Necks are Stupid

14 Nov

You would think that evolution could come up with something better than a neck to hold up our weighty heads. sigh.

The other night I must have slept funny because I woke up with a sore neck and a headache. Not cool. But whatever right? I mean, the world isn’t going to stop and pat me on the head because I’m not feeling 100%…though, wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

On my drive to work I realized necks are stupid.

Follow my logic here…

If my shoulder was hurting I would rest my arm in a way that took pressure off the shoulder, so the shoulder could rest. Same with an ankle, an elbow, a wrist, all kinds of body parts But a neck or a head hurting? Can’t exactly prop it up on something to ease the pain while still going about your day. Well, unless your day involved not moving.

What the hell evolution, you couldn’t come up with something better? *rolls eyes*

So there you have it, my weird rant of the day. I’ve decided necks are stupid, and I’m keeping my eye on backs because they strike me as a bratty body part when hurt also. 😉

"To the right, stupid. . . to the right!"

Even giraffes know necks are trouble!



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