Runaway Cheese

5 Jun

This past Tuesday I was running late when I left my place, usually when that happens I forgo eating opting to grab something when I reach my destination or wait until I am done whatever I am going out to do and eating afterwards. I didn’t have either of those options this time so I made some toast and grabbed two Babybel cheeses to eat in the suv while I drove.

I put the two Babybel cheeses in the side pocket of my backpack and basically ran out the door.

Mmm cheese!

Mmm cheese!

As I was driving (aka speeding) a bird decided to play chicken and landed on the road right in front of me. It didn’t seem to care that a suv was baring down on it, it just stayed there, standing there in the middle of the road, looking death in the face. Stupid bird. sigh.

I can’t hurt an animal. Can’t do it. *shakes head* I’ll swerve and hit a tree before I will hit an animal. So I did the only thing I could do, I slammed on the brakes and begged the universe to give the bird a nudge and get it moving in case I couldn’t stop in time.

Because I slammed on the brakes my backpack and my water bottle went flying off the passenger seat and settled with a loud thud on to the floor space.

I was able to reach the bag and water bottle so I dragged them back up to the seat and got back on my way. I reached over to the small pocket on the side of the bag to get my Babybel cheeses and found only one. Not two. I put two in the pocket but now only had one. My best guess was it went flying out of the pocket and was loose in the passenger foot area of my suv.

I was thinking very uncharitable thoughts towards that bird! lol

When I got to my destination I searched the front of the passenger section and couldn’t find the cheese anywhere. I did however find a pair of sunglasses that somehow ended up under the passenger seat…in surprisingly good condition so yay for that! But still…no cheese…where did it go?

I didn’t have endless time to search for the Babybel cheese so I gave up figuring I’d find it later, if not visually than possibly by smell if it turned out to be a hot day…

It has been days since that happened and I still haven’t found the runaway cheese, nor have I smelled it. So either Babybel cheese doesn’t smell when it is left out of the fridge for extended periods of time or I lost it before I got in the suv but if that happened where did I lose it? And how?

That cheese has run away, to places unknown, I hope it is happy, and not smelling up my suv!

Oh, and just so you know, the bird very casually moved out of my way after I came to a screeching halt, unfazed, confident it won the game of chicken.

Stupid bird. 😛 lol


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