Spider Sequel

30 Nov

About three weeks or so ago I packed up all my stuff, bribed a friend in to coming over to help me move all my furniture 12″ away from the walls, removed the cat, the plant, and I out of the apartment for half the day and returned to an odour filled apartment because the pest control people had been here spraying in the hopes of making my apartment less hospitable to the spiders that were biting me on a regular basis.

Biting. Spiders.

You’d think I was in Australia or something! πŸ˜‰ lol

Two days ago I did all of that all over again, minus the friend helping because she had to work. Oh, and this time the cat, plant, and I had to stay out longer than the first visit because the pest control guy was going to be using two poisons, not just one, and they are more powerful, hence needing to be out of the spray zone for longer.

The cat was not impressed, frankly, neither was I! Banned from the apartment is not really how I wanted to spend a day off. I think the cat’s expression says it all…


This is Striker, hiding under a tent I built him on a couch at work where we hung out until 9pm, when we were allowed to go home.

On a happy note some good things happened that day…

  • there was a choir performing at work so for an hour Striker and I got to listen to some beautifully sung Christmas carols. I seemed to appreciate it more than the cat…
  • the chef on shift at work fed me, yay food!
  • I may not be strong enough to move all my furniture on my own but I’m healthy and strong enough to move all the stuff I packed up and stacked in the middle of the rooms, and was strong and healthy enough to unpack and put it all back that night when allowed back in the apartment. Health is not something to be overlooked!
  • even though I was grumpy and reeeeally wanted to eat copious amounts of basically allll the comfort foods I didn’t! I tracked all my food, ate healthy choices, and even fit in a fat free fudgsicle so I didn’t feel deprived.
  • by packing up so much of my stuff I weeded out a lot of things I could donate to a local thrift shop, hopefully some of those items can make someone else happy.

Also, something I am trying to remember to be grateful for, sure my apartment has an infestation of spiders hell bent on biting me to my breaking point of sanity buuuuuut I have a roof over my head, not everybody does.

Now I am crossing my fingers that the second pest control visit worked and I won’t get bit anymore, cause seriously, those bites hurt, and itch, and are highly unattractive! πŸ˜›


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