Self Isolation Day 11: Cleaning Has Commenced

25 Mar

Except for the pantry and fridge organization way back on, what was it, Day 3?, I haven’t done any extra cleaning. I had other projects to work on and prioritized those over boring ‘ol cleaning.

Sadly, I have run out of projects, and all I have left is cleaning..and organizing, but really, I lump those together.

First thing this morning I attended a virtual WW workshop, which if you don’t know what that is it’s fine, if you do know what that is, aren’t they great? I chatted with my parents for a bit after the workshop and decided that while yes, I was still cozy in my pjs, I was two mugs of tea in to the day and I might as well stay up…my original plan was to take part in the virtual workshop then go back to bed lol

Since I was up I made use of all that extra time one has when they actually get up in the morning and I cooked myself a hot breakfast sandwich, which, fyi, was delish. 🙂

Eventually the cleaning started. I had intended to do more of the deep cleaning type stuff but found I had a lot of organizing, and putting away, and the like, to do before pulling out the cleaning products. So organize I did! My desk is a work of art! I actually sat at it after I was all done with my tidying for the day and wrote a letter, and two cards, and did tasks one normally does at a desk, I felt like such a grown-up!

I tidied and organized more than my desk but that is the part I am most happy with.

After all that I decided I deserved something more substantial than a bowl of cereal so I did the unthinkable, I cooked!

Using the last of my bag of salad, well, the last of it that hadn’t gone slimy or brown, I made a lazy person’s taco salad.

day 11

The salad had salad (duh!), ground turkey that I mixed taco seasoning in with, sauteed onions, shredded cheese, horribly cut tomato, and a blob of sour cream. Those little tots on the side are cauliflower tots that I bought on a whim and decided to try. They were…ok. I tried the ones made from broccoli a while ago and those were better, these just tasted like mushed cauliflower, which is not something I think is all that great. Oh I forgot! After I had mixed the salad up so it no longer looked picture ready I crushed some tortilla chips and sprinkled those on top.

The final effort was ok. Not amazing, but not horrible, I didn’t give myself food poisoning so I count the meal as a win. 🙂

My apartment is tiny, and has 2 windows, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Both look out on fences so neither is amazing. I do my best to keep the windowsills empty for Striker, he occasionally likes to look outside and since being stuck at home I learned he has a daily routine of going on to the living room windowsill to sit in the tiny sun patch we get every day.

Today however he wasn’t all that interested in the sun patch so I moved those plants I re-potted last week on to the windowsill to catch some rays. I should confess, not all the plants made it, two have died, sigh. But four have lived! With luck they will continue to live until I get them back to the office where they will have daily exposure to sunlight.

day 11a

I tried to position them so some of each of their leaves were getting sunlight, which means they overlap each other, I figure they might like that though, since they were so close to each other for so many months. They might get lonely without each other nearby…or are plants not like that?

Anyways! They took over the windowsill and Striker didn’t seem to mind but a little while later he decided to take a closer look at the havoc I wreaked to his space…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I thought I was going to have to leap up to save a plant from being nibbled on, or swatted at, but nope. He hasn’t gone anywhere near them since the above pictures were taken. Now, either, he is tricking me in to thinking he doesn’t care and tonight he will destroy them while I sleep, or he really doesn’t care, and if that is the case they may just stay there until I go back to work Sunday. It all depends on what he does to them tonight!

Self Isolation Day 10: Symptomatic or Paranoid

24 Mar

We’ve all gotten a bit paranoid, wondering when we sneeze, or cough, or have a body part ache, if we are experiencing a Covid19 symptom. Or ya know, we could just have allergies, swallowed water wrong, or be getting old…all three of those can cause what appears to be a Covid19 symptom.

So how do we tell?

For most of us, we probably don’t, and never will. And ya know what, there is nothing wrong with that. If you have something that might be a symptom that just gives you one more reason to self-isolate, so please do, if you can, I am aware not everyone is able to self-isolate.

Because there is no sure way to tell, I am not sure if today I am normal sick, just having an off day, or experiencing Covid19 symptoms. None of those options are great, one is decidedly worse than the other two, all require the same action from me.

Stay inside. Avoid humans. Don’t spread my germs. Oh, and take care of myself.

Which is exactly what I did today. I am already in self-isolation so that part took care of itself. I rested, did almost nothing (mostly because my energy level is zero and just getting a cup of tea was almost too much bother), drank fluids, and rested some more.

The cat has been comforting me all day, which I appreciate.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel fine and this will just be a little blip. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be worse. Maybe I should wait until tomorrow gets here to see what it brings and stop being paranoid every time I cough or blow my nose.

day 10


Self Isolation Day 9: Student Loan Confusion

23 Mar

Nothing special happened today. No epic cleaning or organizing took place, no big project completed, it was just a normal day. Well, normal in the way of our new normal.

I started the day with a headache which had me going back to bed in the hopes of sleeping it off. I only have 4 Advil left and I feel this strong need to hoard them, make sure I have them if something worse than a headache comes along. The nap did help the headache go away, which makes me glad I didn’t pop that pill.

Once I was up for the day I did some work online, had a lot of cat cuddles, watched more Criminal Minds, I am now on Season 3 if anyone cares. Of course there was time spent scrolling through social media and a happy thing that came of that was a friend I hadn’t talked to in ages and I reconnected. It is 100% my fault we stopped messaging each other and I’m so grateful she is a better person than I and forgives my having been an ass. I’ve really missed her. Once all this chaos is over we have agreed one of us will fly to visit the other, she is in Los Angeles, so not that far away when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic. Or are we not in the middle yet? Are we still considered to be at the beginning of it? Oh now that’s a depressing thought…quick! insert cat pictures!

I came across someone who is in an Acting Vancouver BC group on Facebook who is looking for people to collaborate with. Not in person right now, obviously, but eventually, when people can hang out again. So I reached out and we chatted for a bit. He has a good director demo reel and we’re gonna keep in touch. It may turn in to nothing but it doesn’t hurt to try.

My one thing I really wanted to accomplish today was to chat with someone at the NSLSC, the National Student Loan Services Centre. They have on their website a big ‘ol banner saying if you are repaying a student loan you don’t have to make payments, and interest will not accrue, until the end of September, which is amazing and makes me so happy. But! When I was checking my email I have an email from them, auto generated, informing me of my new monthly payment. So uh, do I have to pay or not? And if I do have to pay, what date within the month is the payment due? I tried calling, and the first time it cut off. The second time I got their incredibly annoying automated system and couldn’t get an option to get to a human, and their system eventually hung up on me. I called back and had something similar happen. So I called back again and eventually got the system to give me an option to talk to a person, I selected that option and the system informed me they are having technical issues, I can’t talk to a person today, and hung up on me.

Not wanting to give up I went back to their website and saw a message saying they are performing maintenance and their system is temporarily unavailable. They really didn’t want to talk to people today! I’ll try again tomorrow, not like I don’t have the time lol.

Let’s see, what else…I found a 28 day fitness challenge I shared with my Dragon Boat team. So far only one person has decided to do it with me (well, with me but not physically with me cause ya know, social distancing!). We start tomorrow, feel free to join in!

day 9c

Oh, and I finally cracked open the alcohol. I’m not a big drinker, and purposefully didn’t drink during these past days because it seemed the wrong time to start drinking alone in my basement suite. Today though, well, why not? The Heather Ale was delicious and I highly recommend it.

day 9a

My take away from today is that some days you may have a plan, a specific thing you intend to accomplish, but not everything is in your control and maybe you can’t complete that task you set yourself to. When that happens just chill, grab a drink, pop something fun on the screen to watch, and hug a cat, you can try again tomorrow so no reason to let it bring you down today. 🙂

Self Isolation Day 8: Adulting, Sort-Of

22 Mar

Today I adulted, well, sort-of.

My part-time job has arranged for staff to be able to work from home so this morning I worked. The whole thing was done via Zoom and it felt odd being able to see so many people I know, and chat with them, almost like before Covid, only of course not quite. That only took an hour or so, with an additional 15 minutes  spent chatting with a co-worker about non-work things after the work stuff was done.

Then I had a training webinar for 90 minutes a bit later, for the same company, but with different people.

All of this meant that instead of sleeping in until who knows when and spending the day looking completely frumpy I had to get my butt out of bed and from the waist up look like an adult, a business casual adult.

Full disclosure, I was still in my pj bottoms and slippers the entire time, and it was glorious.

This is more what I thought working from home would be like.

I think the early start wouldn’t have seemed so bad except at 3:45am Striker, cat extraordinaire, decided he just had to run around the apartment at full speed, running in to his water dish, making it crash in to his food dish, making a sound so loud I had to get up to make sure nothing broke. Which had me walking right in to the puddle of water he created when he ran in to the dishes. And while I was cleaning his mess he decided it was the perfect time to sing the song of his people, loudly.

It was glorious, really. Practically operatic.

Lemme tell ya, after all that, 8:30am came quick!

After the work portion of my day I didn’t do all that much. I had one of those days where I felt hungry all the time so I distracted myself from endless snacking with episodes of Criminal Minds. I meant to clean but didn’t manage to get around to it…oops?

Since I’m not allowed to go out I used Instacart to order my groceries. It took three days of trying before I could get a time slot and when one finally was available it was for delivery between 10pm and 11pm tonight. So of course I was super tired and this was the one night I wanted to go to bed early.

The guy who did the shopping was great! Kept in touch via the app to see what replacement item I wanted when one of the things on my list was unavailable. He also let me know that the store was completely out of eggs.

What’s with the run on eggs people? Are eggs the new toilet paper?

When he arrived with my groceries he wouldn’t hand the bags to me directly, instead he put them on the ground, which I completely understand. He was all gloved and masked up, granted, one of those masks that is actually worse to wear than having no mask on at all, but if it makes him feel better I guess I’ll try to not judge. The guy did bring me my groceries after all.

Today was a much better day, even if I didn’t get to go outside. I’m not sure why…was it getting up and working, or putting some make up on (just the bare minimum so I wouldn’t look horrible on Zoom), or getting to see people and in a way talk face-to-face with them?

Whatever it was, I’m grateful for today, it was a good one. 🙂

day 8

Self Isolation Day 7: Half Way There

21 Mar

Day 7, who knew 7 days could take so long to pass?

I’m equal parts “woohoo, half way done!” and “omg, there are still 7 more days left of this”.

I decided to treat today like a normal day off, so, like how last Saturday was…it is crazy to think how fast everything changed!

I slept in, woke up to the cat plotting my demise, by this I mean I woke up laying on my back, cat on my chest, one of his paws on my mouth. Not lightly resting, more a heavy weighted paw, on my mouth, while he stared right at me. What may be even weirder is that when I woke up and saw this I just figured ok, and closed my eyes again. Who am I to interrupt whatever the cat is up to?

Anyways! After I finally got up I stayed in pj’s for a while, ate a bit, watched Criminal Minds Season 2 (I’m re-watching the entire series), read part of a book, rented a movie, checked out social media, and not too much more.

Well, I did also do some work training for my part time job in preparation for a work meeting I am attending on Zoom tomorrow morning.

It feels wrong that the most productive part of my day was an online training module, something that still had zero contact with humanity. I tested out my laptop with Zoom, made sure my microphone was working ok and when I popped up on screen I waved to myself. It has been so long since I’ve had contact with people I waved to myself.

Today was a day in the Before Time I would have loved, would have wallowed in, would have enjoyed every moment of, and I would have been sad when it was done. Now, today was so similar in so many ways to every day of the previous week it doesn’t stand out as any different. Except I didn’t get to go for a walk today, I’m not allowed to do those anymore. I am well and truly stuck inside this basement suite, for 7 more days.

You may be happy to hear the plants I mentioned in yesterday’s post are doing ok. I was going to say they are doing well but that seems a tad optimistic. They are all drinking, which I take as a good sign, and the one with the extra crispy leaves, remember him? His leaves aren’t quite so dry and crispy today.

So yeah, to recap, I haven’t killed the plants yet, I did nothing of interest today, and by accident I sat on the cat, something I am still making amends for.  That my friends, is how Day 7 of Self Isolation is going. Woohoo!

day 7

Self Isolation Day 6: Re-Potting Plants

20 Mar

I wanted to make a video of my attempt at re-potting plants, and well, I did, it just isn’t all that good.

However, it took a while to make, then edit, then get uploaded, so now you’re stuck with it. After all that effort I’m using it regardless, we’ll just have to look at this as a learning situation…for me.

Don’t worry, it’s only four and a half minutes, you aren’t going to lose oodles of time watching it, if you watch it at all!

I was gifted these plants end of last summer and they usually live on the windowsill at my work. They’ve been looking pretty rough though so I brought them home for re-potting. Lucky for the plants I did as two days after bringing them home I was put into self-isolation and I’m 100% positive they would not have survived being ignored for 14 days.

I’m not sure if they’ll survive until I can take them back to work, poor little things. See, I live in a basement suite with two very tiny windows that get almost zero sunlight thanks to fences. These plants are getting zero sunshine while home with me. But at least today they got new pots, and potting soil, and a bit of a chance at life.

One of them I think is too far gone, it’s leaves are quite crispy. They didn’t fall off though as I was handling it which I have decided to take as a sign that it is a fighter and wants another chance. None of them look particularly good right now, which means if they make it I’ll have some great before and after pictures to share lol.

Self Isolation Day 5:Work An Stuff

19 Mar

Ok so while I’ve been working all this time, today I got more done than on the previous days. Glitches were fixed, I was able to access what I needed, it was good.

Still, the amount of work I can do from home only takes up so much of my day. When not working I did some projects around the apartment, personal paperwork type stuff so nothing to take a fun picture of.

I also took a quiz to see which Disney duo best matches my best friend and I, apparently we are Peter Pan and Tinkerbell…

Very scientific obviously. We aren’t sure which of us is supposed to be Peter Pan and which is supposed to be Tinkerbell but do sort of agree with the description.

There was The Look I kept getting when trying to work…

day 5b

Not. Impressed.

There was an unhappy cat for a while today as my laptop was right exactly where he wanted to be, on my lap. At one point I left him curled up on the chair with the cushion and heating pad, sound asleep, and moved myself and the laptop into the bedroom so I could work sitting at a desk and he followed me in just to glare at me. He also at one point jumped onto my lap and sprawled on my right arm drastically reducing the speed at which I could type but if you think I moved him out of the way you are obviously insane. He eventually moved to the bed and glared at me from a distance. Letting me know just how much of a disappointment I was being to him.

I went out for my daily stroll, today I took a trail that gets me to the ocean where I took this picture…

day 5c

A reminder for all those full on stuck inside that the outside is still there waiting for you.

Honestly, today I didn’t do much. I’m trying to actively not think too much about how many changes have happened and may still happen to how society runs, because the idea of walking into grocery stores and seeing empty shelves, or not being able to go see my parents, or being stuck inside for longer than 14 days, kinda freaks me out.

To combat the freaking out I have submerged myself in to cheesy 80s movies because I get distracted by the hair, and the clothes, and the makeup, and the lack of technology. I watched 3 Men and a Baby and have so many questions!

Was it really ok to have a baby in a car seat in the front of the car in the 80s?

Why do they keep showing off all the guy’s chest hair, do they think people find that attractive?

What’s with the super short running shorts the guys are wearing? And why are they all oiled up?

If the guys didn’t want to lose the kid why didn’t they just call social services on the mom?

Did nobody the mom knew notice she all of a sudden didn’t have a baby?

Was it common to have three guys, who I’m guessing were supposed to be in their mid 30s, be roommates? Is that a New York thing?

Did you not need a plane ticket to get past security in the 80’s? They got through just fine even though none of them were flying and were doing the classic trying to catch someone before they get on a flight thing. But in movies now when people try that they always have to buy a ticket to get through…or sneak through like the kid in Love Actually. Were airport rules different back then?

See? Oh so many questions!

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