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Foggy Nights

29 Jan

2016-01-02 21.17.19

I love foggy weather, I find it so peaceful.

Something about the lack of visibility, the muffled sounds, the mood the fog can inspire. Its pretty much the best weather pattern I can think of. 🙂

This is the scene that greeted me as I left work and started walking to where my suv was parked. It was foggier in person, I’m never able to get a good picture of fog, such an elusive thing!

If it wasn’t so late in the evening, and chilly, and I so poorly dressed for the chill I would have gone for a wandering bit of a walk and enjoyed it more. As is I made up stories in my head, inspired by the fog. One of the great things about having an over active imagination is how entertained I am able to keep myself lol

I hope it is foggy again tomorrow…

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