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The Unwritten List

15 Jan

I have a random list of things to get done, it ranges from refinishing a table to organizing various things in my apartment, to getting better at dealing with my finances, to learning to knit, to building furniture, to getting my suv looked at…and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head…

Told ya it was random! lol

Every time I complete one of these tasks or errands or whatever you want to call them I immediately think of something else that has to get done so my list, which is very un-safely being stored in my brain, never gets any smaller, if anything it keeps growing.

Its not that I mind having things to do, but sometimes when I’m chilling and watching tv or reading or whatever I’m doing to kill time I think of all these things I need to get done and can’t seem to pick one to work on at that moment in time so I work on none of them. Yet one more reason the list is not getting any smaller lol

One thing I did accomplish was building my new pantry and it is so purdy!

I can’t seem to take a good picture of it so I nabbed the picture from the Canadian Tire website…


I wish it was more black than brown-black but I got it on a wicked sale, it holds a lot of stuff and hey, a girl can’t afford to be picky, not when she has as little money as I do lol

I had a smaller pantry that I built when I moved in to this place, it was less than half the size of this one and while I thought it would be big enough to compensate for the lack of cupboard space in my kitchen it was not. Maybe if I had some decent counter space it might be ok but I don’t have that either, shrug. My kitchen always looks like a cluttered mess, even when I have just cleaned it and I hate that! Soooooo when I saw this on sale, for a really good sale price, I indulged myself. 🙂

I’m that weird person who actually really likes building furniture. Bought something at Ikea? If you offer to feed me, or hell, give me a glass of wine, I will totally build whatever you bought for you, and have fun doing it! I’m an oddball like that lol This sucker was harder though, which caught me off guard.

For starters, apparently you need two people to build it, which I scoffed at until I had to lift the entire thing from laying flat on the floor to standing in one smooth motion so as not to overly stress any one part and break it. That was…interesting lol 😉

I had a little trouble with the tracks for the drawer, they were not labelled and nowhere in the pathetic excuse of an instruction booklet did it specify which track goes on which piece so I put them on without paying enough attention and the drawer wouldn’t go in. sigh. I was going to just leave it without the drawer in the middle, I kinda liked how it looked, but in the end ended up swapping the two tracks that were inside the drawer space around and boom! Problem solved.

The only thing I didn’t do was attach it to the wall because I am not capable of that lol I don’t own power tools and I am not strong enough to attach the pantry to the wall using my little phillips screw driver sooooo I’ve left it unattached and am just going to have to hope that when we have another earthquake it stays where it is. I mean, it is pretty heavy now that it has so much stuff in it, and I made sure to put heavy stuff on the bottom shelf so maybe it’ll stay put…and if not well I’ll just have to hope I’m not standing in front of it if the big one hits and it falls. Though, if the big one hits I’m pretty sure I’ll have bigger problems than my pantry falling…like potentially being homeless…or sinkholes…or not having anything even slightly related to an emergency kit and thereby dying from lack of preparedness…not that I’ve thought about it or anything lol

The building of the pantry gave me some war wounds, always fun…

2016-01-08 02.49.41

I took the pic a couple of days after I built the pantry so the scratches are not as red as they initially were. People at work thought the cat tried to kill me lol which don’t get me wrong, he does try, just not on that particular night lol 😉

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