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Self Isolation Day 11: Cleaning Has Commenced

25 Mar

Except for the pantry and fridge organization way back on, what was it, Day 3?, I haven’t done any extra cleaning. I had other projects to work on and prioritized those over boring ‘ol cleaning.

Sadly, I have run out of projects, and all I have left is cleaning..and organizing, but really, I lump those together.

First thing this morning I attended a virtual WW workshop, which if you don’t know what that is it’s fine, if you do know what that is, aren’t they great? I chatted with my parents for a bit after the workshop and decided that while yes, I was still cozy in my pjs, I was two mugs of tea in to the day and I might as well stay up…my original plan was to take part in the virtual workshop then go back to bed lol

Since I was up I made use of all that extra time one has when they actually get up in the morning and I cooked myself a hot breakfast sandwich, which, fyi, was delish. 🙂

Eventually the cleaning started. I had intended to do more of the deep cleaning type stuff but found I had a lot of organizing, and putting away, and the like, to do before pulling out the cleaning products. So organize I did! My desk is a work of art! I actually sat at it after I was all done with my tidying for the day and wrote a letter, and two cards, and did tasks one normally does at a desk, I felt like such a grown-up!

I tidied and organized more than my desk but that is the part I am most happy with.

After all that I decided I deserved something more substantial than a bowl of cereal so I did the unthinkable, I cooked!

Using the last of my bag of salad, well, the last of it that hadn’t gone slimy or brown, I made a lazy person’s taco salad.

day 11

The salad had salad (duh!), ground turkey that I mixed taco seasoning in with, sauteed onions, shredded cheese, horribly cut tomato, and a blob of sour cream. Those little tots on the side are cauliflower tots that I bought on a whim and decided to try. They were…ok. I tried the ones made from broccoli a while ago and those were better, these just tasted like mushed cauliflower, which is not something I think is all that great. Oh I forgot! After I had mixed the salad up so it no longer looked picture ready I crushed some tortilla chips and sprinkled those on top.

The final effort was ok. Not amazing, but not horrible, I didn’t give myself food poisoning so I count the meal as a win. 🙂

My apartment is tiny, and has 2 windows, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Both look out on fences so neither is amazing. I do my best to keep the windowsills empty for Striker, he occasionally likes to look outside and since being stuck at home I learned he has a daily routine of going on to the living room windowsill to sit in the tiny sun patch we get every day.

Today however he wasn’t all that interested in the sun patch so I moved those plants I re-potted last week on to the windowsill to catch some rays. I should confess, not all the plants made it, two have died, sigh. But four have lived! With luck they will continue to live until I get them back to the office where they will have daily exposure to sunlight.

day 11a

I tried to position them so some of each of their leaves were getting sunlight, which means they overlap each other, I figure they might like that though, since they were so close to each other for so many months. They might get lonely without each other nearby…or are plants not like that?

Anyways! They took over the windowsill and Striker didn’t seem to mind but a little while later he decided to take a closer look at the havoc I wreaked to his space…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought I was going to have to leap up to save a plant from being nibbled on, or swatted at, but nope. He hasn’t gone anywhere near them since the above pictures were taken. Now, either, he is tricking me in to thinking he doesn’t care and tonight he will destroy them while I sleep, or he really doesn’t care, and if that is the case they may just stay there until I go back to work Sunday. It all depends on what he does to them tonight!

Pet Parent Guilt

18 Nov

Anybody who has a pet that they consider to be part of the family is probably familiar with Pet Parent Guilt. That guilt that settles on your shoulders when your pet is unhappy, or sick, or living anything less than their perfect life.

The cat that owns me (because that is definitely how our relationship goes! lol) is unhappy, and the only things I can do to make him better long-term are making him miserable short-term, sigh.

Last week I came home late and found Striker had ripped out a chunk of fur from his neck / upper chest area. The exposed skin was raw and weeping and looked like it must hurt terribly. I scooped him up, kinda freaking out because omg I was looking at a chunk of sore looking skin and what does he do? He starts purring and acting like everything is cool.

What. The. Hell.

Of course this happens at night, on a long weekend, because cats definitely have excellent timing. *rolls eyes*

We went to bed and he slept like the angel he most definitely isn’t while I kept waking up to check on him. In the morning while I was distracted getting ready for work he started messing with the area and made it bleed. The fur in that area is white so he looked like he’d been through some sort of massacre. Again with me freaking out and not knowing what to do, and being even more panicky because I had to go to work and no vets in my area would be open on the stat Monday. While at work I was telling some co-workers what was going on and they told me about a new 24/7 vet hospital near-ish work that had opened. So I did what any sane person would do, I left work 2 hours early so I could go check this place out and see if I could get Striker in to see someone.

The place looked nice, I spoke with someone about what to do to treat Striker at home, and off I went to buy gauze, and Polysporin for kids, and more gauze. Then for the fun part, bandaging a cat’s neck, which is kind of like taking your life in your hands, only you’re putting your life in the hands of the cat’s claws and that is much much worse. 😉

Surprisingly he let me put polysporin on his wound, and wrap gauze around his neck (and a bit around his torso to make it harder for him to get it off), without any complaint. He then went in to “I can’t function” mode because putting anything around his neck or body is like putting kryptonite around Superman, makes him unable to do anything and collapse where he is. He is quite dramatic about the whole thing, which is hilarious when it is me putting his harness on because we are about to travel or putting his Christmas sweater on for a quick photo op, but makes me feel horrible when it is a bandage that is going to have to stay on for a while.

Being the crazy cat lady that I am I arranged for my Tuesday shift at work to be covered, cancelled on my friend that I work out with Tuesday nights, cut back everything I had to do all week to the bare minimum so I spent as much time at home with Striker as possible. All he wanted to do was curl up either on or right beside me, so that is what we did. I sat and he picked where he wanted to cuddle, and we both spent hours not doing much more than that. Turns out you can end up napping due to sheer boredom, who knew? We worked daily bandage changes in to our routine and each time I tried something new in an attempt to make it more comfortable for him, harder to get off, and harder to damage with claws…I won’t say I was all that successful but points to him for enduring all the things I tried out on him.

It’s been a week and we have downgraded to a bandanna around his neck. This wasn’t actually my choice so much as when I was at work Friday he got the bandage that was under the bandanna off and I thought we’d give wearing just the bandanna a try. He scratches at the bandanna and twirls it around his neck, which is kind of adorable, but also results in fabric damage. Only two days of wearing it and I had to take it off yesterday because it was shredded and I was worried he’d end up eating pieces of it. sigh. My hope was the area was far enough along in the healing process he didn’t need anything covering it anymore but he got all obsessive about cleaning that area and he was getting dangerously close with his back claws when he was scratching his neck so I found some cloth I could wrap around his neck, just temporarily, until I can find something better to put on him.

I can’t figure out if the area is actually itchy or if he was messing with it just because…I mean, he is a cat, I can see him messing with it just to screw with me lol

So this is where we are at. I have guilt because he was unhappy enough, or itchy enough, or whatever enough, that he took out a chunk of his own fur, hurting himself, and even though it has been a week he is still miserable because I keep wrapping things around his neck.

A random thing, how impressive is it that this wonderfully complex creature sits so quietly and lets me wrap things around his neck, he doesn’t even try to get away, just waits till I am done. The level of trust that he has in me is humbling.

Another random thing, when he is upset he stops eating and drinking, which is another thing I have been stressing about. Until I realized if I bring his water dish to him and encourage him to drink he will, and if I bring his food to him and encourage him to eat he will. For days I have been serving him where ever he has decided to rest all in an effort to keep him hydrated and fed…which seems to have created a bit of a monster because not only did I serve him I also put dishes of food and water on a table that is the same height as my bed so he could easily reach them when I had to go out, and now he meows at me to refill those dishes before we go to bed so he can have late night snacks without actually having to leave the bed. What have I done?!


So graceful, so majestic, so spoiled.

Weird Timing

15 Jul

I tend to do things at weird times, well, weird times to other people, it seems like a perfectly rational, normal time to me…in the moment anyways…

Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to my choices, last night was a prime example…

I randomly decided to clean the bathroom, starting around midnight. This on its own isn’t a weird choice (at least to me!) except I had to be up at 5:30am to go to work so I wasn’t really making choices my future self would appreciate.

After the bathroom was cleaned I decided to clean the litter box. They aren’t in the same room so you wouldn’t automatically smoosh the two chores together but by that point I figured I already felt kinda gross and was going to need a shower, and garbage day is Monday so might as well get the litter box cleaned out and the grossness put in to the main garbage can.

Logic! Just at an inconvenient time lol


Spock would understand the logic!

Me being the cheap person that I am I buy the garbage bags that I use for the litter box from the dollar store.

My cheapness also occasionally has unexpected consequences, sigh.

I get the dirty litter in to the garbage bag. I move it to the side so it is out of my way while I go to clean the now empty box and yup, you guessed it, a trail of dirty litter, and poop, followed the path of the bag because the bottom had split.

Well, split is an exaggeration, but there was a hole!

Damage control was swift and efficient, and there was a lot of cursing during it. Cursing at my insistence in buying cheap garbage bags and then not double bagging them. Cursing at it being so late at night I couldn’t pull out the vacuum. Cursing that I started this whole process so late at night.

Just cursing.

So now my “quick chore” turned in to finishing the litter box, sweeping, then washing the floor, then using some extra anti-bacterial cleaning stuff on the directly affected area because hello, there was cat poop on the floor! Ick.

Then a shower, cat cuddles, and bed.

The plus side to all this is I don’t have to take care of the litter box when I get home from work today, which is nice. The down side is I will be so tired from sleep deprivation I probably won’t care. *rolls eyes*

Ah well, least the cat is happy, and really, isn’t that the point?


Meatloaf…Of A Sort…

17 Jan

Does it still get to be called meatloaf if it isn’t, say, quite a loaf shape? Or any shape…

Deep thoughts to be pondered over here tonight.

When I was home at Christmas I took a pic of my mom’s recipe for meatloaf. I don’t know why meatloaf gets such a bad rap, my mom’s is really good. She was kind enough to make it when I was home and when her back was turned I took a pic of the recipe and smugly thought I could recreate it for myself anytime I wanted.

I really should know better by now. *rolls eyes*

The only thing I swapped in the recipe was Panko instead of bread crumbs, though it turns out mom actually uses wheat germ (not sure what that is, so I know it isn’t in my cupboard!). Other than that I did everything the recipe card said.

My cooking ability being what it is the meatloaf turned in to a red in the middle, setting off my smoke detector twice, mess. Oops?

Before the hour of cooking was up I heard sizzling sounds, the liquid from the meatloaf was spitzing over the edge of the loaf pan and sizzling. I started to freak out, what if it caught on fire or something? So I put a cookie sheet underneath the loaf pan to catch any flying liquid and then nervously sat staring at the oven for the remaining 15 minutes wondering if the cat and I were far enough away to not be harmed if it blew up. When the timer went off I took the loaf pan out oh so carefully (so as not to spill all that liquid that magically appeared…seriously, what is that? I used extra lean ground beef!), poured out the liquid, hastily put everything down so I could wave my oven mitt under the smoke detector to shut it off…fyi, there was no smoke so I don’t know why it went off. Then I cut in to the middle of the loaf, took a peek and swore because oh man so much red still left in there.

Obviously my oven’s 350 degrees is not the same as my mother’s oven’s 350 degrees.

I put it back in for another 20 minutes, nervously hovering and peeking through the window in the oven door…cause ya know, that’ll make everything work out better lol. When the 20 minutes was up I pulled the loaf pan out, poured out more liquid, waved the oven mitt under the smoke detector again, swore a bit louder this time, cut in to a different part of the meatloaf, discovered pink (which is a downgrade from red, so better I guess…), and put the whole thing back in the oven. sigh.

When I next pulled it out I had gotten smarter and put the oven fan on high so yay for no more smoke detector going off! I cut the meat loaf in a new spot, by this point the poor thing was in pieces, and thought it looked cooked through. Finally!

Totally got ahead of myself though. When I put the spatula in and pulled up a piece the bottom half stayed in the pan. Ok, fine, so that first piece won’t be pretty, that’s all good. Um, yeah, all of the lower half of the loaf stayed in the pan because while the top half became meatloaf-esque the bottom half did not. It was more uh, ground beef with some stuff mixed in it that I wasn’t sure was totally cooked.

I was fed up by this point so the upper half of the loaf got pulled out and put on a plate, the lower half that did not choose to take form got put in to a frying pan where I cooked it a bit longer, juuuuuust in case…hey now, no judging, nobody over here is wanting food poisoning thanks.

So this is what I ended up with…

There was more of the meatloaf that was sort-of loaf shaped, it just didn’t make it in to the picture because I’d already admitted defeat and put it in a tupperware container. I have been told the ground meat on the left would be good in a chili, I was thinking of using it as my breakfast protein for the next couple days and tossing some in with some scrambled eggs, or making a wrap or something…

The meatloaf that is sort-of loaf shaped is slowly being eaten. I ate some as-is and it was good. I also made a cold meatloaf sandwich and it was good then also. So, the flavour is right, the meat is cooked, it just didn’t take shape the way it would have for my mother.

I’m thinking maybe I had too much in the pan. It was quite domed above the edge of the loaf pan, but I thought it would be ok because my mom warned me it would shrink down, so I thought maybe it was supposed to start high…I’m now realizing that logic may be flawed and perhaps I should have either (1) used less meat (in my defence I used the amount specified in the recipe) or (2) split the mixture into 2 loaf pans.

It would be nice if these simple, logical thoughts, came to me while I am cooking, instead of the day after. 😉

Long Lost Books

17 Aug

I am packing, slowly, though not as slowly as before, because I have to move.

Moving isn’t my choice, though it is something I have wanted to do for a while now. I live in a basement suite that is cold, has low ceilings and almost no natural light, has no storage space, and had to be fumigated twice because of a biting spider infestation, and sometimes the hall outside my front door reeks because a rodent has gotten in to the wall and died and the landlord won’t do anything but make me wait for the smell of decomposing animal to fade away.

Real winner of a place!

There are a couple good things about it though. The landlords are good people, they let me have my cat, rent is cheap, it is in a good location for all the various places I have to be on a regular basis. Mostly though, I stayed because rent is cheap and I live in a ridiculously over priced city when it comes to real estate.

The landlords are selling the house though, so I’ve gotta go. There is the chance whomever buys the house will want a tenant, but I can’t rely on that, so I’ve been apartment hunting for freakin’ ever!

I realized I totally got off topic…oops!

Packing! I have been packing. I own a lot of books, as in…a lot! So a good chunk of the boxes piled in my living room right now are books.

Books make me so happy. I just love reading, shrug, there is something about curling up on the living room chair with a cup of tea and a book. I am also that person who re-reads books often. Which is why I own so many of them I suppose. I feel that if a book is good then it deserves to be re-read, and if it is good, I will want to re-read it, not because I don’t remember what happened in the story but because it is like visiting with an old friend. Going over familiar ground, getting wrapped up in a story that sure I already know, but is well written and entertaining all the same.

While packing I realized there were some books I hadn’t come across yet and I wondered where they were. Most of my books were in bookshelves but I had some in storage containers, and some stacked beside my bed waiting to read, and some here and there because I don’t have enough space on my bookshelves to hold them all so I strategically plant books all over the place so there is always one at hand.

Imagine my surprise when I pull the photo albums off a bottom shelf to pack and I found a stash of paperback books, hidden behind the photo albums! It was like finding a hidden treasure lol I had to stop and look at each one, read the backs to confirm which books they were, divvy them in to two piles (one to pack, one to re-read before packing), and no joke, I actually let out a happy little laugh when I found them and realized which books they were.

I was so happy to see them, it was like coming across a long lost friend in a random place you would never expect to find them.

Such a happy surprise! 🙂

Books. Gotta love ’em.


Food Huggers Review

20 May

I bought this weird Food Huggers thing ages ago for avocados and then stopped buying avocados, so it has been sitting in my kitchen all this time…depressed, alone, not being used, adrift and without meaning in it’s life…its sad really. To make it up to the little avocado Food Hugger I did the only humane thing I could think of…I bought avocados.

Oh the sacrifices I make in life *big epic sigh* 😉

So this is what it looks like…obviously.

It comes with two sizes in the package, the light green is the more realistic size, the dark green is to make you envious of places in the world that apparently get gigantic avocados in their stores. I have already donated the dark green one because no joke, I have never seen an avocado that would be large enough for that hugger, especially since these things are supposed to have a snug fit. Don’t think yoga pants snug, think leggings snug.

The idea behind this creation is that you can keep half your avocado fresh for longer than without. I didn’t really believe that claim but I will admit to being a sucker for tupperware and similar items that are shaped like the food they are meant to hold so really, I was doomed the moment I saw this thing. I am after all the person who bought a tomato shaped tomato holder and who keeps convincing herself she doesn’t reeeeally need the onion shaped onion holder even though it would look so cute in my fridge!


The avocado food hugger has some limitations, the main one being finding an avocado that ya know, fits. The hugger is supposed to be super snug on your avocado, it needs to make a seal. The first time I tried it my avocado was too small so there was no actual seal made and this was the result…

2016-08-27 12.58.29

Not exactly what you want your over priced avocado to look like the next day. I would have done better to wrap it in saran wrap but hey, ya gotta live and learn right?

Next time I bought avocados I managed to find not one, but two avocados that fit in to this thing, yay me!

Here is how it looks when it is properly fit on to an avocado…

You can see where I push in with my thumb there is actually quite a bit of space where the pit is. The Food Hugger itself got a really good seal around the peel of the avocado, thought it was a bit of a battle getting it on there. I say battle like it was this big epic thing when really it was me, cursing under my breath as the avocado kept almost slipping completely out of my hands while I tried to cram it inside a green sorta stretchy avocado condom.

I guess the air in the pit area didn’t matter too much because the next day that half of the avocado looked like this…

avocado 3

Not bad at all. Sure, I lost some of the avocado to the inside of the hugger, but not too much, and yeah there is some browning of the avocado but c’mon, you can’t expect magic to happen, this is just a green silicone food hugger, not a fairy sprinkling fairy dust over everything.

The second avocado I ended up leaving in the hugger, in the fridge, for a couple days. Oops! It didn’t end well. When I took the hugger off the avocado there was mold around the edge of the pit where it meets the flesh of the avocado, there was excessive darkness to the avocado, basically, it was not edible and in to the compost it went.

That was a sad day for me. *sniffle*

In general I think the Food Hugger for avocados is fine, it sure makes the half of the avocado you put in the fridge look cuter than if you wrapped it in saran wrap, and there is less waste since it is washable and I don’t know about you but I tend to throw out saran wrap once I take it off of whatever I wrapped it around. So yeah, environmentally, it is probably the better option, but sadly it didn’t extend the life of my avocado past what the saran wrap was able to do.

It did however give me a good excuse to buy avocados; for that alone I think I am happy I bought it! 😉

Spider Sequel

30 Nov

About three weeks or so ago I packed up all my stuff, bribed a friend in to coming over to help me move all my furniture 12″ away from the walls, removed the cat, the plant, and I out of the apartment for half the day and returned to an odour filled apartment because the pest control people had been here spraying in the hopes of making my apartment less hospitable to the spiders that were biting me on a regular basis.

Biting. Spiders.

You’d think I was in Australia or something! 😉 lol

Two days ago I did all of that all over again, minus the friend helping because she had to work. Oh, and this time the cat, plant, and I had to stay out longer than the first visit because the pest control guy was going to be using two poisons, not just one, and they are more powerful, hence needing to be out of the spray zone for longer.

The cat was not impressed, frankly, neither was I! Banned from the apartment is not really how I wanted to spend a day off. I think the cat’s expression says it all…


This is Striker, hiding under a tent I built him on a couch at work where we hung out until 9pm, when we were allowed to go home.

On a happy note some good things happened that day…

  • there was a choir performing at work so for an hour Striker and I got to listen to some beautifully sung Christmas carols. I seemed to appreciate it more than the cat…
  • the chef on shift at work fed me, yay food!
  • I may not be strong enough to move all my furniture on my own but I’m healthy and strong enough to move all the stuff I packed up and stacked in the middle of the rooms, and was strong and healthy enough to unpack and put it all back that night when allowed back in the apartment. Health is not something to be overlooked!
  • even though I was grumpy and reeeeally wanted to eat copious amounts of basically allll the comfort foods I didn’t! I tracked all my food, ate healthy choices, and even fit in a fat free fudgsicle so I didn’t feel deprived.
  • by packing up so much of my stuff I weeded out a lot of things I could donate to a local thrift shop, hopefully some of those items can make someone else happy.

Also, something I am trying to remember to be grateful for, sure my apartment has an infestation of spiders hell bent on biting me to my breaking point of sanity buuuuuut I have a roof over my head, not everybody does.

Now I am crossing my fingers that the second pest control visit worked and I won’t get bit anymore, cause seriously, those bites hurt, and itch, and are highly unattractive! 😛

Kitty Litter Review

4 May

Ok so for years I have been buying Maxx Scoop Kitty Litter for Small Spaces by Purina. The cat seems to like it, it really does control smell and well, it is pretty great, ya know, for litter lol

maxx scoop

I never really thought about it but I was quite brand loyal and when it got discontinued I, and the cat, got really mad.

Apparently Purina discontinued it due to low sales, which I think is a load of shit…get it? Kitty Litter…shit…they kinda go together lol 😉

Purina oh so thoughtfully put coupons in some of the last containers of the Maxx Scoop litter for the replacement litter which is Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Litter.

tidy cats

I figured hey why not try it? The coupons weren’t just for a percentage off they were for free containers of the stuff and free is always good with me. 🙂

Well, I learned the hard way that just because something is free doesn’t mean it is a good deal.

The first version of the Tidy Cats litter I tried was the Lightweight with Glade. Apparently someone in the Purina brain trust thought cats and humans wouldn’t mind a puff of glade scent exploding in to the air every time little cat paws move the litter around. Trust me on this it is not a pleasant scent and when combined with the scent of a freshly used litter box it becomes even worse. Imagine the smell of poop and air freshener combining and assaulting your nostrils, the air freshener doesn’t do anything to cover the smell, it just is one more unpleasant scent to deal with.

So for my next coupon I selected one without Glade built in, I just couldn’t handle the idea of smelling that again. While it didn’t stink of Glade every time the cat used the litter box it also didn’t do anything to control odours, which is super important when living in a teeny tiny apartment.

All four versions of their litter are Lightweight which in theory is a great idea. Litter that doesn’t weigh so much it is hard to carry home? Yay!

What they don’t tell you is Lightweight also means dusty as hell and easily spreads all over the apartment. As in, ALL OVER!

Every time the cat hops out of the litter box a ridiculous amount of litter comes with him, and no, this is not something that has happened with other litter. My best guess is that because it is somehow, magically, lightweight, that makes it more susceptible to sticking to little paws and spreading everywhere.

Before you wonder, yes there is a mat in front of the litter box specially designed to catch the small amounts of litter that will inevitably end up outside the box but this poor mat can’t keep up with how much litter comes out of the box now. It is inundated with litter, which means it doesn’t keep it in place anymore. sigh.

Thanks to this demonic lightweight kitty litter I am now sweeping my floor multiple times a day because walking barefoot on litter is so not ideal and when I wear slippers (which I normally do) the *crunch-crunch-crunch* sounds are distressing.

Tonight I bought the Safeway Compliments brand of litter to tide me over until I hit up Costco. A friend of mine, who is a fellow Cat Slave, says there is a great Kitty Litter at Costco so I am going to try that one. My next choice after that is the PetSmart brand litter that was always advertised as being just as good at Maxx Scoop but cheaper. I was too chicken to swap out the litter before but now we have fallen on desperate times I will try anything!…well anything except more of that LightWeight crap by Purina. Talk about a waste of money.

2013-07-08 21.47.02

He has mastered the look of disdain, it gets sent my way often! lol


A Place To Write

23 Jan

I don’t know about any of you but when I go online I am almost always sitting cozily on my living room chair, legs stretched out on to an ottoman, the cat is on my legs, the laptop is on my lap, a cup of tea is nearby and the tv is on but at a low volume. Depending on what I am doing online I am either ignoring my computer until the ads are on or I am ignoring the tv because I am absorbed in what is on my computer screen lol.

That is about as dedicated to a writing space as I have ever had. It has never bothered me, and still doesn’t, but every now and then I imagine living somewhere with enough space that I could have a little desk set up where my laptop lives and I could sit and be all grown up about it all. Since I don’t see myself moving anytime soon I didn’t see this vision coming true anytime soon.

I envisioned something like this...

I envisioned something like this…

Well, last night I was organizing a chest that lives in my bedroom, it holds all sorts of items and for some odd reason I felt like going through it all, shrug. Good thing for me that I live alone and can indulge my weird urges to organize whenever I want lol. 😛 After I was done organizing the chest I decided to continue on with my little organizational mood and sort out the table I sit at to do my hair. The only reason I don’t dry and straighten my hair in the bathroom is because I don’t have an outlet in there, an annoyance that irritates me to supreme levels, sigh. But yeah, since I don’t have an outlet in the bathroom I set up a table with a mirror, a hair dryer and straightener and added fantasizing about having an outlet in my bathroom to the list of things I will look for in the next place I live lol

Recently I bought a large-ish wall mirror to put on the wall above the table and I think it was putting up the mirror that made me want to organize the table area a bit, I wanted to make the space pretty. 🙂

The table itself is old, it used to belong to my Grandmother on my dad’s side, I don’t know if it is old enough to be considered antique, or special enough to be counted as antique but it is old. The paint job is in a horrible state, it is cracked and chipped in spots and is an unpleasant colour. One of my summer projects is going to be to strip it and repaint it, I’m quite looking forward to that, but for now I just deal with it as is. I don’t know why I like it so much, shrug, I just do.

Anyways! After I organized it (you should see the inside of the drawer, it is all sorted with containers an such), I had this nice clear spot on the top of the desk/table that fairly screamed to be used for writing. And hey, who am I to deny the table a chance to be a writing table as well as a grooming table?

So here I sit, laptop on the table, a cup of tea to my left, a lit candle just behind the cup of tea, the hair dryer and straightener are off to the side so I have space and I am writing. It kind of makes me feel like I am back at school, sitting at a desk while typing, but not in a bad way. I’ve made less typos while typing due to a better position in relation to the keyboard so that’s nice lol I don’t know how often I will actually sit here to type or go online for other things but maybe every once in a while, when I am feeling particularly grown up…which means almost never lol 😛

Something I am toying with though, and try not to laugh ok? I often get told I should write. Not write this blog, but write stories, I have an oddly active imagination and am always coming up with stories, or having really vivid dreams that could be a story all there own lol Whenever I have decided to try writing any of them I have always been writing while sitting in the living room with half my attention on the tv so I would get distracted and put it away. But maybe if I have a dedicated spot, with no view of the tv!, I might focus a bit better…maybe…Course, after I sat down this evening I spent the first half hour watching youtube videos lol

Here is what my little space looks like,

The best I can do for now

The best I can do for now

I know it isn’t fancy, or pretty, and it is nothing at all like what I imagined in my head but it’s the best I can do, for now!

Normally the candle is on the other side and where my tea cup and my day timer (the pink thing) and iPad (the green thing) are my hairdryer and straightener live but when this is my writing space I move things around a bit. It is a little odd looking up and seeing myself reflected back at me lol Normally if I am looking up when writing it is to figure out how I want to word something so I am looking in to space but now I’m looking in to space while appearing to be looking at me, how vain can ya get? 😉 lol

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