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Happy Canada Day!

1 Jul

Happy 146th Birthday Canada! In honour of the day I thought I’d compile a list of things you probably didn’t know about my wonderful country, enjoy! ­čÖé

Pretend I'm singing the anthem right now...and standing! lol

Pretend I’m singing the anthem right now…and standing! lol

(1) Most of the world’s french fries come from New Brunswick.

(2) Canadian┬áMarcellus Gilmore Edson invented peanut butter as an alternate food source for people who couldn’t chew in 1884.

(3) The green ink used for American money was invented at McGill University in Montreal, in 1857, by Thomas Sterry Hunt.

(4) Saskatchewan makes most of the world’s lentils.

(5) Alberta has a national park larger than Switzerland.

(6) Wonderbra was invented by Louise Poirier  in 1963, in Montreal.

(7) We speak on behalf of Santa,┬ákids around the world get answers to their letters and emails to Santa each year from Canada Post volunteers who have answered more than┬áone million letters in 30 languages (including braille). Don’t forget the postal code, HOH OHO! ­čÖé

(8) Walter Harris Callow invented the first wheelchair accessible bus in 1947.

(9) Two Canadians created the game Trivial Pursuit in 1979 when they couldn’t find all their Scrabble tiles.

(10) This won’t shock you, we invented the snowplow, snowmobile and snowblower lol

(11)┬áFrederick Banting, Charles Best, and James Collip discovered insulin in 1922 and learned how it could be used to treat diabetes. Yeah yeah, I know, everyone already knew this one. ­čśŤ

(12) John Michael Lyons of New Brunswick invented the first baggage tag in 1882.

(13) 5 Pin bowling? Oh yeah, invented by T.E. Ryan of Toronto in 1909.

Here are a couple videos that showcase our understated Canadian pride…I apologize for the distinctly country feel of the first one…

Yes, we show our pride in beer commercials, don’t judge! ­čśŤ

This one isn’t a song, and is super old, but I still think it is funny…

This one is old, from right before the 2010 Winter Olympics, and not a music video, but filled with stuff even I didn’t know, and I’ve been googling things about Canada all day! lol

Lookin' pretty good for 146 years old!

Lookin’ pretty good for 146 years old!

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