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The Beginning of Christmas

30 Nov

When does your holiday season start? For me it starts right after boxing day sales end, not kidding, I start my countdown then! However, I do wait to express my crazy to the world until closer to the actual time of year Christmas happens.

Doesn’t stop me from casually telling people how many days until Christmas at random times during the year, especially on hot summer days, but that is neither here nor there.

Normally I don’t decorate for Christmas, I go home to my family for Christmas and enjoy the decorations there. This year, as we all know, is a weird one, and I am not travelling home for Christmas, so it will be the cat and I making our own little traditions.

Step one was decorating!

My bestie Nicole years and years ago, when I moved away, mailed me a present in November. When I opened it I found a table top Christmas tree and all the lights and decorations for it. She knew I hadn’t brought any decorations with me when I moved and being a poor student couldn’t afford to go buy any, so she surprised me with them. Talk about thoughtful!

This year I pulled the tree out of the box, tried not to jump when a dead spider fell out of the tree when I was fluffing it out, and decorated it, all under the supervision of Striker, The Cat Overlord. That is his new title by the way, he gave it to himself earlier this year.

It’s beautiful and I love it!

Lucky for me Striker (the Cat Overlord) does not care even one little bit about the tree, even though he jumps up beside it to get to the windowsill. Apparently the tree is beneath his dignity to bother with.

Sometimes I think I have the least cat-like cat out there…

I also took a mini tree to work for my office, because why not?

I have a set of 3 baby Groots and thought I’d use the mini tree to make hair for one of them. Random? Sure. But it makes me smile so who cares?

Continuing with my enjoying the beginning of the season I watched my first holiday themed thing today, actually no, that is a lie, my bad. I watched Rise of the Guardians the other day and while it isn’t technically a “Christmas” movie, I think of it as one so I guess that was my first seasonal type thing to watch.

This evening after work I channeled the inner child in me and watched the Disney Holiday Sing Along. It is basically a bunch of celebrities singing various Christmas songs, but never the entire song, just a snippet, accompanied by Disney clips interspersed with their performance. I’ve never watched it before so don’t know if it is normally this format. It wasn’t amazing, and this is coming from a person who loves (1) Disney, (2) Christmas, and (3) singing when alone and no one can hear me.

I mean c’mon, if anyone was poised to enjoy this it was me, but alas, ’twas not meant to be.

The lovely sushi dinner I ordered in for myself, to get this season off to a yummy start was great though! I suppose if one of the things had to be not up to expectations better it was the show and not my dinner!

What do you start your holiday off with? Decorating? Shows? Food? We all do the holidays different, and this year we will all be doing them different than our usual traditions, but I hope yours gets off to a happy start, and continues to be happy all the way through! 🙂

7 Second Slate

16 Jan

Slate: a quick blurb you say about yourself on camera right before the start of an audition to make it easier for the casting directors to know who they are watching. In your slate you generally say some combination of your name, your agent info and what role you are auditioning for.

Easy peasy. 🙂


Well, there is a new type of slate being used in the acting world and today I filmed one. It was 7 seconds and I had to say my name and something about me that is not about acting. I had 7 seconds to show my personality, make myself sound interesting and basically convince people I have never met to choose me to see in person.

omg! Who can do that in 7 seconds?! lol

Oddly enough I find it harder to do a slate than to do an audition scene. Either type of slate! I think because slipping in to the skin of a character is easy, and since you are no longer you but your character it doesn’t matter what you do in front of the camera cause it isn’t you, it is the character you are being. But a slate? Ugh. You have a super short window of time to show who you are, while saying a blurb of information, and for some reason I always turn in to a bit of a robot when I do a slate.

Today, after I did my second take the camera guy said, and I quote “ok, that was good, let’s do one more and try to have fun” Fun. *rolls eyes* I do have fun when acting but sooooometimes I have to be reminded of that, usually during an especially intense scene, which for anybody reading this who isn’t into acting is kinda normal so don’t go thinking I suck or something lol But to need to be reminded to have fun while doing a slate? Makes me want to kick myself a little bit lol The next take was much better, in fact, it was the one we used, so yay!

For the slate I had to dress in the same outfit I wore for my main head shot and I had to try to make myself look as close to my head shot as possible, this means I had to make myself look purdy 😉 lol So today I was that girl who had the makeup and hair done, the cute dress and high heeled boots on and wow is it funny how you get completely different looks when dressed like that vs wearing yoga pants and a hoodie lol

Dressing up like that always makes me feel a bit like an imposter lol

I’m going to pretend you are interested in why these 7 second slates are being filmed and explain where they are used lol Feel free to skip ahead if you *gasp* aren’t curious…though how could you not be? 😉 😛

There is a website that is used by agents, casting directors and actors for setting up auditions. It isn’t the only way auditions are set up but one of them. As an actor it is my responsibility to have an updated resume, head shots, demo reel and now a slate on the site. My agent can submit my page from that website to casting directors who are posting casting calls and auditions. When my page gets submitted the casting director will take a look, see my head shot, check out my resume and if they like what they see they will then click on my head shot and they will get a pop up page that will show them my 7 second slate. This gives them a chance to hear my voice, see my body language, witness my energy…basically give them more information so they can decide if they want to see me in person or not.

So far there is only one website that is using this 7 second slate, other sites you can upload your demo reel either for free or for a small amount of money and the casting director can watch that instead. This particular site wants to charge me $22 per minute for my demo reel! Ridonkulous! Which means they get my little slate and not my demo reel cause dude, I’m not made of money, eesh.

So yeah, my day was planned around filming something that lasts 7 seconds lol Oh the weird life of an actor 😛

Afterwards I grabbed some take out sushi, hung out at a friend’s house for a couple hours, came back to my place did some random tidying up, put laundry in, plopped my butt down in my living room chair and proceeded to watch really boring tv lol. I decided I was fed up with my viewing options and was starting to stand up so I could go change and go to the gym when my timer beeped reminding I had to switch over the laundry and poof! my plan of going to the gym went up in smoke cause oops, I’d kinda forgotten I had clothes in the machines and other stuff waiting to go in. I hate being that person who takes up the laundry machines by not removing my stuff within five minutes of the machines being done so no way was I gonna go out, especially when I still had a whole other load to go in the wash. My laundry didn’t finish till 10:49pm and my gym closes at 11pm so guess who completely missed out on a gym visit due to laundry? Yup. This girl. How dumb is that?!

I’m gonna set my alarm for earlier then normal tomorrow morning and see if I can drag my butt out of bed early enough to go to the gym before work but considering how much I hate mornings I’m not holding out much hope I’ll make it to the gym. lol. And no, I don’t even feel bad saying that cause I figure hey, least I know myself! 😀

I Just Don’t Care

19 Nov

I can’t bring myself to care, about anything, it just seems too exhausting. It is like every emotion I have has been muted, or covered by a blanket, stifled in some way. I know they are there, just under the surface, wanting out, I just can’t be bothered to make an effort to try to feel them anymore.

I’m doing a pretty decent job of faking it, sorta. At work when I’m at the desk interacting with residents or guests or most of the other staff I’m able to put on a fake smile, make my voice sound cheery and do my thing. There is one staff member that for some reason I don’t feel the need to put the mask on for, it is much easier being around her, less effort needed ya know?

That’s why I haven’t been writing, just the thought of opening my laptop was too much, let alone logging on to wordpress and writing something. The only reason I managed it tonight was because I was going to watch a movie and when I logged onto the computer wordpress popped on to my screen, musta been the last place I was when I closed the laptop last time. I wasn’t going to log on, wasn’t  going to write, was just going to ignore wordpress but then I decided to read other people’s blogs and it made me realize I should probably write in mine…don’t know why, not like this is a happy, cheerful, entertaining post…generally my posts are upbeat and mildly entertaining (at least I hope they are).

I managed to follow my eating plan for the most part since the fiasco that was Friday. Saturday and Sunday were perfect. Followed my eating plan, tracked everything in my Lose It! app, I may be going through a tough time but at least I didn’t add guilt to my shoulders over messing up my eating plan. Monday however I screwed up, but since I’m still in a cloud of not caring, I can’t bring myself to feel badly about it. I’m sure I’ll feel like that eventually, but for now, no guilt over choosing bad for me food. shrug. I ate according to plan while at work but when I got home I just couldn’t get the energy to make dinner. At first I wasn’t really hungry so I figured wait a bit, when I’m hungry then I’ll want to eat and I’ll go make something but nope. By the time I was hungry I was in no mood to go messing around in the kitchen so I did what I absolutely should not have, I ordered pizza…and dessert bread sticks. Damn you Panago for having such tasty food! Mostly I wanted the dessert breadsticks, I am a carb junkie, when things go bad that’s what I aim for, not good I know but I figure it’s better then gambling or drinking, right?

dessert breadsticks from Panago, just dip em in frosting and enjoy!

dessert breadsticks from Panago, just dip em in frosting and enjoy!

I ate the breadsticks and a bit of the pizza, it was super tasty. Mmm! The low level headache I’d been having for days went away and for a little while I actually felt like I had energy. I didn’t do anything with that energy mind you, just chilled watching tv and cuddling with the cat but at least I felt a bit energetic. That quickly faded and I ended up napping on the living room chair by accident, oops. I’m putting that down to a long day at work on very little sleep.

Today (Tuesday) I met up with a friend around 5pm-ish. I slept most of the day, having gone to bed around 3am, so I had a protein shake before meeting her and then we went shopping, had dinner and watched a movie. For dinner we had sushi, I know if you order carefully sushi can be a healthy meal, but I order like a born and raised North American which means not healthy. We split some spicy agedashi tofu, then I had an avocado roll and a philly roll. The philly roll is my favourite, smoked salmon and cream cheese…so not on my eating plan! Then, just to make things worse, I had a small frozen yogurt at the theatre. *groans*

Even while sitting here typing out what I ate and knowing I should feel badly about messing up my eating plan I just…don’t. I’m not even trying to justify the food choices, shrug. I made them. I ate the food. Whatever, it’s done and there’s nothing I can do about it now. I am however trying to figure out what to do with the left over pizza in my fridge…can I freeze that so the next time I crave pizza I can just thaw out one slice? I’ll hafta google that…

So eating hasn’t gotten me out of this funk, neither has shopping. Weird huh? I bought some Christmas presents today, and some stuff for myself yesterday and the day before and while I am glad I made the purchases the usual giddy happiness I would feel over some of the stuff I bought isn’t there. I’m just all meh about it.

Tomorrow I will go to Zumba class no matter what, maybe that’ll help shake me outta this? Gotta try something since my usual ways of cheering myself up have failed.

The only positive thing I am getting from all this is since eating the pizza, and the breadsticks, and the sushi and the frozen yogurt didn’t make me feel better I might as well make the effort to eat according to my meal plan. Since the high calorie, carb laden food is doing nothing for me emotion wise or body fat % wise I might as well ignore it and eat only what I am supposed to. Least when this is all over and I am back to my normal self I won’t be looking in to the mirror at someone who let themselves go and gained a bunch of weight instead of reaching her goal of dropping a size by Dec 22. Cause even if right now I don’t care about that, I’m sure I will care about it again soon and I don’t want to be kicking myself for making my goal even harder to reach all cause I couldn’t keep it together.

Different People Different Portions

6 Dec

I find it interesting how who I eat a meal with can affect what I think a proper portion of food is. I know that all food can be measured out and the “real” proper portion size found but that doesn’t usually happen when eating in a restaurant or at a friends place or when a friend is eating at your place…in fact, there are a lot of situations where you can’t actually measure/weigh the food so you have to eyeball it and hope you are sorta right. Usually in those instances I tend to eat less just to be on the safe side, after all, I’d rather go a bit hungry and know I didn’t eat a ridiculous amount of food then feel overly full and wonder just how many calories I consumed…but that is not how everyone approaches food.

I ate lunch out today with three friends, my credit card was very happy that it was considered a “working lunch” so one of the guys paid for everyone so he can write it off in his taxes, go taxes! lol The group of us went for sushi and there I am reading the menu, my eyes being immediately drawn to some of my favourite dishes and trying to decide what to order. My first thought was I’d get some agedashi tofu (spicy of course!), sashimi and a sushi roll. Thank god I didn’t order first! The first person to order got a mango and avocado salad, now, we all know a salad in a sushi restaurant is not like a salad in say, Original Joe’s, her salad was super duper tiny, just some slices of fruit piled on top of each other with some sprouts underneath…not my idea of a salad but oh well. Thing is, when I heard her order that and only that I was all “oh crap, I can’t order three things, I’ll look like a freakin pig!” The next person to order got two sushi rolls and some miso soup, that made me feel a bit better, least she got two things (three technically cause she got two orders of rolls but she got the same kind twice so it doesn’t feel like it should count somehow…) My turn! Big breath, I can do this, I can order without looking like a pig, right??? I got an appetizer sashimi and one sushi roll, phew, that’s not so bad, go me! 🙂 The fourth person ordered two rolls I think…so, except for the person who just got the tiny salad we all got roughly the same amount of food, and of course in the spirit of sushi we all tried each others – don’t you love that about sushi? 😀

Afterwards though it really got me thinking, some friends I know would have looked at what we each individually ordered and been appalled at the lack of food. They would have ordered 3-4 items for themselves and expected everyone else to do the same, and even then they might still order a second round of food later because to them, that is normal portion sizes.

All foods are like this, not just sushi, people have different ideas of what is a “normal” amount of food to order or cook and it can be hard when eating with someone who has a drastically different portion size in mind because either someone ends up feeling starved or someone ends up feeling obligated to eat more then they want…neither is a good spot to be in. You’d think people could just be happy with letting the others at the table eat the amount they are comfortable eating but nope, generally that doesn’t happen…why can’t that happen??? *confused face*

I can actually divide the people in my life via portion sizes ordered/eaten at restaurants. It’s kind of funny, and really indicative of what career path that person has chosen. Everyone I know who acts orders small, just like today at lunch. We are all actors, we all have to think not only what do we look like in real life but on camera and so we all tend to order small. I think actors also tend to be more cautious about what they will eat in front of other actors just because you don’t want to be judged or thought negatively about because you ate too much. Hey, it’s a visual media, it’s just how it goes, shrug. But my friends who don’t act tend to order/cook larger amounts of food. So, when I am with my non acting friends if I am not careful I tend to match how much I eat to how much they eat which in the long term? not a good way to go. In the short term though, sooooooo nice to order a pasta dish and not ask for half of it to be automatically put in a to go box and to get a salad with dressing (even if I do put it on the side lol) I love going out to eat with my friends who aren’t going to look at my plate and judge me because I ate everything on it, or who might raise their eyebrows at me because I ate carbs, or used dressing or whatever. At the same time though, some people I know push food at me and it makes it really hard. If food is pushed at me I tend to eat even less of it because I don’t like having someone trying to force me to eat an amount of food they think is right. If my stomach holds less than yours, or I am less willing to overeat at a meal or eat a meal sized portion of something that is bad for me I don’t want you demanding, forcing, cajoling me in to eating more then what I say I want. Just respect my food limits and maybe I’ll stop judging you for eating what I think is way too much food. 😛

Sorry, this turned in to a bit of a rant and I didn’t mean it to, food is just a sensitive subject with me and since I’ve been trying to get my food balance back lately I’ve been more aware of just how out of whack it got due to the influence of others. Not cool. 😦

I know some people say eat whatever you want as long as you work it off, that is a myth and not a healthy way to live. Stuffing your body is not good for your body, it over taxes your system, you store too much of the food as fat (even if you don’t look fat you can have health issues related to obesity because you are a skinny-fat person…hey, totally a real thing!) and to top it off over eating messes with the chemicals released in your brain and your energy levels and all kinds of things. I know under eating isn’t good either but that’s why I am trying to find my food balance again, I used to have it, in the old apartment, when I had my eating plan and exercise routine all worked out…I’ve really got to get back to that because this up and down way of eating I am doing right now isn’t any better for me then under eating at every meal or over eating at every meal. Man, it sucks that food can be so hard sometimes, sigh.

What Happened There?

27 Jun

So I don’t know what happened but the entry I wrote on Saturday didn’t get posted, it stayed as Draft even though I clicked the Publish button. hmmm. Don’t know why that happened but nothing I can really do about it now – except for Publish it now, which I have done. shrug. 😛

Today was the first week back to Dragon Boating, well, technically the first week of the new training sessions was last week but I was in AB and KL was working so we both resumed our training this week. It was so much fun but way harder then our first chunk of training. This team is a lot more serious, it’s still fun but it’s not a “fun league” it’s a team that wants to win at the next festival which means lots of hard work has to get done. We focused mostly on technique tonight and a bit on timing. What I noticed was the most different was in our old team’s training we’d paddle for a short distance while the coach watched us then she’d stop and talk for a bit about technique, timing, tips, stuff like that – there was more resting and we paddled for shorter distances. Which kinda set us up for harshness at the festival since we weren’t used to paddling the full 500km but oh well.

So tonight, we’d paddle and the coach would yell tips to us instead of stopping and talking to us and as a result we’d paddle for way longer distances – which I know is good cause we need to get used to the distance and build our muscles but man oh man was it harder then what I was used to. lol. I am pretty certain I will be feeling the exertion of today tomorrow! 😀  <— how sick is it that I smile big at the thought that tomorrow I will feel muscle pain?? lol.

KL and I went out for sushi after boating to play catch up since first I was out of town and then she was out of town and it’s weird for us to go 2 weeks without seeing each other. I didn’t really bother with trying to pick uber healthy stuff, I just wanted to enjoy myself but I don’t think I did too too badly. 🙂 Before I went out I had my regular Special K and two pieces of toast, I didn’t get to have my fruit cause I ran out, oops. lol.

The sushi, let’s see, I got this eggplant appetizer that I thought didn’t sound too unhealthy, well, when it came out it turned out it was battered and fried so any health benefits from the eggplant or mushrooms that were in it were gone, lol. It was tasty but not so tasty I will order it again so that’s good. Oh, an even better part of it is that it was a small portion and KL had a piece so I didn’t really eat all that much of it – I think there were 6 little bite sized pieces total and I only ate 5. I had one cube of fried tofu (that was KL’s appie) so tofu = good, fried = bad…lol. I had a salmon maki roll, there were 6 pieces, man I love salmon!

My big bad was my specialty roll, I can’t even remember what was in it, lol, I know it had a mayo sauce drizzled around it and I am guilty of dipping my rolls in it. 😛 There was shrimp tempura and some other kind of seafood in the roll and it was topped with shredded seaweed, oh, there was cucumber in there, and I think avocado too…the shrimp tempura part is the worst part of it I think, I mean, hello? Deep fried? Bad! But sooooo tasty lol. Then, just to make it worse, we split an ice cream sundae which when we ordered it I envisioned a classic sunday in those long dishes, well, Japanese restaurants don’t do that lol. This was in a martini glass, the bottom had corn flakes in it, then three small scoops of ice cream, one on top of the other in the middle, surrounded by fresh strawberries and blueberries, a small amount of whipping cream and 3 cream puffs, oh, and the whole thing was topped off with a chocolate cookie. 🙂

The amount of ice cream used total for the sundae was maybe half a cup and one scoop I didn’t like the flavour at all so really, I ate about 1 small scoop total of the ice cream, I had 1 whole strawberry and I managed to snag about 4 blueberries, I will confess to eating the corn flakes, well those I could nab before KL ate them. lol. Oh, and I got half the cookie and 1 cream puff. *eyebrow wiggle* Only crazy people don’t eat cream puffs! 😉 So really, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been…bless restaurants that have small portions, they are a rarity but I love em. 😀

So sure, what I ate was more points then what I should have eaten, even with exercising today but it was tasty and it was nice getting to catch up with KL.

I was lazy all but one day over the past week, I am hoping starting this week with dragon boating will be the boot in the ass I need to get back to my daily exercising. I can’t believe I got so lazy about it! Ack! Weather permitting I will hike everyday this week, honest! Also, I will do my bestest to get to 2 boxerfit classes or more this week, I seem to have bad luck when it comes to getting to that class so I am aiming for only 2 classes this week in the hopes I will be able to manage that. lol.

A Healthy Treat

25 Mar

It’s Friday (duh!), it was a decently ok day and I had a great week points wise so I figured I could have a treat for dinner. My plan was Sushi from a place near my house I haven’t tried yet – it’s healthy-ish (depending what you order), it’s cheap, it’s yummy and I wouldn’t feel guilty about eating it…unlike the dessert breadsticks from Panago that I am craving lol. 😛

Well, I think the fates were conspiring against me, lol, this place doesn’t have a parking lot but there are parking spaces on the street in front of it however, all the spots were full. Fine, no biggy, I looped around the block to get to a different place near the restaurant that has free parking and always has a vacancy…it was full…say wha? That place is never full!

By this point I decided that I wasn’t really craving sushi, it was just what I chose based on process of elimination and since it was becoming more difficult then what I was prepared for to even get to the restaurant let alone get in and order, well, maybe I didn’t want sushi after all. lol

So homeward bound I went and actually got excited about making the chicken stir fry that I had made at the beginning of the week. I know, weird right? Getting excited about something healthy for dinner? And something that I am putting the effort in to making? But it’s such a tasty dish and there is so much food for so few points – how can I not love it? shrug.

I made the stir fry, with some minor changes to it, and my treat was making Yorkshire Puddings to go with the stir fry. 😀 For those of you who don’t know what yorkshire pudding is (1) do you live under a rock?? and (2) they are sooooo yum! 😀

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Yorkshire Puddings!

It’s not actually a pudding – it’s a light, fluffy, air filled bread doughy thing that has a subtle taste and if made on a large enough scale can be filled with stew etc. – when filled with stew it becomes a classic pub meal in England. 🙂 Here, I make them small (muffin size) and devour them like a person who has just finished a 2 week fast! teehee. They are 1 point per yorkie and trust me when I say one person can easily eat 6 in one sitting…I say this cause, uh, yeah, I kinda did that this evening – and that’s after I ate my huge serving of chicken stir fry! *rolls eyes* I think it’s cause they are so light and airy…it’s like you’re eating practically nothing…well, a tasty nothing, but you know what I mean. 🙂

So today I ate:

1 mango = 1 point

1 pear = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 SmartOnes Cranberry Turkey Medallions = 4 points

1 piece of toast = 1 point

1 orange = 1 point

1 Minute Rice brown rice cup = 4 points

4 cashews, split = 1 point

chicken = 1 point

mixed veggies = 0 points

    – bean sprouts, baby corn, carrots, celery, peas, green beans, corn nibblets, mushroom, water chestnuts

6 yorkshire puddings = 6 points

Points Eaten = 21

Ok, yeah, I am one point over my daily points but I am ok with that cause I still have those exercise points I earned and never ate and I have all those wonderful flex points just waiting to be eaten. lol. I know I started this week saying I wasn’t going to use any flex points and I worked really hard to make sure I didn’t touch them but it’s friday night and I want a tiny bit of chocolate so I am gonna find something to nibble on. It’ll put me up another 2 points but like I said, I still have all those flex points left so I think it’s ok to eat something little…maybe a Jaffa Bar, Mmm! 🙂

Delish Frozen Entree

3 Mar

So after my horror of an experience with the SmartOnes soup I was a tad worried to try my newest SmartOnes frozen entree. Even though all the frozen entrees I have tried from them have been good it’s that whole “once bitten twice shy” syndrome – if they can screw up something as simple as soup who knows what they can do to a chicken and cheese quesadilla?

Which, there you go, that was my dinner last night. 🙂 Normally I don’t eat the frozen entrees for dinner, I mean come on, I am home, I can cook something better then what I can heat up from a box in my freezer…although a lot of my cooking is taking things out of the freezer and putting them in the stove, which is just a large microwave…huh…something to ponder there…

Anyways, I made the quesadillas at home cause when I bought them I thought it was 4 points for the contents of the box but it was 4 points per quesadilla and there are 2 in the box. Now sure, you might be thinking “hey there shrinking woman, why didn’t you just eat one and put the other back in the freezer, duh!” well, my response to that is “dear reader, both quesadillas are wrapped in one piece of plastic so if I put one back in the freezer it will get freezer burn because it is no longer properly protected” See how polite I am though? No “duh!” from me to you. 😉 lol

When I realized this I decided they’d have to be eaten at home so that was my dinner yesterday. I worried they’d be stupid small and not very filling so I made a nice big serving of cooked mixed veggies and after the quesadillas were heated up I opened them and filled them with salsa. lol. Salsa is zero points (score!) and would make the meal more filling, pretty smart huh? Ok sure, a frickin monkey could have thought of it but gimme a break! lol.

Turned out the quesadillas were really yummy and a decent size! Chicken, cheese and salsa all in a tortilla…oh I think there were peppers in there too. I highly recommend them! 😀 If you really just wanted to eat one I say pair it with a salad or some veggies but if you eat both at one time, a definite meal all by themselves. 🙂

On another note, I emailed SmartOnes about the soup fiasco and got an email from them saying they “apologized for any concern and disappointment caused”. They also said they’d follow up with me about compensation for the product in question but I haven’t heard anything about that yet…I know some companies if you email or write to complain about a product they will send you a coupon or something and I think that is great. I mean, if you buy a product and there is something wrong with it you should be able to get compensated for the money you spent, right?

Or maybe it’s just that we live in a society that promotes our feeling like we are entitled to compensation when something doesn’t go our way?

Either way, I kinda hope I get a coupon…lol

So today I ate:

1 Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal pckg = 3 points

1/2 cup tomato sauce baked beans = 3 points

1 piece toast = 1 point

1 orange = 1 point

85 grams whole wheat pasta = 5 points

1/4 cup alfredo sauce = 1 point

cooked mixed veggies = 0 points

1 pancake = 1 point

1 Jaffa Bar = 2 points

2 digestive cookies = 2 points

1/2 tbls Nutella = 1 point

Total Points Eaten = 20 😀


I want another nibble of something but am refraining because I am not actually hungry just nibbly and I am going out for sushi dinner tomorrow evening and meeting a friend saturday for lunch so that’s gonna be a lot of food I can’t control in a short amount of time. I know refraining from eating one or two extra points tonight probably isn’t gonna make that big of a difference but at least I am trying…I am controlling tonight what I eat because I have that ability…tomorrow and saturday? Not so much 😛

Crazy Days!

6 Feb

Talk about being thrown for a loop! A good loop but still a loop! lol. 😀

I had an appointment Saturday at 11:30am to get new headshots – yah! So Friday after work I was going to get my eyebrows cleaned up, buy a black cami (I discovered the day before mine is now way too big, sweet!), exfoliate, shave uber carefully, pack the clothes that I was taking to the photo shoot, give myself a mani pedi, retry on the outfits I was planning to wear and basically groom the evening away so I was as beautiful as possible Saturday…well, here’s the loop! I got a text Friday morning when I was at work informing me the shoot had to be moved and how was 4pm Friday for me?

Ack! Talk about freak out! For starters, I work till 4:30pm so can’t really be in two places at once…I’m just not that talented, go figure lol. After some back and forth I got it moved to 5pm and thanks to having an awesome team leader I was allowed to leave work at 12:30pm so I could do everything that needed doing and get to the shoot on time. You should’ve seen me! I left work 12:30pm on the dot then became a crazy person rushing to the eyebrow place, rushing to the clothes store, rushing to my place to take over the bathroom, rushing to pack then rushing to the studio. So much rushing!

I actually managed to get to the studio early so I sat in my suv and tried to relax. lol. Oh, and to top it all off once I got that text about the changing day/time for the shoot I stopped eating and drinking cause hello? I am fattest at the end of day cause of food and drink, and my teeth are slightly less white at the end of the day due to the tea I drink so yeah, I was rushing, stressed and under-fueled. lol. I didn’t feel hungry the entire time though cause of how rushed/stressed I was, so yah? lol.

The photo shoot went a-frickin-mazing! Sooooo much fun and the pictures came out great! The photographer did such an amazing job and so did the makeup lady. They made me so pretty! 🙂 I am taking the top 8 pics to work tomorrow to show peeps and put the top 14 on my facebook page so I can get feedback from friends and others in the acting community as to which is the best to use when agent hunting.

After the shoot was all over and I was leaving I realized I was really hungry, shocking huh? lol. I decided to treat myself and I ordered a personal sized beef taco pizza from Panago. I know that celebrating a great photo shoot by eating pizza isn’t the smartest thing to do but, I dunno, it’s habit I guess…and man, that pizza was gooooood! lol 😛

So Saturday was a much calmer day, lol, I slept in, met up with KL, we went for sushi, she went over the pictures that I printed from the shoot and helped me narrow the list down. To give some perspective for this, there were 178 picutes in total, I printed out 31 pictures, and now it’s narrowed down to 8…it’s hard to pick when there are so many choices but when going through the entire pile you kinda wish there were even more to pick from lol. Greedy huh?

I have no idea what kind of points I ate yesterday, what with the sushi, and then random things I ate after the sushi, shrug. I didn’t even try to count! Shocking!

Oh, and I didn’t weigh myself saturday cause that pizza I ate friday didn’t get eaten till almost 8:30pm so I figured it was still in my digestive track somewhere and I wouldn’t end up with a reliable weigh in number. I weighed myself today though and wOOt! The weight I gained after I got over being sick is now gone, and I lost a little bit extra, yah! I am now at 26.8lbs total lost. 😀 😀 😀 I’m kinda surprised cause of eating the pizza friday and then the sushi etc on saturday – I was kinda expecting to be the same or higher. Really, when I look back at the food I ate this week, it was a week full of little cheats that should have added up to disaster on the scale and yet, somehow, they didn’t…

However, I am not going to continue on the track of allowing myself little cheats everyday – this past week was some freakish anomoly that I am putting down to the stress I was feeling about the upcoming photo shoot but that is done and over and I ended up with great pics so now I must get myself back on track with my food. Can’t go screwing up all royal now can I? Nope! I can’t!

Today I ate my 20 points, no flex points for me! Sure, I didn’t eat all healthy stuff exactly – I mean, it’s the weekend, I slept in so I got to treat myself to a higher pointed first meal 😛 but I did eat lots of veggies and I had a salmon steak for dinner so I got myself some healthy protein…heck, I even got some calcium in there!

So the work week starts tomorrow, ugh, and so does my week of being strict with myself – it’s not that I won’t eat any flex points this week I just won’t use as many as last week and I will not eat something stupidly unhealthy just cause it is there (for example, that oh so yummy bbq pork bun I had last week, sigh…) This week will be all about balanced protein and veggies and healthy choices for every meal! Wonder how long that’ll last? lol. 😛

For Absolutely No Reason What So Ever

22 Oct

Alrighty, confession time…I just ate something for absolutely no reason what so ever.  I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t have any points left I was trying to use, I didn’t have a gun to my head and a crazy person telling me to eat or they’ll shoot. I just ate. sigh.

This week has been weird, everyday I feel like I have failed. I am not sure why; when I tally up my flex points I have used 10.5 for the week so more then I would like but not more then what I am allowed. shrug. Maybe it is because I usually don’t use my flex points? I really don’t know – this may remain a mystery which would be so uncool. I almost feel  like I am self sabatoging by eating the flex points and that is bringing me down, I know that I’m not actually self sabatoging, I know I am s’posed to eat the flex points, and yet…I feel like this. double sigh.

I had errands after work and one of them took me to the grocery store, exciting huh? Anyways, they have a section where you can buy sushi made that day and for some reason I really wanted sushi. I haven’t had sushi since this whole thing started (well, ok, I had like three pieces way back in summer when hanging with my mom, so shoot me! 😛 ), the reason I haven’t eaten it is because the sushi I like best are the rolls and those are hard to calculate points for – there is the rice, the filling, the sauces…I could probably get pretty close to the number if there were no sauces on them, but hello? that’s what makes the chef’s rolls so yummy! So I haven’t been eating sushi. I had a nice big salad waiting for me in the fridge at home and was planning to go eat that but somehow I ended up in the sushi section and you guessed it, I bought and then ate sushi. It was pretty good, I got Spicy Shrimp Mayo rolls – I normally don’t eat those cause I don’t go in for spicy but as soon as I saw them that was what I wanted. And who am I to ignore a craving? lol.

I have noticed that this week, that I am craving things I normally don’t and things I normally like to eat are turning me off. Weird, huh? I wonder if I am missing something in my diet and my body is sending me signals I can’t properly interpret in an attempt to get what it needs…thing is though, I have read a couple different studies that say the myth that we crave certain foods because our bodies are missing something that food has is just that, a myth. Someone probably made it up to give an excuse for all the chocolate they eat! lol.

Today I ate:

29 grams Special K Vanilla Almond = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 BodyWise bagel = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1 cup Fire Roasted Sweet Pepper and Tomato soup = 2 points

1 Activia yogurt = 2 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

Sushi, Spicy Shrimp Mayo rolls = 10 points

1 Thinsations Fudge Dipped Bar = 1 point

So a total of 24 points for the day. I normally try to be more careful on fridays, not use my flex points since I will be weighing in tomorrow but when I was done the sushi I was already one point over for the day and I was still, hmm, I was going to say I was still hungry but that isn’t right, I just still wanted to eat. shrug.

This is the problem that is plaguing me this evening – I am not hungry but I want to eat. Even now, when I know how many points I have eaten, when I know I am not hungry, when I know it is late-ish and I shouldn’t eat I want to eat. Argh!! What’s up with that? sigh. Goes with the week I am having I guess. *rolls eyes* I am gonna watch a bit of tv then go to bed early, pathetic for a friday evening I know, lol, but I have to get away from the kitchen and if I am sleeping I can’t be eating!

Oh! quick side note! That Thinsations Fudge Dipped  Bar I ate, soooo yum! Mom told me about them and I spent weeks looking for them, of course, the week I stopped looking for them is when I found them in the grocery store, lol. They are like an oreo and a cake all wrapped in chocolate – that’s not quite the right description but it’s the best I have, and the best part is each bar is only 1 point! Most Thinsations foods are 2 points per serving so this is a bonus at only 1 point and it’s a really decent portion size too. 😀 If you can find them, and you like chocolate, I say buy them, totally worth the money and points!

Blackberries, Tattoos and Weight Loss

3 Jul

So it has been a busy couple days; yesterday I went shopping and came away with a Blackberry Bold and today after work I went shopping and came away with an inner wrist tattoo…ah the things we do to ourselves. When did we stop spending all our money on shoes? lol. The reason I am telling you this is because to look at my posts I am obsessed with Weight Watchers, you’d think my life revolved around it…sadly, it kinda does.

I was out tonight with a friend, KL, and we wanted to grab a bite to eat before going to a movie. KL wanted to hit up this nice looking sushi place and I had to go to Subway…that’s right, I said had. I pre-calculated my points so I knew what I would be tallying up if I ate the already chosen sub whereas if I went for sushi I’d be guessing and I know I would have eaten over my points. sigh. I sat with KL while she ate and it looked and smelled sooooo good but not one little bite went past my lips. While I am marginally happy about my apparently increasing willpower when it comes to food I am sad that I couldn’t partake in the sushi feast.

You are supposed to be able to eat anything you want on Weight Watchers but that’s a bit of  a lie, I couldn’t have eaten what I wanted at that sushi restaurant not without using a ridiculous amount of flex points. I  have gradually been cutting out of my life foods that don’t fall in to the points realm, Almond Roca (3 pieces = 6 points) – in my opinion not worth it so I have cut them out. I will miss them but I’d rather be skinny then eat Almond Roca. But sushi??? I have given up so many foods already and it looks like the list is just going to keep getting longer.

So now it is almost midnight, I am freakin tired and am I sleeping? Nope I am doing laundry and worrying about tomorrow because tomorrow is….dun dun dun…Weigh In Day *insert scary music here* Will I lose weight? Will I gain weight? Will I stay the same? Will the pants fit any differently, and if so a good or a bad different? I want to know but I am scared to find out; what if I have been doing all this work (and it is work!) and nothing has come of it? I know I have to be patient, I keep trying to remind myself of that, maybe this first week weigh in I won’t lose anything, maybe it will take longer to get results but I am a result oriented person and I need to see results to keep me motivated. Will I be able to keep going if the scale doesn’t show I have lost weight? I guess there is nothing to do about it until tomorrow when I weigh myself and see what my reaction is to whatever that damn digital screen tells me.

So here’s my food for the day:

1 bagel = 3 points

1 tbsp light cream cheese = 1 point

1 banana = 2 points

1 Shrimp and Scallop Pasta Bowl from M&M Meath Shops = 6 points

2 triangles of Laughing Cow Light Cheese = 1 point

1/2 small Blenz Fruitchillo with yogurt = 4 points

6″ Subway Turkey sub on 9 grain whole wheat = 6 points

extra stuff on sub (cheese, light may, mustard) = 4 points

1 package popcorn = 1 point

That puts me at a total of…28

Aw shit, how’d that happen? Admittedly some of the points are estimated so maybe I didn’t do as badly as I calculated but maybe I did worse? And the day before weigh in day! Argh! The sub is 6 points, that’s taking the nutritional info from the Subway site but their info doesn’t include the light mayo, mustard and cheese I got put on so I had to guestimate how many extra points that is. And the Blenz drink, well, the Blenz website is not as helpful as I would like for nutritional info, sigh. All their calculations are based on the medium sized drink…I had a small and only drank half of that! I have no idea how many points that is so I took the 9 points the medium drink is and pared it back a bit. shrug. It’s the best I can do.

I also broke a cardinal rule, oh dear, never ever eat anything salty the last couple days before weigh in day cause you’ll retain water…and what did I do? I ate popcorn while sitting here typing, dammit! I needed a snack though and it seemed perfect, wasn’t till I was eating it I realized the mistake I was making. *rolls eyes* Maybe today I was trying to sabotage myself so that if I fail tomorrow on the scale I have built in excuses (oh, I probably did lose weight but I am retaining water from the popcorn so the scale doesn’t reflect it) Someone needs to smack me tomorrow if I write something like that down…that sounds like a joke but I mean it! I have a horrible habit of self sabotaging myself and to that I say No More!!!

Now, I am off to tend to the tattoo, hopefully the next time I type I will be a couple pounds lighter! 🙂

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