Ahhhh Telus

10 Feb

My internet died, went down, crashed…whatever term you want to use it went away. It was very sad, doubly so since I don’t have cable so I felt especially cut off from the world.  😦

I don’t understand those people that willingly stop going online and watching tv and using cell phones for a week or a month or 6 months or a year as some kind of test to prove they don’t need technology. I neeeeeed technology! I crave it! I live for it! I was on facebook and twitter via my smart phone (which is not very smart considering how many technical problems the pos has, erg) every 5 minutes or so terrified I was missing something hugely important!

Oh, and no, I don’t mean hugely important like what a friends kid did or didn’t do that was oh-so-cute *rolls eyes* I can’t stand those facebook status updates, sigh, I mean like, a natural disaster, or Obama being killed (and yes, I do think he has a higher chance of getting assassinated (side note, haha! a word that says “ass” twice in the spelling of it!  😛 ) then Harper…the Prime Minister of Canada in case you were wondering who the heck I was talking about lol), or the oilsands lighting fire and all of Alberta being evacuated (I’m allowed to say that, I’m Albertan lol). So much of what I know of the world comes from the internet, it used to come from the news but as I mentioned above I don’t have cable anymore so no more 6pm news watching for me…who’d of thought I’d ever miss the news?? Crazy world! Crazy!

Happily, Telus sent over a very nice and competent man who fixed the internet connection and voila! I was back on the information super highway…right in time to be super busy for days and have almost no time to get online let alone post on wordpress, figures huh?

Today though, something way fun happened that I just gotta share! I had a photoshoot today that was sweeeeeeet! It wasn’t an acting photoshoot, it was for Dragon Boating, I (along with others) got asked to take part in the photoshoot to create the new posters and advertising images for the upcoming Dragon Boating season – how awesome is that?!?! It was all done in a studio, we had paddles but no pfd’s (personal flotation devices, fancy way of saying lifejacket…seriously, when did we stop saying lifejacket??) and we sat on these boxes so that we could pretend we were on the water paddling lol. They will photoshop the pictures so the final images will appear as if we are in boats racing. Yet one more reason I love technology! lol Cause man, if we’d had to be on the water for this shoot we’d of frozen our hands off, the water is not yet warm people!

I felt so honoured to be asked, especially once I got there and saw the other people taking part in the shoot. They are all in so much better shape then me, I don’t know how I fell in to this crowd. lol. Paddlers are those people that are tanned, and no nonsense, and the women don’t wear makeup (at least on days when they are on the water) and their hair is either really short or yanked back in a pony tail and they are fit and outdoorsy and well, a lot of things I am not. Luckily, they are also really accepting of others and happy to have people around who also enjoy the sport, even if they don’t fit the stereotypical mold of a racer. Phew! Lucky for me! lol I got to meet a two time World’s Champion, I couldn’t believe she trains out of the same place I train, wow. Lemme tell ya, I thought I was getting decent upper arm and shoulder definition, she is so muscle defined even when she doesn’t flex she’s looking way toned, but not in a guy way!  😛

For the shoot we were all sprayed with glycerin and water so we looked like we got sprayed while on the water paddling, it is sticky feeling and kinda odd but it works. However, it’s been hours since I’ve been home and I washed my face once already and I am still finding little random sticky spots on my neck and face, ick. It got in my hair too, le sigh. My bangs feel nasty but oh well, it’ll wash out when I shower.  🙂 and really, I complain, but it doesn’t really bother me, I’ve been through lots worse on photoshoots but I always have so much fun that I don’t really care. Heck, I was put in a bald cap once (which, considering how much hair I have was soooo hard for the make up girl to do) and when she took it off she peeled off some of the skin along my hairline cause she didn’t unstick the glue properly. That hurt! But even with the pain, it was totally worth it. 🙂 I must be crazy huh? lol

So, food and exercise for this past week, I was active monday, tuesday and wednesday to levels I am happy with. Monday and wednesday I hit the gym, both days I got thwarted in my wanting to use the weights (the weight room was booked for a class both days) but I did get in over an hour of cardio, some ab work and some stretching on both days. Tuesday I cleaned the apartment, which I never totally feel should qualify as exercise but I know that it does so, shrug, I’ll use it lol. Thursday I walked, and did manage to work up a bit of a sweat, but I don’t feel it was enough walking to properly qualify as exercise and then today I was photoshooting and then we so tired the rest of the day cause of being up so early and on not enough sleep I didn’t really do much. Totally my bad, I should’ve gone to the gym, or at least for a walk, but I just couldn’t make myself move.

Although, having said that, I seemed to have no trouble moving my ass to the kitchen to keep getting snacks, sigh. I didn’t clue in till way later that I was probably eating so much today because I was so tired and my body was trying to get energy, tsk tsk to me. I should have just gone for a nap or something, that would have probably taken care of the over eating problem I had today but yeah, by the time I realized it was already almost midnight. It’s not often I get way tired like that anymore so I forgot that could happen, *rolls eyes* I’ll hafta be more diligent on early morning days from now on.


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