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Insanity: Day 2

16 Jul

Alrighty, so day 2 of this program and guess who messed up…again?! Yeah, me, sigh. 😛

I started the day off fairly well, I had my first two meals of the day on schedule so that’s good. 🙂

I was done work at a weird time though, at 1pm, so my plan was go home, exercise, then eat Meal 3. It was either that or eat Meal 3 right when I got home then have to wait an hour or so to exercise and I knew if I did that odds were high I’d not want to exercise sooooo exercise first!

Today was my first real exercise session with this program since yesterday was the Fit Test. I thought I was doing fairly well but towards the end I sucked lol. It was a Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout, it is based on the interval system but reversed. Instead of doing lower intensity for 3 minutes then a burst of high intensity for 1 minute you do high intensity for 3 minutes then have a 30 second break, then repeat. The circuits were made up of about 4 or 5 different exercises, you do the first circuit of all 5 exercises, get a 30 second break, then repeat the circuit but even faster, get a 30 second break then repeat the circuit again going as fast as you possibly can go. You then get a quick break before moving on to the next circuit.

Lemme tell you, I was sweating more from this workout then from any home workout I have ever done!

I did have some problems in some of the circuits towards the end though. There were exercises where you are in the push-up position, you hold that plank and sorta jump/tuck in your legs, then jump them back out to full plank. Or, same position but you jump/tuck to the side, then jump back out. There were other exercises that had you in that plank position and I knew my legs and core could keep doing the leg motion part of the exercise buuuuut my arms couldn’t keep supporting me. The shoulders just weren’t strong enough and my arms starting folding. It was so annoying!

Another little issue I discovered is there was a lot of jumping in this routine and I live somewhere with super duper low ceilings. You do the math! lol I had to refrain from jumping as high as I could and not fully extend my arms above my head – even then I hit the ceiling with my hands quite a few times, oops! I’m contemplating taking a little table outside, putting the laptop on it and working out in the backyard but I dunno…I don’t care for exercising in front of people and even though it is the backyard it still seems too public for me lol

After I completed the cardio workout I made Meal 3 which was the Chicken Ranch Wrap (same as yesterday), while the chicken was cooking I made the Turkey Burger patties. I was supposed to have a turkey burger last night but it didn’t happen and for some reason I thought I was supposed to have it again this evening so I figured why not make it now while I had spare time? Totally makes sense to me…well, here is another oops! After making the patties, freezing two and sticking the other in the fridge I took a look at my meal plan for the day and uh yeah, wasn’t supposed to be eating a turkey burger today! lol I decided to keep it on my menu because well, I’d already made the patties and how long does ground lean turkey last in the fridge before it is unsafe to use? I dunno the answer to that question so I figured better safe than sorry! lol

I almost wanted a snack after eating the chicken wrap and before going to dragon boat practice, not because I was hungry but because I was worried I would get hungry…weird huh? I didn’t snack, obviously, since feeling all full and gross when paddling is soooo not my thing but I regretted it when on the boat because I was so freakin hungry! My stomach was full on growling and all I could think about was how hungry I was instead of thinking about my form. Not cool. I also had way less energy than normal and was really straining to be able to keep up. Erg.

I cooked the turkey burger when I got home and instead of having the green beans the menu book said to pair with it I had mixed veggies (because those are what I have in the freezer lol), I’m feeling a little hungry again but I am also exhausted and really need to sleep so definitely no more food for me today, the tummy will just have to wait!

So to recap, I was supposed to eat 5 meals and 1 snack today, that would have still had me under my calories for the day but not by much. Instead I ate 3 Meals and 0 snacks and the meals I ate were modified by me to utilize foods I already have. *rolls eyes* Oh, and I exercised twice! I’m thinking I’m breaking too many rules over here…

yup, that's me, I'm such a bad ass lol ;)

yup, that’s me, I’m such a bad ass lol 😉


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