she did that rolling tongue sound that I haven’t a hope in hell of being able to make. lol. I have never in my life met a more energetic person. At one point I started thinking well sure, she can hop and bounce around like that cause she weighs like 90 pounds, I way considerably higher then 90 pounds so there’s no chance I can do some of what she can do…I was in a bit of a down frame of mind last week so shrug, dark thoughts, anyways, I was able to do all the moves, sure I may not have been as graceful as her (nowhere near as close! lol) and I didn’t get as high in my jumps etc (compared to her it felt like my feet barely left the floor, lol) but ya know what? Who cares! I did what I could, and I will do even better tomorrow, and I had fun. 😀 Oh, and sweeeeet music!

Tuesday thru Thursday:

Nothing really exciting on those days, I stuck to my points, ate a lot of the weight watchers soup (0 points!) for lunch which meant I could have a bagel with lunch and not kill my points, yah! There was left over halloween candy at work, sigh, lots of suckers and hard candies. I checked the nutritional info and found out that these big suckers that were in the candy were 1 point each so I snagged some, hey, every girl needs a hit of sugar sometimes. 😛


Pizza was brought in to work from management to say “Thanks” for all our hard work, ha bloody ha! The entire office is pissed at management. Grr to them! Not only did they cut our staff by three they increased our work load and annouced we aren’t getting a christmas party this year, the most they are springing for is drinks and appetizers at a crappy pub type place after work on a wednesday. Uh, hello? What the fuck is that?!?! They sent out this email saying how we had over $4 billion in profits but we can’t have a christmas party?!?! Fuckers. Grr. So, hehe, we all declined the invitation to the drinks and one of our staff took it upon herself to plan a better party, it’s dinner at a Mexican restaurant on a friday, we all have to pay for ourselves, but whatever, at least we get food and not some cheap ass appetizers.  I have a link to the restaurant and will check it out prior to that evening so I can plan ahead what I am going to eat. I haven’t eaten Mexican since going on weight watchers so I don’t really have any idea just how bad this could be for me but ah well, I’ll save my flex points that week and see how it goes. 🙂

Satuday – Weigh In Day:

Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Weigh in day ROCKED!!!!! I lost 1.8 pounds which means not only did I get to my goal of 15 pounds lost I surpassed it and am sitting at 16.6 pounds lost!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I sooooo bought my full length mirror, teehee, and am going through my closet when I get home. 😀 AND! Not only that but…the second number in my weight has gone down…in other words I am down to 21 points per day instead of 22…in other words this wasn’t any ordinary weigh in day! I haven’t had the second number in my weight be this low in…well, I don’t know how long. But it is there now and I am gonna do my best to get it even lower. 😀

It was so odd, on friday evening I really wanted to weigh myself, I just knew I had lost weight and I wanted to see what the number was at but I resisted cause hello, weighing yourself after a full day of work and eating and well, life, bad idea. So I didn’t weigh myself and when I got up Saturday I was pissed cause I am a girl and I woke up bloated and with cramps and that can totally skew the weigh in. sigh. But even then, before I stepped on the scale I told myself that I don’t care what the scale says, I know without a doubt I lost weight this week and I am buying my mirror no matter what the scale says cause I am not letting being bloated take away my victory, and then the number came up and I was so stunned my mouth dropped open. I was so excited I didn’t want to get off the scale, lol, so I didn’t, I just stood there, staring at the number flabergasted. The second digit had changed?!?! I wasn’t expecting that! Then I started jumping up and down (not on the scale) and to top it off I actually shed a couple tears…this may not seem like a big deal but I am not a cryer but with this, I couldn’t help it, they just leaked out. *rolls eyes at self*

Oh! And! (I know, I can’t believe there is more lol) on the friday after work I went shopping, now I was s’posed to be shopping for my bro’s bday present but I ended up (oddly enough) in the women’s section of some stores that my brother would never shop in, lol, (we don’t share the same taste in clothes at all!) I ended up buying a couple shirts. I know! I wasn’t going to buy anything until I had lost at least 20 pounds but it had been such a crappy week I just wanted to lose myself in stores for a little bit. What I was shopping for didn’t materialize, I wanted a new bag and a pair of boots, but ended up with a new leather wrist strap with some silver studding and two shirts…wait, three shirts…eesh. I don’t really have the money to afford that but it’s done now. Anyways, back to the shirts, one of them fit great, in fact I am wearing it now, one fits a bit snug, well, for my comfort cause I don’t like things that cling but I know by the christmas party it will probably be fine and I will wear it there, but the third shirt…this is the special one, I bought it for headshots cause it’s a dark blue and will look great in pics on me (bring out the blue in my eyes and pop against my uber pale skin) but the reason it is so great? I had to get it a size smaller then normal. 😀 Now, I know it’s cause of the style, it is designed to sorta flow…look loose-ish, ya know? But even so, I had to go down a size cause the size I thought I would need, ha! Way too big! Yippee!

I know when I shop for pants it’s gonna be interesting cause I have no idea what size I really am anymore. Pants that fit 3 weeks ago are now too large, some I am making them still work for me, mostly by taking my belt in a notch and pulling them up as I walk, lol, very attractive I know, but I don’t have the money to buy new clothes and I don’t want to buy clothes I will have to replace quickly – I guess I shouldn’t assume my weight loss will continue on the schedule I have set for it, maybe I should buy pants cause I’ll be stuck at this size for a couple more months but I am trying to be optimistic (not my strong suit) and think that in a couple more months I will be even smaller.

So here I am on sunday, mentally prepping to start a new week and wishing it was weigh in day already cause I want to step on the scale and see that second digit number again! I am enamored. teehee.

I don’t know when I will get to blog again, my modem is supposed to show up in the mail within 3-5 business days, so the first possible day would be monday (they didn’t mail it out till wednesday, sigh) – hopefully it shows up then, otherwise it might not be till mid week and I’m sorry, but another week of no internet at my place? I don’t think I will survive! I rely too much on my computer for, well, everything! Bills, work, play, education, weight loss…there isn’t one aspect of my life that doesn’t somehow get played out online…I miss my internet, a lot!

One Response to “Stupid Modem, Grr!”

  1. VeeEmm November 9, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    Awesome news on the weight loss! I’m jealous – I won’t shop for new clothes cos I can’t afford to buy something that may be too big in a few weeks, so I wear the same stuff over and over till I’m sick of the sight of it.
    Keep on with what you are doing – and zooooooooooomba to the next big drop at the scale.
    Hope your modem shows up soon.

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