Wireless Amber Alert

18 Sep

Did you know there is a Wireless Amber Alert service for Canada?

Well surprise! There is!

If you go to http://wirelessamber.ca/ you can quickly and easily sign-up so that when an Amber Alert is issued you get a text message letting you know. Oh, and before you start complaining about paying for the text message, it is free, so there, what’s your excuse now? 😉

Your personal information isn’t shared with anyone, your information is not sold to anyone, you won’t be blasted with multiple text messages. You’ll get one message when the Amber Alert is issued, you’ll get messages if the information for the Amber Alert is updated, and you’ll get a message when it is cancelled. Considering how many text messages people get in a day this is hardly a huge increase to their inbox.

I didn’t know this service existed until this past week when an Amber Alert was issued in Alberta, I was watching the news coverage and they mentioned this service. In Canada people don’t automatically get a text when an Amber Alert is issued, although some organizations are looking to change that, this means people have to take a minute of their time to sign-up to receive them, and I’m betting most people are like me and didn’t know that was a thing.

When I saw the news coverage and they mentioned this I immediately went to the website and signed up, it isn’t like signing up is some big hardship on me and hey, if I get the information a little bit sooner than before there is always that teeny tiny little chance I might see something that could help someone in distress, and who wouldn’t sign-up if there was a chance to do that?

amber alert


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