The Bread Conspiracy

29 Jul

A while ago in the news there was a story about a grocery chain that messed with the price of bread, and got busted, and so we had all, for years, been paying more for bread than we needed to because this company rigged the system.


Bread, one of my favourite foods. Yum!

Oh the drama we have over here in first world countries. *rolls eyes*

As a way to make it up to the people, and probably because they were forced, you could go sign-up for a free gift card, valued at $25, that would be the company’s way of making it up to you.

I remember thinking it was a false promise, but being the sucker that I am I signed up anyways.

Never got anything, and frankly, kinda forgot about it.

Then I heard about it again, because this time the story was about how time was running out to claim your gift card. Since I apparently don’t learn lessons easily I decided to try again to get a gift card.

By “try” I mean I went to a website and filled in some info. Real taxing work over here! 😉

Again, wasn’t going to hold my breath, and again, I forgot about it. I swear, it’s like I have the attention span of a gnat some days…

So imagine my surprise when yesterday in the mail I got a $25 gift card!

I have to activate it, and it came with the longest page of what I suppose is important information, not like I’ve read it. It is the cardholders agreement and I’m betting somewhere on there it says the card balance starts to decrease after a certain amount of time. Not that I’m un-trusting or anything. 😉

Oh, it also comes with a list of places I can spend the gift card at. There are 21 stores in total but only three of them are near me, well, one of them is near-near me, the others are a bit farther of a drive but do-able if I really wanted to go there. The other stores are locations found across the country.

I suppose the lesson here would be to not be quite so un-trusting, when you hear of a company making good it just might be true. Or I suppose the lesson could be don’t scam people and over charge for bread because you will eventually get caught, shamed, and forced to compensate people by giving them $25 worth of product that you can probably find a way to write off…huh…look at that…seems I’m still a tad cynical that the large corporation learned it’s lesson. Ah well, someone has to be cynical and I wear it so well. 😉


He was always my favourite. 


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