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Pirate Pak Day

17 Aug

White Spot is a restaurant chain that has a kid’s meal called the Pirate Pak. It is basically a kid’s meal that comes in a cardboard pirate ship and is accompanied by a gold coin. What pirate ship is complete without a treasure I ask you?


Once a year, maybe it is twice I’m not really sure, they have Pirate Pak Day, which is when adults can also order a Pirate Pak and $2 from every sale goes to the Zajac Ranch for Children, a summer camp for children and young adults with serious medical conditions. According to White Spot’s website they have raised over $660,000 for Zajac Ranch over the years. If you eat-in a portion of sales from alcoholic drinks also goes to the Zajac Ranch, so bottoms up! 😉

I guess the idea is to appeal to the nostalgia of adults who grew up eating Pirate Pak’s as a kid, which I have to admit, is smart marketing. I however did not grow up eating them. While White Spot is in Alberta now, it wasn’t when I was growing up, or if it was it wasn’t in my city, so I only learned about them when I moved to BC.

The restaurant is a family type of place, good food but nothing fancy, decent prices, a chill atmosphere. I tend to go there with friends if we are looking for a quick meal before going to a movie, situations like that.

I’ve never had some driving urge to order a Pirate Pak, probably because I’ve never looked at the children’s menu lol 😉 Since this past Wednesday was Pirate Pak Day I thought why not? Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

The adult’s Pirate Pak is portioned for adults and your choices are a variety of burgers, fish & chips, a beef dip, chicken fingers & fries, or a club sandwich.  I chose the legendary burger, it came with fries, coleslaw, and a can of pop. On top of that it also came with my choice of ice cream, I opted for strawberry, and there was even a gold coin at the bottom of my take-away bag.

Yay for pirate booty!

Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping for a pirate ship, even if it would end up in my recycle bin by the end of the night lol

The burger was delish, as their burgers always are, and don’t snub your nose at that little coleslaw, it is simple and perfect every time. I haven’t eaten the gold coin, they tend to be made out of cheap chocolate and I have never liked them in the past so I see no reason to test this one out to see if it is any different, even if finding it in the bag did make me grin.

Seriously, it is the little things that can take a normal thing (like your take-away meal) from normal to a bit more fun and smile inducing.

Find the little things people, they help you smile! And if you’re near a White Spot maybe try a Pirate Pak next time they have Pirate Pak Day, you help make camp possible for some very sick kids and you get a tasty meal, an efficient use of time and money – if you want to think all grown-up about it. 😉 lol

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