Gorged on Grapes

5 Feb

Mmm, fruit! Especially green grapes, double Mmm! lol This whole fruit has no points thing with the new Points Plus Program is gonna be grrrrrreat! (anybody else hear Tony the Tigers voice say that? lol)

I bought a huge batch of green grapes and have been nibbling on them like a crazy person all weekend, they really fill you up though and since they don’t have a points value attached I didn’t measure them out I just sat and mindlessly ate them and then all of a sudden I was getting ready to go out (this was yesterday) and I realized that ugh, I feel disgusting cause I ate way too many grapes. Oops! Guess I’m gonna hafta watch out for that, it’s a little pitfall I didn’t really think about. *rolls eyes*

I had thought this weekend would be the start of my getting-serious-with-tracking-weekend but I realized that Saturday I had plans that involved lots of alcohol and most likely an extremely bad for me meal and then Sunday I was going out for lunch with a friend to Olive Garden and the odds were good of my eating horribly so perhaps I should wait and start my serious tracking on Monday. I’m not normally a Monday Starter (as I call them, you know, those people who always say “I’m starting my diet this coming Monday” but they never do?) but it just seemed to make sense to me. Why start tracking on a day I know I’m gonna blow it points wise, it’d just be a depressing way to start back with my tracking and planning, shrug. This is how I justified it to myself anyways. lol.

Course, tomorrow I have dinner plans, but oh well, I know where I am going so I will check the menu out before I go and try my best to pre-plan what I am going to order. Β πŸ™‚

For exercise over the weekend I got a bit derailed but I tried my best…kinda lol. I walked to my friend’s house on Saturday to meet up with everybody, it is about a 40 minute walk or so and part way through the walk I stopped at Safeway to pick up the pineapple juice and the coconut milk for the Pina Coladas we were making so I had some extra weight to carry which I figure, all adds up in the end lol. I did get kinda sweaty from the walk, ew! Not exactly how I wanted to start an evening of merriment but oh well, shrug. There were three of us and we were going rollerskating, I’ll give you a minute to ponder that…take your time…yes, now that you’ve scratched your head and wondered if I took a ride in a time machine back to the 80’s I will explain. There is a roller rink about an hour away via public transit (which we were taking so we could all drink) and one of my friends really really really wanted to go cause she wants to try out for roller derby but she doesn’t have experience roller skating. The idea was the three of us would go, totally suck, probably fall down a lot, but have loads of fun (the way you always end up fun when doing something dorky, like mini golf lol), KL would get to find out if she has any natural skating talent and well, KS and I would just be there for the fun aspect lol. I mean, come on, alcohol + friends + dorky activity = FUN! πŸ˜€

Turns out roller skating is way more popular then any of us though, who knew?? When we got there the line to get in was all the way to the door, as in, we were stuck standing outside the door. It eventually started to move but before we got anywhere near the counter the guy working the counter said they were almost out of skates so it was free admission for everyone, if they had your size skate and you got a pair then you could skate, otherwise you were SOL. They didn’t have my size or KS but they did have skates in the right size for KL so we encouraged her to go skate. She, after all, is the one who wants to join roller derby and thereby had a purpose being on the rink. She did great! Total natural, which is awesome. The exercise I had planned on getting at the rink did not happen but not because I was lazy or backed out or anything so I don’t feel badly about not getting my activity points that evening – not like I have any say over the rink having my size skates available. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches, or skate with the crowd. hahaha I’m just sooooo witty πŸ˜‰ lol

Today however, totally my fail lol. I had lunch plans for 12:30p that got moved by my friend to 1p then got moved to 2:30p so originally I was going to go for lunch, hang out with her for a while, then come home, digest a bit and hit up the gym. Wellllll, by the time the plans got changed the third time I was realizing I could have gone to the gym before meeting up with her (but of course my realization came to late, sigh) and we gabbed for so long (hours an hours lol) that by the time I got home it was too late to go. They were still open when I got home (I think, for some reason I can never for sure remember the Sunday hours lol) but I was so full no way could I have gone right away and by the time I was feeling digested enough to go they were for sure closed. Epic Fail on my part.

Tomorrow however is another page in my life and I plan on going to the gym no matter what. I am setting my alarm for earlier then I normally would just to make sure I get up and go before I have to start everything else I am doing tomorrow. I want it to be the first thing I accomplish tomorrow so that it can’t get sidelined or ditched cause I run out of time later in the day.

I have a plan people, albeit, a tentative one, but I’m gonna do my best to follow it, make it more concrete, and make this program work for me! …I feel I should shout that marine shout you always hear in movies lol


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