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A Summons!

17 Jan

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the Ministry of Justice Sheriff Services, which is ridiculous lol Sheriff Services? What am I, in a small town? In the wild west? In the States?…no offence to Americans! I just know from tv small towns in the States have a Sheriff as the head of the police force. Oh the things a person learns from television lol

My first thought was “what have I done lately that could be getting me in to trouble?” lol πŸ˜‰

Me in Alcatraz a really long time ago

Me in Alcatraz a really long time ago

Turns out I am being summoned for jury duty! I am quite possibly the only person to be excited about this, which I know makes me a weird-o but come on! It’s awesome!

Maybe I find it so exciting because I studied the judicial system in depth while in University and I found it fascinating. I have sat in juvenile court before, watching how it works, comparing it to how it is supposed to work, I was thoroughly absorbed in the proceedings and am psyched to not only observe this time but be involved, even if it is only for a short time.

I assume a short time because what are the odds I’ll actually be picked for the jury? I’m thinking not high, shrug.

My summons date isn’t until March, which is sooooo far away, I wrote it down in my daytimer which is the only way I will remember it lol



So what do I know about jury duty? Not much, other than everybody seems to try to get out of it πŸ˜›

I know I can’t get fired from my job if I am selected…I think…I already showed the letter to my managers so they know the dates I might be off performing my civic duty, they didn’t seem inclined to boot me out because of it, though they weren’t too happy about it either, obviously. My one manager started talking about if I am sequestered and such but c’mon, this is BC, how big of a case could it possibly be? *rolls eyes*

From some basic googling it seems there is no specific dress code. One lady who blogged her outfit for every day she was on a jury had some very nice business-ey outfits whereas Lebron James dressed fairly casual (I think he plays a sport of some kind?).

Being summoned to jury duty isn’t limited to humans as a cat got summoned in Boston, not even kidding about this one!


Everything else I know about jury duty I learned from movies, American movies, and the letter they sent me detailing how it is very important I don’t miss the jury summons, how I shouldn’t drive there because I will be an unknown amount of hours and they won’t pay any parking tickets I get (meanies!), and how I could try to get out of it but good luck with that…ok, that is paraphrasing but you get the drift lol πŸ˜›

I’d love to say I’ll keep you updated when the whole summons and potential jury duty happens buuuut I’m pretty sure that’ll be against the rules lol πŸ˜‰

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