Baking Soda Miracles

4 Feb

My mom is coming to visit for a couple of weeks to help me when I am recovering from surgery. I’m looking forward to seeing her but the flip side of the looking-forward emotion is the oh-my-god-this-will-be-the-first-time-a-family-member-sees-where-I-live-I-must-make-my-place-perfect emotion.

Now in reality, perfect is not going to happen, I am in a 750 sq ft basement suite with a low ceiling, no natural light, a shower that won’t stop dripping and no storage or counter space which means no matter how much stuff I get rid of, or how many times I clean, my place always looks cluttered. sigh.

Doesn’t mean I’m not starting to obsess about weird things though!

Like tea stains. I use the same three large mugs in rotation for drinking tea. I drink tea like it is going to run out and I have to get as much of it in to my system as possible before there are no more tea leaves. Seriously, tea addict over here. Which I am fine with because tea is a lovely drink but it does have a tendency to stain mugs even when you clean the mugs daily.

Sooooooo…for some reason this became a thing I was obsessing over. Like my mother was going to be horrified because my tea mugs had tea stains or something… Who do you think I got my tea addiction from? Not like she hasn’t seen a stained mug before! But yeah, couldn’t stop thinking about how no way can I let my mother see my stained tea mugs so I YouTubed and learned that I could bleach them (which didn’t really sit all that well with me) or I could clean them with Baking Soda.

baking soda

Baking Soda?

Apparently I am the only one who didn’t know this trick!

I have Baking Soda on hand for baking and that is it, that is all I have ever used it for but according to the internet, and my mother when I discussed it with her, if you put some Baking Soda in a mug, add boiling water, let it sit until the water is cool and then clean the mug normally boom! Magic happens and the tea stains go away.

Seriously magical.

2016-02-02 16.43.14

Here is the inside of my mug with the Baking Soda on the bottom, you can see the icky stains. Nobody really said how much Baking Soda to put so I guesstimated…

Here you can see me adding the boiling water, look at the bubbles! Science people, it’s an awesome thing! I put the water as high as I could to reach as much of the stains as possible. The chopstick, in case you were wondering, was for stirring it all around so the Baking Soda would dissolve, I thought it would be less disruptive than a spoon… While I was stirring I could actually scrape off the tea stains with the chopstick if I tried which I maaaaay have done for a little bit because it is sort of like picking at peeling paint, oddly satisfying…

So yeah, I let it sit for a while, until the cup felt cool to the touch, rinsed it out, put some dish detergent inside and gave it a good clean (fyi, the Baking Soda makes it kinda slippery so be careful) and boom! It now looks like this…

2016-02-02 21.31.32

Look at that! It looks brand new! A thing of beauty! 🙂

I decided to try the same thing with my travel mug, it is stainless steel and according to the internet gods if I put the Baking Soda and boiling water in the mug, pop the lid on and let it sit for 24 hours the inside of my travel mug will be pristine. How could I not try? I use the mug minimum 4 days a week and even though I clean it all the time I’ve been using it for years and it definitely looks it!

I got a tad overzealous with the stirring though which is when I learned that Baking Soda and boiling water and my stirring with a chopstick can lead to an eruption that has water and Baking Soda bubbles exploding all over my stove top…oops! Why my stove top? Because I don’t have a counter so I do everything on my stove top between the burners.

So yeah, little bit of friendly advice, stir sloooooowly, and gently, super gently, and if you see bubbles stop! Take a bit of a pause and then resume, super duper slowly. Trust me, you’ll be grateful you took the time cause oh wow, sooooo much water spilled over it ended up overflowing over the lip of the stove top on to my kitchen floor…well, mostly onto my feet but then from the feet to the floor.

Now that I have mastered removing tea stains I am on to obsessing about the next thing…oh boy!


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