WestJet Scam

16 Nov

I’ve been on the lookout for a seat sale to get back to my family for Christmas. There is mild panic starting to settle in now that it is mid November and I still don’t have a ticket. Usually there is a seat sale in October, I buy the cat and myself a ticket, and I’m done, nothing to worry about. But this year it is like they are purposefully not having seat sales on the days I need to travel. Like its some sort of travel conspiracy!

Anyways! I was comparing Air Canada and WestJet today, thinking I might have to suck it up and buy a full priced ticket but at least go with whichever company is cheapest…and yes I know WestJet is owned by Air Canada but they are still kind of separate companies, aren’t they?

air canada vs westjet

I had to call WestJet because I wasn’t positive Striker (the cat) could travel on a WestJet plane around Christmas time and their website wasn’t being super useful. The person who answered the phone was quite nice, answered my questions, was unable to tell me if any sales were coming up (I didn’t think she’d be able to tell me but hey, a girl can try!), and didn’t pressure me to buy the plane tickets I was inquiring about.

About ten minutes later, if that, I got a phone call on my cell from Malaysia. I don’t know anybody in Malaysia, and none of my friends are currently travelling there, so I probably shouldn’t have answered but I wanted to hear what scam it was. What can I say, I’m curious.

The automated voice on the line said that my flight confirmation number for my WestJet flight was chosen as the winner and I have won a flight to blah blah blah. To be honest, I forget where it said I won a flight to because I was so horrified at the call.

scam alert

Now, obviously it was a scam because (1) calls like that always are (2) I hadn’t bought a ticket so I didn’t have a flight confirmation number and (3) calls like that always are! Don’t be scammed people!

What a freaky specific call to get, right after talking to WestJet and going to their website on a computer to check flights.

So uh yeah, I’m not a huge freak out person when it comes to big brother or conspiracies or things like that, but this definitely gave me a start.

I mean, what the hell, how did that even happen?

Sure, it could be coincidence, but whose gonna believe that?

Creepy times I tell ya. Creepy.


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