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Brand Loyalty

17 Sep

How many of you have brand loyalty when grocery shopping? I’m sure all of you know what I mean by brand loyalty but just in case some of you don’t, my definition of it is when grocery shopping I pick certain brands first and some items I only buy in one specific brand.

I have a bunch of foods like this, for example, I only buy Heinz ketchup and Heinz baked beans. I prefer Maple Leaf for my meat, I also like Schneider’s, Kraft is a big one for me, Tetley for my tea and no other ever lol, I could go on as I recently realized there are a lot of foods that I pick from the grocery store shelf based on the brand name and not the price tag.

Where did this awareness come from? Well, I had to buy bread. Yup…this all started cause of buying bread lol. 😛 For I don’t even know how long now I have been eating Bodywise Bread, it is a Dempster’s product, you get two slices for one point and while I hated it when I first started eating it I managed to convince myself that it was just as good as “normal” bread and I wasn’t missing out on anything (like oh say, size, taste…). I got a bad loaf one time and I emailed Dempster’s to complain, I mean come on, at almost $4 a loaf I expect my bread to not have a huuuuuge hole going all the way through the loaf making each slice half the size it normally is – they agreed with me and mailed me a bunch of coupons, each one worth one free Dempster’s bread product, Yah! 😀

This meant that even when my money got way restricted and I was learning I had to be uber careful with how I spent it I could still get my Bodywise bread. Sadly, the coupons did eventually run out. I automatically switched to buying the Weight Watcher’s bread since they are basically the same thing, same size, same taste, same points, same price. It was just an automatic swap – I was thinking in weight watcher’s points, not dollars.

Well, couple weeks ago I had a very specific amount of money I could spend on groceries and I couldn’t justify spending so much money on one loaf of bread – really, when I thought about it, almost $4 for one loaf is ridiculous! I was in Wal-Mart so I went searching through all the other loafs having to actually “shop” for my bread as opposed to blindly picking it from the shelf…weird. I found that a lot of bread is around the same price range, but at least with the not-as-healthy-bread you’re getting a proper size and a better taste for your money…course you’re also getting a lot more calories and fat (and usually less fibre) which in our world equates to More Points. Suckfest.

In the end I chose the cheapest bread which was the Wal-Mart brand, there were two options, white or brown – so totally back to basics lol. It cost me a little over a dollar and is 3 Points for 2 slices – which is ridiculous (seems to be my word of choice this evening lol) but I have to be more concerned with my wallet then my waist when shopping nowadays. shrug. I chose the brown cause it had one more gram of fiber then the white, otherwise they were identical for nutritional information – I thought the extra fiber was a good choice even though I prefer white bread.

After the bread shopping, which lemme tell you, I was in the bread department going back and forth between the various loaves for a good 15 minutes lol, I started thinking more about the choices I was making. I didn’t have a lot to buy that day and the bread was my only deviation from my normal brand but it makes me wonder how much money I might of saved over the years if I had shopped based on price tag and not brand name?

Usually if there is something I want that is pricey I wait and buy it when it is on sale, most food items go on sale in a predictable manner so it’s not so bad, but with some items even when they are on sale the no-name brand is still cheaper…but are they just as good? This is where my brand loyalty rears it’s ugly head.

To me Heinz is always better, as is Kraft, Maple Leaf, Tetley and others. If I buy a can of no-name baked beans will they be as good as Heinz? Part of me thinks probably they would be, but part of me thinks nope. shrug. I am really not sure. Some brands I will never mess with or stray from, like Tetley, no way I would risk a change with my tea! lol But perhaps I will branch out of my comfort zone in the weeks  and months to come and try different and cheaper brands of the foods I like….maybe I will become less of a brand snob and more of a thrifty shopper – nuthin wrong with that! 😀

Just A Normal Day

13 Oct

What did I do today? How sad is it that I can’t remember anything worth blogging about…I mean, something must have happened, right? Well, I guess not, especially since most people have fairly boring lives when looked at day to day…one day I will be acting full time and then I will have stories to tell!

But for now let’s get down to the food list for the day:

29 grams honey nut cheerios = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1/2 cup diced peaches = 1 point

1 small banana = 1 point

2 salad prawn rolls = 6 points

1 Activia = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

mixed raw veggies = 0 points

1 sandwich

    – 2 pieces bread = 2 points

    – 4 slices Natural Selections chicken = 1 point

    – 1 tblsp light miracle whip = 0 points

    – lettuce, mustard = 0 points

    – 1 cheese slice = 1 point

3 cups kettle corn = 2 points

1 Werther’s Original chocolate crunch = 1 point

Total points eaten 21. sigh. Here is an example of measuring twice cutting once, or as I like to think of it count twice eat once lol. I thought I remembered how many points I had eaten when going to get a snack but I didn’t double check so now I am left with one point to eat and I don’t really want another Werther’s candy – not that they aren’t yummy but one is good enough. Ah well, I will think of something…maybe I will drink some milk or something…

So that chicken I ate it is from Maple Leaf and is called Natural Selections, I tried getting a picture of it so you can see but the pictures won’t load for some reason, shrug, if you go to www.mapleleaf.com you can get a look at it so you know what to search for at the grocery store. The company also has a contest happening right now where you can enter to win free groceries for a year, the odds of winning are probably slim to none but it can’t hurt to try, right? The turkey I had last week in my sandwiches is the same thing…just a different bird, duh. lol. The turkey is better then the chicken imo. Not that the chicken didn’t taste good in my sandwich it just pulls apart way easy and doesn’t look nice…which, is stupid I guess cause hello? it’s slapped between two pieces of bread so it’s not like I was looking at it, but for me anyways what food looks like plays a big part in how much I like it.

I did some baking tonight, Vegan Pumpkin Pecan Blondies. No, I am not going vegan – I like eating animal products too much for that lol, but I found the recipe online and it sounded good so I figured I’d give it a try. I had to buy almond milk, why in the world people want the milk from an almond is beyond me but oh well, I try not to judge. lol. I made them to take to work tomorrow and they haven’t cooled enough yet for me to know if they are good or not, cross your fingers they taste alright! Normally I don’t eat my own baking but I think I am gonna have to at least taste one of these cause the one batch I am not fully confident is baked all the way through but if I left it in any longer the edges would have burnt, grr to uneven oven temps. 😛 But first I will put all the ingredients in to a nutritional information calculator online and find out just how bad these things are!

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