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20 Aug

My Silver Medal!

Oh yah baby! We won Silver!!! wOOt! wOOt! 😀 😀 😀 *fist pump*

*sidenote: aaaaahhhhhh! I wrote an entire post about today and when I went and pressed Publish wordpress deleted everything but the picture! my second drafts are never as much fun as my first drafts, sigh*

Today I competed at the Stevenston Dragon Boat Festival, it was held in Richmond BC. 😀

The entire day was soooooo awesome I don’t even know where to begin! 😀

KL came to my place at 8am, I was awake at 6:20am after a measly 3 hours of bad sleep, ugh. Not the best start to a long day but oh well! I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to get ready and have time to eat a proper breakfast, my thinking was that starting my day with a healthy breakfast would help fuel my body through at least the first race and would help me eat properly for the rest of the day. I’m really glad I chose to eat breakfast at home cause when we got to the racing site all the food vendors and the majority of the food my teammates brought was unhealthy. At our tent we had timbits, donuts, cookies, banana bread, cranberry ginger bread, bagels…to be fair, we also had veggies (which I brought), some fruit – cause our coach made us promise to bring bananas (potassium = goooooood! lol), there was also a bit of grapes and a watermelon…so, ok, not all of the food was bad but most of it was!

We had to race in 4 heats, the first two were 200 metres and the second two were 500 metres. After the first race we all got back to the tent and dive bombed the food table, lol, this happens after every race! I don’t really understand why, like under 3 minutes of intense exertion has totally wiped us out and we must immediately refuel or risk faaaaading away. teehee. We had less then an hour until our next race so I nixed the idea of eating the salad I brought for my lunch and instead ate 1 C of strawberries and 1 light babybell, both of which I brought, lol. It’s weird, the entire day, I never felt hungry. When I did eat it was usually some fruit and I was only eating that to help keep me hydrated, shrug, ah well, doesn’t seem to have hurt me in the end. 🙂

The third race was to determine who qualified for the finals, for some reason if your team came in first or third you would go on to medal races but if you finished second or fourth you went to, um, shoot, what were they called? consolation races? that doesn’t seem quite right…basically, you would get to race one more time but not win anything, shrug. I don’t know why it wasn’t the first and second placed teams in those heats that went on to compete for a medal but hey, who am I to question? lol

For our fourth race all the competing teams were ready to go when an official called over the steerer and drummer from each team and they were all having an official looking convo. Then the official turned around and told us that two of the teams competing had “sandbagged” to get in to this heat and to make things fair teams had to swap steerers and drummers! There was a massive uproar! The drummer is the person who is responsible for keeping the team in sync, informing the team when we are switching to a different type of stroke and also they are the person who yells at us the whole way to keep us going – these people are NOT interchangeable! Turns out this was the officials idea of a joke, odd sense of humour that man has. *rolls eyes* A good side benefit to this joke was we were all riled up and ready to take that excess energy we had immediately built up to fight this unfairness out on the water. Sadly though, our team lost all that riled up energy because it took us so long to be able to get in our boat, by the time we were in our boat we were more worried about if we were going to miss our race! Ack!

Some of the teams are there for fun, they aren’t as competitive as the other teams, not to say they don’t work their asses off,  they do! They just aim to have fun and enjoy the experience where as some of us (my team! lol) are there to WIN!! lol Some of the fun teams are geared towards making the sport accesible to people with disabilities. Like last racing weekend, there was a team that for every seeing rower there was a non-seeing rower. This time, the team that was vacating the boat that we were supposed to use for our race was a MS team. Not all the members have MS (from my understanding) but most do, those who have advanced MS were having extreme difficulties getting out of the boat. What normally takes a team about 1 minute to accomplish took this team closer to 10 minutes to do. Since the races are scheduled down to the second for start times this is a problem. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, I think it’s great that the sport is open to pretty much anyone who wants to try, but this delay put us at a disadvantage within our division because all the other teams we were racing against were already sitting at the start line while we hadn’t even left the dock (which is at the finish line).

Usually, to get to the start line you row casually, you have to row 500 metres to get there and you don’t want to wear yourself out! You take your time, on the way your team will probably practice your starting strokes (that’s usually your first 30 strokes), then go back to rowing casually, this way you’re warmed up and pumped to go when you get there. You always want to be the first team at the start line because that means you have the most resting time before your race starts, you can relax, get in the zone, do what you need to do in order to prep yourself for what is to come. We were soooo late getting to the start line that we had to row faster then normal to get to the start line, then we right away had to turn around and get in our lane, as soon as we were turned the announcer was calling alignment and bam! we were off! We were yelling at each other right before the race started “no pain!” “no tired!” because of course we were all in pain, and we were all tired but we had to work past it, we had to act as if the next 500 metres decided everything – which they did, lol.

Just goes to show you what training and perseverance will get ya! Well, that and I told the team that bronze just doesn’t look good against my skin tone so we had to at least get a silver! 😉

My Dragon Boating Weekend

13 Jun

Oooooh man, what a weekend! 😀 The 11th and 12th were the Dragon Boating Festival and for the first time I was a part of it. I can’t wait for next year!

Lemme tell ya, dragon boaters are their own special breed, lol. They work hard and they party harder – which is sweeeeet!

Both sat and sun KL and I (well, our whole team as well as other teams) had to be at the Paddler’s Village way early in the morning, on sat we were there at 7:30am and sun we got to sleep in and didn’t have to be there until 8:15am, oooooh, soooo late! 😉 hehe. We were there until 4:30pm or so on the sat, we could have stayed later cause the races weren’t all done for the day but we were finished with our races and we wanted to come chill at my place (she stayed the night), sunday we didn’t leave till after the paddler’s party in the evening so I got home about 12:45am…a looooong day! 😛

Keeping in mind this was our teams first time racing and we had only practiced together as a team 4 times so don’t expect this post to be a story of how we won a medal, lol, cause we so didn’t! We came in 88th out of 100 teams – my competitive side wants to say that totally blows and how embarassing but the realistic side of me says we could have done worse and hey, we were the least trained team there so at least we beat some teams! 😀

I’ve never been involved in a competitive sport like this before, where you go and compete against other teams from around the world and when you’re not on the water competing every team is friendly with each other because it’s this small community, shrug, it was weird but nice. Heck, even when on the water the teams are friendly towards each other, well, before and after the actual race, during the race you’re so focused on your boat you don’t even have time to look at the other boats let alone think of them. lol.

The weather on sat was cloudy but warm, the sun didn’t really come out until a bit before our second race, so around 2pm or so? I put sun screen on but sadly, I missed a couple spots near my hairline and just above my eyebrows so I got burned, sigh. That wouldn’t be sooooo bad but sunday was bright and sunny but coolish (figures! lol) and even though I had sunscreen slathered on all frickin day I burned! Totally ended up with racoon eyes, ow! What’s worse of all though is my freckles are darker, grr! I tried to be careful with my arms cause our team shirts had regular t-shirt length sleeves so I didn’t want part of my arms to be darker then the rest (by darker I of course mean the freckles are darker, not the actual skin, once the red fades from a burn it goes back to it’s normal uber pale colour). I almost managed it…almost…today I noticed in the mirror that the freckles below the sleeve line are darker, sigh, but hopefully if I keep them covered the rest of the summer they will go pale again quickly. Man I hate the sun. *rolls eyes*

Sunday night was the Paddler’s Party in the beer gardens, the ticket covered the price of 2 beers so everyone was drinking! Even though the beers were $5 each that didn’t stop people from goin crazeeee, oh, there was wine as well but nobody was drinking that, lol. So the beer was flowing, people are yapping away, then the bongs came out, yup, bongs. Two seperate teams brought them, one was a standard looking bong, the other had 3 spouts so 3 people at one time could chug – I’ve never seen that before, quite the contraption. 😛 I did not do the bong, it’s not my thing and besides, I was only drinking a tiny bit since I was gonna hafta drive later, lame but oh well, KL however was not driving later and she was already quite drunk by the time the bongs were pulled out so she decided she wanted to do one. lol. I of course, being the good friend that I am, took pictures that I am going to post on facebook. teehee.

Everyone had a killer time at the party, and sure, part of that was the beer, but a big part was just the comraderie of a group of people who may be completely different from each other in all kinds of ways but they have one awesome thing in common and that has brought them together for a weekend of fun. 😀

I woke up this morning feeling like death and all I wanted to do was sleep some more, lol, 4 races in 2 days is a lot for muscles that aren’t that used to it yet – plus the dancing at the party used all kinds of muscles cause lemme say, the dancing was not the tame kind at all! Oh yea, the party had a dj, sorry, forgot to mention that. Plus, my throat was way sore from all the yelling etc but it was all worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! I’ll actually be doing it all again, but on a smaller scale, in about 10 weeks, yah! 😀

My food was not all that great this weekend – it started off ok and then tanked. KL is a great friend but a horrible food influence, sigh. Sat I had oatmeal for breakfast, but after that KL and I ended up at a pancake breakfast fundraiser (a team is trying to get the funds to go to a race in San Francisco) so I ate 3 pancakes, I didn’t really have lunch but I did snack on some grapes and had a small soft serve ice cream cone in a waffle cone with a half sized flake chocolate stuck in it – yum! I drank water all day so that’s all good at least. Now that may not seem so bad but after we left the racing area we decided to get dinner and neither of us had the energy to cook so we ordered food from White Spot, man I love that restaurant. I got a bbq burger with cheese, it came with yam fries, coleslaw and a root beer. Oh my. Then Sunday, started off with a Hearty Medley’s, I resisted the pancakes but we ate lunch on Sunday at the village and sadly, there were no healthy options, shrug. I did my best, got a wrap with taco style ground beef in it, lettuce, grilled veggies, salsa, little bit of shredded cheese and sour cream – way delish! Then later an even smaller ice cream then the day before, um, a bunch of beer, and then when trying to minimize the effects of the beer 2 apricots, a peach, a granola bar, a heck of a lot of water…and then KL and I (again) bought dinner, we went to this place she swears has the best burgers in the world, and it’s true, they are awesome but oh man, two burgers in two days? My tummy may never forgive me for this, *shakes head*. It was huuuuuge! And had crispy onion strings on it and cheese, oy, oh and of course it came with fries! lol. I couldn’t finish the burger but I ate almost all of it and had some of the fries, sigh. Way tasty but I told her it was so bad for me (the whole menu is horrible, it’s the only menu I’ve seen that doesn’t even attempt to have something healthy on it!) I would only eat there at most 2 times a year – cause, dude, that just so doesn’t fit in to my points! lol.

Today I was back to basics. I didn’t exercise due to scheduling issues but I am at 19.5 points for the day and not even tempted to snack on something to eat that extra half point – I think I may still be digesting from last nights dinner! hehe.

I’ll be hiking for sure tomorrow and then going to acting class in the evening – wednesday I will be driving to Alberta so no exercise that day and who knows what will happen food wise – I am hoping I’ll manage to eat fairly healthy cause I hafta be super good this week to make up for the weekend, *scared face* I finally managed to lose that weight I managed to put on when I was in Alberta over Easter (and just after Easter) and what do I do? I eat like a maniac over the course of 2 days and probably gained it all back. sigh.

The weekend was such a great time – who would have thought I’d enjoy it so much? Looks like I am becoming an active person after all…if that can happen, well, anything can! 😛

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