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Crunchy Like A Beetle!

16 Jan

I decided to buy dates this weekend…I tried one before Christmas at someone’s house and it was weird but good…in a really odd way…It had a coating on it that made it sweet, I wonder what that coating was? Anyways, they had been on my mind lately and I really wanted to buy them. I didn’t totally remember what they tasted like, I did remember they had a weird texture…but they were good so why not try them again?

I bought this container of them, they seem to only get sold in really big containers, shrug, so I now have a lot of them! 50 grams of dates is 3 points – I wasn’t sure if that was good or bad until today when I had my first serving, 50 grams of dates is a lot of dates, way more then you would want to eat in one sitting (imo), I however didn’t know this so I measured out my 50 grams and started snacking, lol, duuude, it took me forever to eat them all cause at one point I was just like “no more!” 😛

Before my first bite I was looking at one of them up close, I think in future when eating dates they should not be looked at…just use peripheral vision to eat them cause they totally looked like a pile of dead bugs, ugh, and my first tentative bite made me wonder if the slight crunch I was experiencing from the coated outside is in anyway similar to the crunch of a beetle’s shell…yeah, I know, pleasant thought huh? lol. Hey, count yourself lucky! You only read about these thoughts, I have them all the time!

see? don't they look like beetles?

So now I have eaten tuna that reminds me of cat food and dates that remind me of beetles. The dates are good though, I decided I like them but in future I will eat maybe 25 grams at a time…

Oh, so weigh in day was yesterday – I didn’t forget to post about it exactly, it was more that the number wasn’t all that exciting so I didn’t get around to it…and with that wonderful build up, lol, I did lose weight, and I am working to remember that any loss is a good loss – I should get that tattooed on my arm as my new motto 😛 So, my loss was a whopping 0.2 lbs…yup, you read that right. sigh. For those of you who don’t feel like digging out my weigh in day post from last week (and I’m guessing that’s all of you lol) the total weight loss amount is now 26.6 lbs. 😀 I may not be all that thrilled with only having lost 0.2 lbs this week but I am happy with how much I have lost in total…I just need to focus on that number I think. 🙂

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