Tomorrow Is The Day!

11 Feb

omg tomorrow is the big day! The big big day! The day my eyeballs get zapped by a laser!

I have to be there for 9:15am and will apparently be there for 4 to 5 hours. Eesh. It was suggested I bring earbuds so I can zone out during the waiting times and to also bring snacks…snacks! When was the last time you were told to bring snacks when going in for a medical procedure? lol

I don’t know much about how the actual day will go, I’ve been given snippets of info but who knows how accurate it is or what might be different on the day. I kinda wish I knew more about what was happening tomorrow, not about the procedure I mean, I have done copious amounts of research, I know a lot about that, I mean about what will happen minute by minute…or at least hour to hour. With some things I like knowing the steps or stages I will be going through.

Having said that, I have no way of knowing so I’m just going to have to let that go and be ok with going in not knowing. Not like I’m not going to go just because I don’t know lol 😛

I’ll be offline for a while, at least 3 days from what others have said since I’ll be super light sensitive and not able to look at my computer screen. My poor laptop, I shall miss it! Or maybe I won’t because I’ll be feeling so miserable I won’t care…that’s a depressing thought, eesh. I think I’d rather lean towards missing the laptop cause it means I won’t be so out of things.

Goooooodbye every one! I’ll be back here when I can handle looking at a computer screen again and I promise to tell you all about what happened!


So cool I’ll hafta wear shades!


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