The Olympics Sucked Me In

7 Feb

I never used to be all that interested in the Olympics. I’d get cranky because my regular scheduled programming would get all messed up, it was a bunch of sports and I don’t do that whole watching-sports-thing, and well, I just didn’t get the appeal.

That changed in 2010, since the Winter Olympics in Vancouver I have been hooked. Hooked! I definitely prefer the winter Olympics over the summer Olympics…for the most part, not gonna lie gymnastics in the summer Olympics is something I try very hard to watch. But yeah, winter Olympics? Sooooo many things I want to watch! It really sucks there is such an extreme time difference but oh well, that’s what recaps are for. Not as exciting as watching when it happens but the games can’t be in my time zone every time lol 😛

When I got home from work today I had intended to work out (using a workout dvd since my gym was already closed) but when I turned on the tv it was by fluke on a channel showing the men’s semi-final snowboarding freestyle and bam! Sucked in! Did I exercise? Hellz no! That would have meant turning off the Olympics so I could what? Do a dvd workout? Screw that, I wanted to see if a Canadian qualified for the finals, for a chance to win a medal, and oh yeah he did! Mark McMorris from Regina is making Canada proud!

Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris

Turns out I missed the figure skating, sadness, since that is also one of the events I really look forward to but whatcha gonna do? Time zones. shrug.

There is a really great app called Sochi 2014 that is awesome! It’s by CBC and you can watch a lot of video recaps, see a listing of results, all kinds of stuff on it. I used it to watch sections of the opening ceremonies cuz um, I sorta slept through those. Come on people! 8am?! That’s ridiculous! *rolls eyes*

Did anybody see those, the opening ceremonies? The fifth snowflake not turning in to the fifth ring, oh dear. lol. Some poor Russian is in maaaaajor trouble!



But hey, no biggie in the grand scheme of things right? I mean, that pole thingy didn’t extend properly in the opening ceremony for the Vancouver Olympics, it was embarrassing but there are worse things that can happen *cough*killingstraydogs*cough*

I have a feeling Olympic watching will be impeding a lot of things in the coming weeks, not just working out. Part of me thinks it is dumb, altering what I will be doing so I can be home watching the games buuuuut at the same time these aren’t an everyday thing and I want to see what happens, ok fine, if I am being honest I want to see who wins! lol


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