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20 Points Is A Lot Today

28 Feb

Some days my 20 daily points just don’t seem like enough – I get hungry, want more food, crave something that won’t easily fit in to my food plan but other days, like today, 20 points is a lot of food. I am sitting here overly stuffed from dinner, something I really didn’t think would happen considering my lunch, but oh my, I soooo ate a big dinner, still have 3 points left and can’t imagine eating anything else the rest of the day – score! πŸ˜€

KB at work owed me a 6″ sub from Subway and today was the day we went. Total bonus since I took soup to work for lunch but really wasn’t feelin it, ya know? I had planned to get my standard 6″ on 9 grain whole wheat turkey sub with white cheese, toasted, loaded with veggies, mustard and a small amount of light mayo – this is a 6 point sub (5 points if I don’t get the cheese, but why would I not get the cheese? lol). While in line though I saw an advertisement for an Orchard Chicken Salad sub – they had this sub back in the summer and I wanted to try it then and just didn’t get around to it so I was torn, try it now even though I was already in line and had no way of knowing what the points would be or wait and probably not get back there until after it was once again gone…oh the dilemnas! lol.

I (on impulse) decided to get the Orchard Chicken Salad sub – I’ve really got to work on controlling my impulses cause lately I seem to be giving in to them a lot, sigh. I still got it on the 9 grain whole wheat – that is the healthiest bread they have and I still got the 6″ size so not like I made the sub double as bad as it could be…see how I justify? πŸ˜‰

The nutrition information isn’t on the Subway website, probably because it’s not one of their regular subs shrug, but hey, that’s what google is for! lol. I googled the sub and found other people who had gotten the info from Subway so my 6″ Orchard Chicken Salad sub cost me 8 points (it would have been 7 if I didn’t get white cheese on it)…huh, just redid my math in my head and I realized I have 2 points left today, not 3…stupid impulses. πŸ˜› So, ok, not as good as the 6 points the turkey sub would have been but it was onlyΒ 2 points more and it was nice to try something new, and yummy! That sub is way tasty! πŸ˜€ There was a sweet and tangy flavour combo and I have no idea what was in it to create that, lol, I emailed Subway asking for the nutritional information (just to make sure what I found online was correct) and I asked them what is in it, cause really, it’s good to know what is in the food you are eating…and hey! maybe I’ll be able to recreate it! πŸ˜€

Because of having such a high pointed lunch I thought I was gonna be screwed for dinner but not so! πŸ™‚ For one thing, I wasn’t crazed hungry cause the sub kept me nice an full and even with lunch beingΒ 8 points I still had almost half my daily points left. Yah! I had a stuffed chicken breast, wild rice and mixed veggies for dinner, it was delish, easy to make and oh man did it fill me up! I feel almost gross cause of how full I am lol. That was a definite unexpected bonus!

Today I ate:

1 Quaker maple and brown sugar oatmeal package = 3 points

1 Orchard Chicken Salad sub w/cheese = 8 points

1 stuffed chicken breast = 3 points

1 cup Minute Rice – long grain and wild rice = 4 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

Total Points Eaten =Β 18

I fully intend to use my last 2 points to eat 2 digestive cookies (yum!) they are 1 point each (duh) and will be a perfect end to my day…course I won’t be eating them for at least another hour cause dude, no room in the tummy! I think I am really likin the day where the 20 points feels like a lot, doesn’t happen all that often…maybe this means I am getting used to this level of food? *hopeful face*

OH! Forgot to say! My weigh in on Saturday, I lost 0.8 lbs which puts me at a total loss of 29.4 pounds! Yah! Sooooooo close to the 30 lbs mark! πŸ˜€


Fish + Microwave = Messy Microwave!

25 Feb

For some reason today I kept feeling like cheating – I kept thinking “oh, I’ll treat myself with this or that” when really, there is no reason to have a treat today…I’m fine with having a treat if it’s an occasion (ya know, a birthday or something) heck, even if it’s just cause I am going for dinner with a friend I don’t hang with as often as I would like that is fine but today? There is nothing happening today. If anything I should be more strict today cause of what I ate yesterday…dun dun dun…

Ok, it’s not as bad as my cliffhanger of a paragraph made it seem lol. I was doing really well yesterday, better then I expected considering I had Tim Horton’s donuts staring at me ALL day! It was the really good flavours too! The boston cream, cruillers, raspberry flower, caramel, maple, chocolate, sour cream glazed…man, I shoulda taken a picture lol. So, these donuts are staring at me and I somehow mustered up the willpower to not touch them, amazing! Everyone around me was eating multiple donuts (yeah, you read that right! some of the guys ate 3 each!) and I didn’t even touch a crumb – I just stared a lot. πŸ˜›

So after work I rushed home to eat, put some laundry in, change and then rush back out to meet a friend to go to a movie, during all that I kinda killed my fish…er, as in the salmon steak dinner not glub glub little goldfish turning circles in a bowl. I didn’t think I had time to put the salmon steak in the oven so I microwaved it (in my defence, the cooking instructions say this is ok!), well, the sauce started splattering everywhere (it’s teriyaki flavour) so it looked like a bloody war occurred when I opened the microwave door lol. When I ate it the edges were hard and the middle was not as soft and tender or as flavourful as it would be if I cooked it in the oven. sigh. But whatever! I ate it and left.

I took snacks with me to have during the movie, a pre popped package of Jolly Time popcorn (1 point) and a Thinsations yogurt covered pretzels package (2 points), well, somehow my good intentions went out the window and I ended up getting a small swirl frozen yogurt with crushed skor pieces sprinkled on top, yeah yeah, I know, what was I thinking?! I had healthy snacks with me so why’d I buy something? Well, first off, I didn’t actually buy it, KL owed me $3 and that was the cost of the yogurt and secondly, um, I dunno, I don’t have a second, I don’t know why I ate it. shrug. I did it on a whim *rolls eyes* Oh! To compound the error, I also ate the popcorn! lol . πŸ˜›

So today, along with the feeling of wanting to treat myself (ie cheat on my diet lol) I also kept feeling like I had screwed my points up and was way over. I don’t know why I felt like that cause I haven’t, but hey, our minds mess with us sometimes. shrug. I couldn’t find exact nutritional information for the frozen yogurt so I have emailed the company asking them for the info I need…hopefully I hear something back from them! But yeah, so this evening, I got home and had really random things for, well, I can’t even call it dinner cause it wasn’t a meal, it was random things cooked at varying times and eaten here and there…and all the whileΒ I kept thinking “well, this is all I can have cause I have eaten too much today” – when I hadn’t! Annoying!

I think part of the sensation (this evening anyways) was cause I had a huuuuuge portion of soup for lunch; it was way yummy soup, it’s Campbell’s Healthy Request Fiesta Vegetable and Black Bean Soup – it has lentils and beans (duh!) and tonnes of veggies; slightly spicy but not too much. Thing is, sometimes when I eat too many veggies in one meal it makes my tummy feel icky, not sick exactly but achy and unsettled. I don’t really know if this is normal or not but it’s the way it’s always been so whatev. lol. Anyways, when this happens I instinctively go for carbs, it’s always been this way, usually I will eat some pasta or bread or something and it helps the tummy to feel better so for “dinner” I had two crumpets with cheese and hashbrowns, then later (like hours later) I had one piece of toast with a tiny bit of honey and a stuffed potato with a tiny bit of sour cream. Not the best choices for my evening eats but oh well; it’s eaten now! lol.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am really super hoping I lose 1.4lbs cause then I will be at 30lbs lost. I don’t actually expect to lose that much, I usually top off at losing 1lb a week which ok, kinda sucky at times but least I am losing consistently! The way I feel right now I don’t think my number on the scale tomorrow will be any smaller then it was last week but I am sure that is just cause my tummy feels kinda off; once I have slept and the bod is all rested I’m sure I will feel different…I hope! πŸ™‚

Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!

23 Feb

Now who can possibly argue with Cookie Monster? Not I! πŸ˜‰ I made a Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe today…I am as yet undecided on the results…and yes, I actually ate some of the cookies (even though I don’t generally eat my own baking) cause I had to know how they turned out. The batter is supposed to make 48 cookies but it only made 20 – they are supposed to be small cookies, and I put them as small as I could on the cookie sheet and they were ridiculously small so I don’t know how much smaller they were expecting me to make them. *rolls eyes* They tasted ok, not as good as a normal choc chip recipe but if you look at the substitutions you’ll see why, thing is, there is an after taste that I am not happy with…something is lingering and I can’t figure out what…

the results of the Weight Watcher recipe, 1 point per cookie

The lighting in the picture isn’t great so they don’t look as golden brown as they actually are, but can you see how small they are and all the chocolate chips that fell to the table? They fell because the recipe makes too small an amount of batter and calls for too many chocolate chips, sigh. The saving grace for this recipe is that although it makes less then half the cookies it says it should when I calculated the nutritional information the cookies are still 1 point each; so at least they are ok points wise. πŸ™‚

I will put the recipe on my recipe page so you can find it there if you want to try them. πŸ˜€

Oh, so something I have been eating all week and haven’t really talked about yet, Quaker Instant Oatmeal Hearty Medley’s, Banana Walnut flavour. It has real fruit, nuts, and 4 whole grains – very yummy. It’s like instant oatmeal so you just add hot water or stick it in the microwave for a minute. Normally, when I eat instant oatmeal I eat the Maple Syrup and Brown Sugar flavour and one package is 3 points. The new Hearty Medley’s Banana Walnut flavour is 2 points for one package and is more filling then the normal oatmeal. I eat it for breakfast (duh!) and it fills me enough that I don’t want a mid morning snack…it keeps me full all the way until lunch, yah! πŸ˜€ Here is what it looks like…

this is a different flavour then the one I bought but it's the best I can find πŸ™‚

The downside to the Hearty Medley’s is that you only get 6 packages in a box where as you get 10 in the regular Quaker Instant Oatmeal…so ya know, it’s got a plus and minus…what doesn’t?

Today I ate:

1 pckg Quaker Hearty Medley = 2 points

1 Smart Ones turkey and mashed potato with gravy = 4 points

1 orange = 1 point

1 cup tomato soup = 2 points

2 dinner buns = 2 points

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

2 weight watchers choc chip cookies = 3 points

3 digestive cookies = 3 points

Total points eaten = 20 points.

Yeah,Β I know! 6 cookies! My stomach is sooooo NOT impressed with me right now. lol. ugh. I am going to have another cup of tea soon to help my poor tummy with digesting. πŸ™‚ Tea = the cure for everything! lol.

I Swear I Had A Title…

22 Feb

I was at work talking to SB about recipes, points and random food things and had a brilliant idea for a title for today’s post – the title would be the start of an equally brilliant post and I was so sure I wouldn’t forget the title (because it was that good) that I didn’t write it down, email it to myself, nuthin. Well, the joke’s on me cause I can’t remember that title, or the post topic…I got nuthin except that annoying sensation when you know something is lurking on the edge of your brain and on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t access itΒ – I hate that!

I keep circling around in my brain, trying to remember everything we talked about and what topic and title could have jumped in to my brain from it…the circling it seems is for naught…since hey, still nothing coming in to my head! lol.

Well, let’s start yapping about something else and see if it comes back to me…

I have left over pizza shells that I gotta use so dinner tonight was pepperoni pizza, yum! Now sure, not as good as “real” pepperoni pizza but this wasn’t so bad. shrug. I bought Yves Veggie Pizza Pepperoni, it is meatless pepperoni pieces specially meant to be used as pizza toppings.

Fake Pepperoni: 48 grams = 2 points

So, here is the thing with fake pepperoni, it smells like the stuff you’d feed your cat or dog as a treat – when I opened the package I cringed when I got a whiff, ugh. I thought for sure I was gonna hate the stuff cause how can you like something that smells like that? Regardless, I put them on the pizza, shoved that sucker in the oven and quickly sealed the unused fake pepperoni in to a ziploc bag – no more smell, yah! πŸ˜‰

Once it is warmed up it no longer smells gross, which was quite the relief I tell ya! lol. Oh, and 48 grams is 2 points, that is 16 slices or so and I only needed 31 grams of pepperoni (it’s all that would fit on the pizza) so you get some protein with a pepperoni look and kinda flavour/texture for very few points – since real pepperoni is way high in points the fake pepperoni has a definite edge over the real stuff when it comes to calories. πŸ˜€

I find that learning to eat healthy isn’t about complete sacrifice so much as compromises – I compromised on the pepperoni so that I could have the general pizza experience, and that general pizza experience will stop me from caving and ordering a real pizza from Panago and blowing way more points then any sane person ever should. And hey, if the day comes where I absolutely have to have the real pizza from Panago I’m not saying I won’t have it, but knowing that I have a healthier option makes it easier to not neeeeed the higher caloried foods…that probably doesn’t make much sense but it works for me…lol.

So here is what I ate today:

1 Quakers Hearty Medley Banana n Nut package = 2 points

1 cup carrot soup = 2 points

1 jell-o rice pudding cup = 2 points

1 pizza shell = 5 points

30 grams shredded light cheese = 2 points

31 grams Yves veggie pizza pepperoni = 1.5 points

1/8 cup pizza sauce = 0.5 points

1 piece bread = 2 points

1 cup grapes = 1 point

1 Jaffa Bar = 2 points

Total Points Eaten = 20.5

It was either be a bit over or a bit under (my usual predicament lol) and I chose a bit over cause hello? Jaffa Bar! lol πŸ˜€

I didn’t mean to eat so few veggies and fruit today, it just sorta happened…I find that new Quaker’s Hearty Medley’s Oatmeal is so filling I don’t want my mid morning snack (which is always fruit) so I am losing a fruit serving there and well hey, I was going for a traditional pepperoni pizza experience tonight so I wasn’t gonna cover the pizza in veggies, lol. I will make it up tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Oh, and no, I wasn’t trying to save points by cutting back on my pizza sauce, hello? That’s not a high point item so it’d be dumb to sacrifice that…I just ran out, sadness. shrug. I’m gonna hafta buy more cause I want to use up the pizza shells and you can’t have pizza without sauce…altho, I’m thinking at least one pizza needs an alfredo sauce or that creole dijon sauce just to spice it up a bit. πŸ˜›

Hot Dinner for Snowy Day

21 Feb
IΒ work in an office that’s onΒ the 24th floor of a tower downtown; I have a sweet view of downtown and mountains – which really, I never look at cause I don’t care about views. lol. Today though I looked out the window multiple times cause of the snow that was falling, yup, that’s right, snow! It was falling in big fat flakes; the kind that look as if the clouds haveΒ broken up inΒ to pieces and that is what is dropping from the sky. I love that kind of snow. πŸ™‚

So anyways, it was snowing and it got me thinking of living in a part of the country that has real winter (aka lots of snow and freezing cold nasty weather) and how on days like this everyone looks forward to getting home and having a nice hot dinner. Β I don’t miss the weather from that province but there is something soothing about eating a hot meal while seeing the snow falling and hearing the wind whistle. I figured I’d recreate as best as I could which means cooking a real meal.

Man oh man, my dinner rocked! It was a total “mom meal” – by that I mean it’s a meal a mom would make for the family cause it’s balanced, yummy and seemingly complicated (keep in mind anything more complex then kraft mac n cheese is complicated to me, lol). I had a stuffed chicken breast, a stuffed potato (well, technically half a potato), mixed veggies and a dinner bun. πŸ˜€ How awesome does that sound?

For your viewing pleasure, my dinner: πŸ˜€

Stuffed chicken breast, stuffed potato, mixed vegg and a dinner bun

Don’t you love the random green pea on top of the potato? lol.

I’d like to take credit for the stuffing of the chicken or the stuffing of the potato but I did neither; for those all I did was open a couple boxes, turn on an oven and a microwave and voila! Dinner. πŸ™‚

The chicken is from Maple Leaf, it is a chicken breast stuffed with portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper and swiss cheese…

Maple Leaf Prime stuffed chicken breast, 1 piece = 3 points!

I saw an ad for the chicken on tv and was intrigued, I figured for sure it’d be high in points, I mean come on, it’s stuffed with cheese lol. But surprisingly each piece of chicken is only 3 points – how great is that?! Had a good taste to it too, I can’t say for sure what the seasonings/spices are, but what does that matter as long as it tastes good? πŸ˜›

M&M's Stuffed Potatoes = 3 points!

Then there are the potatoes, one serving is half a potato which is plenty and that half a potato will cost ya 3 points. 3 is the magic number today, lol. The potatoes come is 3 different flavours (there is that number again!) and I bought the cheese and broccoli flavour, I have a weakness for the combo of cheese and broccoli…man that combo makes a goooood soup, but alas, that is for another day.
So those two items combined with some mixed cooked veggies and a dinner bun with 1 tsp of margarine on it was a yummy, well rounded meal – a total mom meal. πŸ™‚
So now I’m on to dessert, lol, I had 3 digestive cookies (don’t laugh! I love those things!) and still have 2 points left, wOOt! Also, I did some investigating and the Jaffa Bars that all this time I thought were 3 points are actually only 2 points so I am having one of those once I finish typing this up. I looooove Jaffa Bars and a 2 point snack is way easier to fit in to my meal plan then a 3 point snack – yeah I know, you wouldn’t think 1 little point would make such a difference but it really does…weird.
Ok, here’s my food list:
1 pckg Quaker Hearty Medley’s = 2 points
1 cup carrot soup = 2 points
1 Activia yogurt with fiber = 2 points
1 dinner bun = 1 point
1 tsp margarine = 1 point
mixed cooked veggies = 0 points
1 Maple Leaf Prime stuffed chicken breast = 3 points
1 cheese and broccoli stuffed potato = 3 points
2 tbls light sour cream = 1 point
3 digestive cookies = 3 points
Points eaten = 18. πŸ˜€Β 
All in all, a boring day, sigh. Got up, only managed to talk myself in to getting ready and then going to work by convincing myself tonight I will go to bed early. lol. I do that many mornings, *rolls eyes*. I do plan to go through with it though so once House is over I am so heading off to bed…if all my other stuff is done… πŸ˜‰

I Can’t Believe I Forgot!

20 Feb

So, yeah, I forgot about you…who you? You who read my blog! It’s the weekend, I weigh in on the weekends so I always blog on the weekend to let you know how that went and somehow, by some weird mystery of the universe I forgot! Aaaahhhhhhh! Crazed! πŸ˜›

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to blog on Saturday cause of errands, then work and then getting home from work stupid late (even later then I had planned cause the job ran late, so boo causeΒ I was way tired but yah cause extra moola!) but today? Simple quiet Sunday, you’d think I’d have been on the comp way earlier, but no, I actually did stuff today, weirdness. Not fun stuff, lol, just errands and then sorting my closet and cleaning my room – it’s still messy btw, my cleaning only got partly done and I got bored with it, lol, but there I was, contemplating reading for an hour before trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden, bam!, I remembered you! πŸ™‚

Try not to take it too personally, I have a flighty forgetful personality. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

Ok, let’s recap Saturday’s big evilness – both of them! The first was the blood test, ugh, they took 4 vials of my blood! FOUR!! Vampires! Grr. Who knows what the results will be or when I will get them, shrug, but at least that is done with. Oh, and you should all be proud of me cause I managed to let the lady draw my blood without me swearing at her or kicking her…you think that’s a joke but I have done both, more then once. What can I say, it’s reflex! I think part of it was cause I warned her in advance my body doesn’t like giving up my blood and my veins are stupid tiny so she used a thinner needle (like kids sized thinner lol) and it was all good. She didn’t have to do that thing where she sticks the needle in then wiggles it around trying to get in the vein or stick me multiple times cause she can’t hit the vein, and she only had to poke the one arm! No trying both arms hoping one will be better then the other (which neither one is better then the other, they are both small veined and resistant to letting blood be taken from them) so really, it was a not so bad experience. πŸ™‚ After that was over I treated myself to Vietnamese food for lunch – my deal with myself was if I didn’t kick or swear I was allowed a treat and that was it. πŸ˜€ I tried a new restaurant, it’s near my place and I was really hoping I’d have a new regular spot cause man, I looooove Vietnamese food but alas, not so much. I got the food as take out (I prefer eating at my house) and ordered a dish I have often cause I knew I’d like it (I like doing that with new restaurants, ordering a dish I know what it should be like so I have previous experience to compare the food to) Now, the food was very yummy, beef was super tender, everything tasted really great, but it was expensive! Cost me way more for that dish then in other Vietnamese restaurants I have been in so, sadness, probably won’t go back there again. I s’pose one good thing about the price is for 2 spring rolls it was $8 so I didn’t order them thereby saving me calories lol. Looks like my cheapness has benefits besides saving my bank account from screaming. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Saturday's Lunch, Grilled Beef w/ Vermicelli

So, the even better part of Saturday? My weigh in! Yeah I know, who’d of thunk right? lol. I lost 1 pound! Yah! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Puts me at 28.6 pounds lost total. πŸ˜€ Can’t be unhappy with that! lol.

Two great things to celebrate, losing weight and not kicking the lady who took my blood. What an awesome start to a Saturday. lol. My evening job went really great too, lasted an hour and a half longer then planned and I got a tip so woohoo! I will put that cheque in the bank tomorrow, it’ll help make up for the days I missed at my weekday job cause of being sick. Phew!

Let’s see, Sunday…it was one of those days where I woke up and my first real thought was “I’m gonna end up eating over my daily points” Do you ever have those days? What’s weird is I don’t know why I thought that, not like I was hungry, or planning to meet up with someone to eat out, shrug, don’t know, just a feeling I had. Well, I did go over but only by like half a point so that’s not so bad. It was one of those days where I wasn’t hungry, but I wanted to eat, and when I wanted to eat I wanted to eat everything which made it hard to pick what to eat cause for every one item I pick I will have to discard like 4 other options and I was apparently very unable to make food decisions today. Annoying. I ended up eating a croissant breakfast sandwich that I made cause well, the croissant was bought friday evening so it didn’t have many days left of being fresh and no way I could fit a 5 point bread item in to my food plan on a normal day, so there we go, one decision made. lol. I mostly ate bits of this, pieces of that…no realy organization to my food. I thought I was actually gonna end up 2 points under cause I went to clean my room and by the time I stopped I was thinking more about bed then anything else but I was foiled when I came out to the kitchen to get my lunch for tomorrow ready, what can I say, I got aroundΒ food and my stomach let me know in no uncertain terms it wanted food. lol. Ah well, not like being under in points is good either so I’d rather be a tiny bit over then under by 2 – I’m actually still trying to convince myself of this. lol.

Oh, tip for you, when buying a croissant, the Safeway Bakery is way better then Wal-Mart Bakery. I don’t know why I was so surprised by this, shrug, I guess I thought a croissant is a croissant and how could it be screwed up but nope, Wal-Mart totally managed to make them be nowhere near as good as normal. *rolls eyes* The last 2 croissants I ate (before today) were from Wal-Mart, then todays was from Safeway, yeah, Safeways was totally better and still nice and moist even though I bought it Friday evening…the ones from Wal-Mart go hard and stale by the next morning. Not cool. πŸ˜›

I’ve Set a New Goal

18 Feb

Not a new overall goal…maybe I should have been more clear in the title, lol, a new short term goal! πŸ˜€ I am a firm believer in short term goals, they keep you sane, they give you easily (or at least quickly) reached accomplishments and they help keep you on track. Losing weight can be a loooooong journey, so break it up a little with short goals to reach along the way. πŸ™‚

So far I have had goals ofΒ buying a new shirt, buying a full length mirror, trying on every article of clothing I own and getting rid of whatever has become too large. – stuff like that. πŸ™‚ I try not to use food goals because it seems counter productive to me, if I just put a whole bunch of effort in to losing weight do I really want to go eat ice cream? No! I’d much rather buy a new shirt to go with my new body size/shape/look…but maybe that is just me?

So my new short term goal – when I hit 30 lbs lost I will buy a new pair of pants. πŸ™‚ They will have to be work pants since mine are currently so large they are practically falling off my body, actually, not practically, they are! I need to replace the jeans I bought over Christmas too cause they are now too large, pretty sweet huh?!, but those will have to wait. I only have so much money and I refuse to buy a bunch of new stuff when I still have more weight to lose, I’ll just have to replace it before I get my moneys worth, shrug, I figure I can deal with wearing clothes that are too large until I get to my final goal weight and then I will buy stuff. πŸ˜› Man, that’s gonna be so awesome! But, for now, I am focusing on the 30 lbs lost mark, which is a little over 2 lbs away (as of last saturdays weigh in). I don’t expect to reach it tomorrow when I weigh in but maybe next saturday, hopefully no later then the saturday after that…I could see me being really close to the 30 lbs lost mark next saturday but not quite there…that’s how it seems to be with all my short term weight loss goals, lol, but that’s ok, makes it all the sweeter the next weigh in when I not only achieve theΒ goal but go flying past it. lol πŸ˜€

I did really well with my points today, hit them right on the mark! Yah! I thought I was gonna go over by 2 points cause I was wanting something sweet after I ate dinner but I ate a salty snack that used up my last two points so if I hit up any of the chocolate it would have cost me flex points. Luckily, I managed to rein myself in, made myself wait the recommended 20 minutes after my snack and I realized I was actually quite full…I didn’t even want the chocolate anymore! I have got to remember that trick more often…I wonder if I had used it this past week if I would have avoided using so many flex points…hmm, something to ponder.

So here is what I ate today:

2 Weetabix = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 2 point

1 Smart Ones Spicy Szechuan Style Veg & Chicken over Lo Mein Pasta = 4 points

1/4 cup pizza sauce = 1 point

30 grams light shredded cheese = 2 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

1/4 cup ground beef = 2 points

1 Bakery Counter Pizza Shell = 5 points

1 bag Pop Chips = 2 points

Total Points eaten = 20 πŸ˜€

So, in case you didn’t put the ingredients together in your head I made home made pizza for dinner, only I didn’t feel like making the dough so I bought that. I was torn, I could have bought one large pizza shell (average medium to large pizza size) that was 2 points for 1/8 of the shell or I could buy 5 smaller sized shells (small to medium pizza size) that are 5 points per shell. I stood there trying to figure out which was the best buy for a good 5 minutes, I think I drove some people a little nuts, lol. πŸ˜› When I thought it through I decided that if I bought the one large shell it would be good because I’d only be able to make one pizza so only one high pointed dinner would come of this whole making my own pizza debacle BUT I would eat probably 3-4 pieces so for the shell alone I’d be consuming 6-8 points per mealΒ whereas I could buy the smaller shells in the package of 5 and use 5 points for the shell but that’s for the entire pizza and I can always put the remaining shells in the freezer so it’s not like I have to eat pizza 5 days in a row. It seemed a no brainer to buy the smaller shells. πŸ™‚

I should’ve taken a picture of the pizza, it was pretty good. Not as good as Panago but hey, some things must be sacrificed for the greater good (the greater good being the reduction in size of my ass! lol) I topped it with pizza sauce, cheese, lots of mixed veggies (diced carrot, green peas, green beans, corn and mushroom) and some ground beef. I could have saved two points by not putting the beef on but I really need to use it up and I thought the protein would be good for me and help me get fuller off the pizza. I’m just grateful I didn’t cave at the grocery store and buy pepperoni, cause Yum but omg high points! Such is the way with the really tasty foods. lol.

The pizza was a good size, if I had put a side salad with it I think the meal would have been perfect. As it was, when I was done scarfing it down (I’m joking, I ate it normal speed) I still felt hungry, hence the pop chips instead of chocolate since you get more pop chips for 2 points then you would get chocolate. lol.

I think I’ll start experimenting with the pizza – after all, I have 4 more shells lol. Maybe put some feta cheese or something on…I’ll hafta investigate pizza topping ideas…

Tomorrow, eek! Two scary things tomorrow! 😦 I have to stand on the evil scale, erg, and I have to get blood drawn. Ick. Now, I may not treat myself with food when I reach a diet goal but if I manage to get my blood drawn without swearing at or kicking the person taking my blood (yeah, I’m not kidding with that…) then I always treat myself with food. I am phobic with needles, *flares nostrils, glares* so it takes a lot out of me to let them poke me. sigh. I have decided I will either have Vietnamese or Japanese…we’ll see what I feel like when it’s all done…either way, yummy food coming my way tomorrow – after the weigh in of course! lol

I’m Delusional, sigh.

17 Feb

In my Tips n Tricks page I say never ever ever eat something you can’t calculate the points for because you’ll trick yourself about just how bad that food is for you…the easiest person to lie to is yourself. I stand by this at all times but joy-of-joys I managed to lie/trick/delude myself this evening thereby providing me with a blog topic πŸ˜›Β and a supreme sense of stupidity/failure. sigh.

The day started off well, I kept to my points, ate healthy – sure I felt like I was starving to death in the afternoon but I ate some carrots and dealt with it. Even with being ohΒ so hungry when I got home I managed to cook a yummy healthy dinner – you’d think if I was gonna cheat on my points it’d be then but nope…here is a pic of what I made…

Teriyaki Salmon Steak, Wild Rice and Mixed Veggies

Ok, so not the best picture out there but hey, I am not a photographer – pictures aren’t my talent! πŸ˜› That is my super delish low point dinner that I had tonight and after I ate I realized I had a chunk ofΒ  points left and was still quite hungry so I got a treat of light peanut butter on bread…man I love peanut butter. πŸ˜›

Here is where the delusion started, sigh, back for Christmas a friend of mine that lives in Australia sent me some candy from there that you can’t get here, one of the items was a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar – it’s coconut with cherries covered in dark chocolate, so, like a Bounty bar but with the added cherry flavour. I didn’t think I would like it cause generally I don’t like cherry flavoured things but I looooove coconut and dark chocolate so instead of grabbing a jaffa bar (which is 3 points) I decided to open the cherry chocolate bar. *rolls eyes*

Here are the lies I told myself to convince myself it would be ok to eat the chocolate barΒ (1) a jaffa bar is 3 points and this chocolate bar is practically the same size (it’s not, it’s almost twice as long but half as thin so I thought that made up for it) (2) I don’t have any way to calculate the points which means I’ll hafta guess anyways so why not guess tonight (3) I won’t like it so a nibble of it won’t hurt, then I’ll throw it away and finally (4) well, I didn’t really have a fourth, I just grabbed it and opened. sigh.

I had 2 points left for the day, the jaffa bar would have put me 1 point over because it is 3 points but I was willing to go over by 1 point but, sigh, that chocolate bar was 5 points, 5!!! So, that is 3 points over, 3 whole flex points used on a chocolate bar!!!

See how we lie to ourselves?!?! I managed to convince myself that chocolate bar wouldn’t be so bad for me, it woudn’t use anymore flex points then the jaffa bar, it wouldn’t make me feel like crap for essentially cheating on a diet that is supposed to not need cheating on cause you can eat anything (ha!) – I lied/tricked/deluded myself all cause I was (1) lazy and didn’t want to take that whole 30 second effort to figure out the points online (2) felt like chocolate and couldn’t bring myself to care all that much where I got it from and (3) convinced myself that I ate so well the rest of the day I deserved a treat. Argh!

I didn’t deserve a treat, I have used flex points every frickin day this week! well, almost everyday, I have used around 12 flex points this week and that is practically a record for me when there was no big meal, no special day, no reason to have a treat. The way I acted with food this week goes against how I have held myself accountable during this journey. My rules (and these are the way I choose to follow the program, they are obviously not for everybody) are to never use flex points, not unless I absolutely have to – and really, why would I absolutely have to? I shouldn’t! But things do come up, accidents in counting are made, days where you feel like you are being starved happen – so in my world, flex points are for those days. They are not so on a daily basis I can have a little treat, if I can’t eat a food within my daily points then I don’t eat it…well, until this week apparently. sigh.

Oh, and to make it worse, did I exercise this week? Nope. Sure, I was sick, but you know what, that just means that I be more careful with eating cause I had no exercise to balance it out with…but as we already know, I was not more careful, I was less careful then ever. *rolls eyes*

So beware all those trying to lose weight…don’t take the lazy way out, calculate your points if you’re on Weight Watchers, count your calories if that’s your thing, track however you track every single thing you eat cause if you eat it first and track it later you’re gonna wish your knees bent the opposite way so you could kick yourself in the ass for screwing up when you were doing decently well.

I Need A Bubble!

14 Feb

It’s like my immune system has packed up and left the building (aka body) – not only did it move out it left bait for all the various germs out there letting them know there was an undefended body that they could roost in – stupid immune system! Stupider germs!Β I want my immune system back!

Let me refresh you on the health or lack there of that has been my life lately:

December 28th-ish – I got sick, I thought it was a simple flu/cold thing so I didn’t go to the doctor, I however was bed ridden for a couple days and felt like death

January 4th – first day back at work since xmas vacation, went to the doctors and found out my “simple cold” was bronchitis and I was instructed to go home and rest for the remainder of the week – that meant three days off work 😦

January 13th-ish – went back to the doctors cause my medicine was complete but my cough was still just as bad as ever and now I was wheezing and barely able to stay awake, got sent for chest x rays, diagnosed with pneumonia

January 20th-ish – went back to the doctor cause I was having such bad abdominal pain (I thought due to all the coughing) I wasn’t able to sleep and I didn’t seem to be getting better, was given an inhaler and generally patted on the head

By this point I felt like I was practically living in the doctors office so I decided screw it, my immune system will kick in and eradicate the remaining germs and I will be fine…I was wrong… 😦

Today – went to the doctor cause my cough never went away and seemed to be getting worse, I have abdominal pain everytime I eat or don’t eat (oh, and drink or don’t drink), tired all the time and a bunch of other symptoms…*rolls eyes* I have now been diagnosed with strep throat, possible mono, possible stomach bacterial infection, possible iron deficiency…I think I am forgetting something else but hey, that’s enough for now. lol πŸ˜›

So now I am on new drugs, sigh, told to stay off work for sure tomorrow and if possible wednesday as well (it won’t be possible, I am too poor to take two days off work this week) I have to stop taking my daily pantoloc for the next four days and then go get blood work done to check for the mono, stomach infection and iron deficiency, *rolls eyes again* – I feel like a walking germ, ugh.

Oh, and on top of all that, I am pms-ing (yeah, tmi I know) and I want chocolate more then anybody on the planet wants anything! I’d happily kill for chocolate right now…and not even feel guilty about it! πŸ˜‰ The only problem is that everything I eat and drink causes abdominal pain so even if I decide to go over my points to eat some chocolate it’ll just make me feelΒ  like crap and totally regret the snack…oh and I have to take the new pills on an empty stomach so the later I have a snack the later I have to stay awake until I can down a pill…I wonder if the ginger ale I am drinking counts as filling my stomach…huh, should’ve thought about that earlier. lol. πŸ˜›

So yeah, that is me and my medical story as of now. Fun huh? I have been working hard through all these symptoms to stick to my points and for the most part I have been doing ok…I find when I am sick I crave the oddest foods and the foods I crave don’t always work with what my body can handle food wise. Today, for example, I wanted bread, like at every moment of the day…that was it, bread. I had two dinner buns with my soup at dinner and really, if all I had was the dinner buns I’d have been perfectly content. lol. Oh, and of course the chocolate!

I did go over my points today by 1.5 points but I went over in a “it could have been a hell of a lot worse” kind of way…I had a 1 point weight watchers hot chocolate and an apple, I only had aΒ  half point left at that point so really, I should have just skipped the apple and hot chocolate but I had to have something…pms, whatcha gonna do? I can’t fight my hormones as well when I am sick…I count it as a win though cause instead of eating a chocolate bar or something equally worse I had the apple and the hot chocolate…fruit is my friend…maybe that should be my mantra over the next couple days, help me keep the chocolate away from my mouth! lol πŸ˜€

Life Is Short: Eat Dessert First

13 Feb

How many times have you gone out for dinner and told yourself “I’ll only eat part of my dinner so I have room for dessert/don’t feel guilty about eating dessert/earn dessert” or some other variation? I used to do it all the time and what would happen? I’d be soΒ full because even half of a restaurant meal is more then one person needs in one sitting, *rolls eyes*, that I wouldn’t get to have that dessert…or if I ate it I’d feel disgusting after cause dude, way way way too much stuff in my tummy. πŸ˜›

Well, since weight watchers restaurant desserts are pretty much off the food list, I mean come on?! Not even I can justify dessert from a restaurant! lol But what is life without dessert? A sad existence is what! Sooooo, I found a loophole, a way to lose weight and still get your restaurant dessert, brilliant! πŸ˜€

Eat the dessert first…how simple is that? πŸ™‚

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding - YUM!


Above is the picture of the dessert I chose to eat first Friday evening…worth every unknown point! πŸ˜€ It is Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding: banana bread with premium Callebaut chocolate and custard served warm with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. πŸ˜€

I did have a reason for putting dessert first on Friday, this isn’t exactly a new and amazing plan of attack against my unwanted fat, lol, KB at work had her birthday so we went out to celebrate. She didn’t get a bday cake or anything from home cause the day before her bday an Uncle died so things in her family are a bit more focused on the dead then the living right now, sucky but it happens. shrug. So I made sure we went out so she could get at least a bit of celebration…and our celebration was dessert. πŸ˜›

It was so delish, and so large lol, that I didn’t need or want anything else…we planned to only eat dessert so that worked out well, I was worried I’d still be hungry and want to order an appetizer or something but nope. πŸ™‚ Even when I got home I wasn’t hungry so really, I didn’t just eat my dessert first, it’s all I ate…maybe that should be my new plan? Life is Short: Only Eat Dessert!…hmmm, that doesn’t seem like a good idea, tasty, but not good for me. lol. πŸ˜›

Even with eating the bread pudding Friday night I still lost weight this week – my weekly weigh in today showed me down by 0.8 pounds! πŸ˜€ It may seem silly I am happy with such a small weight loss but, shrug, I am happy with any weight loss cause hey, as long as the weight is going down then I must be doing something right. πŸ™‚ This puts me at a total weight loss of 27.6 pounds. πŸ˜€ See? When you look at the large number that 0.8 doesn’t seem so bad! πŸ™‚

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