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Women’s Canada vs USA Gold Medal Hockey Game 2018

22 Feb


I don’t know that I have the words to properly describe just how proud I am of our Women’s Olympic Hockey Team.


They were amazing! That final game against the USA had me feeling all the possible emotions. There was excitement, fear, nerves, stress, joy, and yes some grief when the Americans scored the winning goal. For those of you who scoff at the idea of feeling grief during a hockey game, well, hey, it’s a Canadian thing. 😉


Did I start watching that game expecting my team to win gold? Sure. How could I not? I expect all the Canadian athletes to win gold whether the stats show they most likely will or not. Am I delusional? No. I like to think of it as hopeful, and proud of our athletes.

Now, I’m not some expert hockey watcher, I can’t pick apart the game and discuss what was done wrong, what should be changed for next time, things like that. I can tell you that as a spectator that game had it all. At various times throughout the game I was leaping from my seat to cheer, yelling at the ref’s calls, sitting on the edge of my seat, fist pumping the air, swearing, rocking back and forth in an attempt to self-soothe, and I will admit, at the end my head was hanging and I had tears in my eyes. Not for me. Not even for my nation’s pride (which is so closely tied to our hockey), but for our athletes who worked so hard, pushed themselves so far, were riding on adrenaline to help mask the exhaustion their bodies were feeling. I was overwhelmed with sadness for them. Knowing that they not only are feeling the deepest levels of despair but that it is being televised and will be picked apart for years to come.

Our Women’s Olympic Hockey Team won SILVER! And that is awesome!

That should be celebrated, not discussed like it is a failure. All those people who think the Silver isn’t good enough, I’d love to know what medals they have won at the Olympics lately.



Filming and Medals and All Around Fun

25 Jun

I soooooo wanted to write about this yesterday but my internet crapped out, bad timing that!

Yesterday I was, get ready for this!…filming an episode of a tv show! *squeal of excitement* Awesome huh?! 😀

I can’t give a lot of specifics due to signing a loooong confidentiality agreement but here is what I can say:

– I was a principle character in the episode (that means a main character)

– the show is docudrama/soap opera genre

– the show is international

– my character was a nurse so I was in scrubs which (1) are super comfy and (2) made me look humongous *rolls eyes*

– each episode has completely different cast so there is no potential for reprising the role

– I was up at 5am so I could be on set for 7am

– the make-up and hair ladies loved my hair and cheekbones lol

– crafty (that is the catered food) provided pretty decent food

– we filmed at an abandoned psych hospital and the crew had some super creepy stories about the place

– I wrapped (that means finished) a bit after 6pm so I was able to get to my dragon boat practice on time, which was a pleasant surprise

Oh, and fair warning, once the episode is aired if I can find a link to an episode online I will be posting it on my blog so you can all have the option of watching it or not lol 😛

Here are some pics of parts of the psych hospital, outside only…

One of the buildings

One of the buildings

2014-06-24 06.27.15


I didn't get to go in this building, it looked more ominous than the others.

I didn’t get to go in this building, up close it looked more ominous than the others.

Spooky stairs all over the place leading to who knows where...

Spooky stairs all over the place leading to who knows where…

Than, as if filming wasn’t enough to make the day amazing when I got to dragon boat practice I got given my medal from the weekend! I thought I would get a medal since I raced Saturday but was worried that since I missed the Sunday due to being sick I miiiiight not get a medal, ya know, cause of not being there for the final race. But I was worried for nuthin, phew! lol It is so purdy!

My medal!

My medal!

I was coughing all day, doing my best to cough between takes of course lol I was doing really well until the last scene where I started losing control of the cough, the hot tea I’d be sipping all day to soothe my throat was no longer helping and I thought I’d have to ask for some cough drops (which I had brought, along with cough syrup and throat lozenges lol) but I managed to tough it out. On the way to practice I was sucking on cherry halls, the type with the cough syrup in the middle, to try to get the cough to stop. I was sorta ok during practice, I coughed all the way through it but was still able to paddle. I did notice that I had less stamina than normal, not sure if that was cause of the long day or the trouble breathing cause of the cough and congestion…I’m leaning to it being more because of the cough since the filming left me all energetic and psyched lol. However, by the time I got home from practice my voice was shot, totally 100% shot! I was a croaking frog, not pretty! *wrinkled nose* I spent today not talking lol I just stayed in and chilled in the hopes that would help my voice recover faster, I don’t think it will help much though cause I am coughing even more than before and the cough is what is causing the most damage to my throat – in my non medical opinion lol 😛 Hopefully it goes away soon, if not for me than for the cat, every time he tries to cuddle with me I cough and it disturbs him, he’s been glaring at me a lot lol

My Rio Tinto Alcan Weekend

23 Jun

This past weekend was the biiiiiig dragon boat festival! We spend all season gearing up for this festival, training! training! training! Rio Tinto is the largest dragon boat festival in North America, teams comes from all over the world to compete, it is a big thing in the dragon boat world.

I absolutely love this festival! Not only are there 160 dragon boat teams competing against each other for coveted medals there are food vendors, booths set up with free samples, coupons, random information about all sorts of topics, live performances, this festival has it all! It is one of things I look forward to all year.

All us dragon boaters will be the first to admit that unless you know someone in a race watching dragon boat racing can be a bit, um, boring…I know! It sounds horrible to say but it’s true. Each race heat can take what seems like forever to get set up because you can’t tell from the shore how much the tide has moved the boats as they try to line up or any of the other random things that can happen that make the start of the race be delayed. That’s why having all the on shore entertainment helps, it keeps people entertained when they stop being quite so entertained by the races lol

The weather on Saturday was perfect! Sunny, warm but not boiling hot, abso beautiful! 🙂 I’ve competed at this festival when the weather is cold and pouring rain so the warmth and sun was much appreciated lol. I of course was coating my exposed skin in 110spf sunscreen and wearing long sleeves and pants, oh and a hat! lol I look like I hate the sun, and I kinda do because of how easily I burn, but I also don’t, I just hate the UV rays that try to not-so-slowly turn me in to a lobster, shrug.

Our race times on Saturday were strong, 2:06 then 2:05. They put us in a nice solid position for day two of racing which (obviously) is important.

Sadly I can’t tell you much about Sunday, sigh. By the time I went to bed Saturday I had a fever, no voice and an upset stomach. I kept telling myself “you are not sick, you’re just tired” but no matter how many times I said that to myself I really was sick, not just tired, sigh. I woke up in the morning after a night of crappy sleep to the realization I was too sick to paddle, heck, I was too sick to get out of bed. 😦 I debated still going, pushing myself, I was hoping maybe I would feel better once I was up and moving and there but I know better than that, if I can’t manage to get to the sink to get a glass of water no way I can keep up in a race piece and no way in hell am I going to risk my team winning a race because I insist on being on the boat. Damn self-sacrificing instincts, sigh.

I got text updates from teammates during the day and I was glad to hear how much fun they were having even though I was curled up miserable on my living room chair. Then the best news of all came, they won Silver in B Division! I’m so proud of them! I don’t know what the actual finish time was but I know it had to have been awesome lol 🙂

One of my teammates posted this to our facebook wall:

Of the SIXTEEN teams that raced above us in both A Rec Consolation, and A Rec Championship, there were only THREE times faster than ours — 1 in Consolation, and 2 in Championship. Our time bested 13 of the 16 teams in A Division”

How amazing is it that our time was only beat by three other teams! *shock face*

I didn’t take any pictures of the festival on the Saturday because I was planning on taking them all on the Sunday, a decision I now greatly regret, sigh. So here are some pictures I stole from facebook and the media images that were used in papers and websites…that’s right! We made it in to media footage!

one of my teammates medals resting on his jersey

one of my teammates medal resting on his jersey

that's our caller and the first two rows of the boat (left side) in the final race

that’s our caller and the first two rows of the boat (left side) in the final race

Normally I sit second bench left side but since I wasn’t there on the Sunday I am not in this picture, my good friend KR is though and she looks awesome! 🙂

we are the team with the white sleeves

we are the team with the white sleeves

So there we have it, it was an awesome weekend, the parts of it I got to experience and the parts of it I missed. I’m really bummed I wasn’t there with my team to win the medal but I’m so so so happy for them and proud of how great they did! 🙂

Only 362 days until the start of next years Rio Tinto dragon boat festival…not that I’m counting or anything… 😉


20 Aug

My Silver Medal!

Oh yah baby! We won Silver!!! wOOt! wOOt! 😀 😀 😀 *fist pump*

*sidenote: aaaaahhhhhh! I wrote an entire post about today and when I went and pressed Publish wordpress deleted everything but the picture! my second drafts are never as much fun as my first drafts, sigh*

Today I competed at the Stevenston Dragon Boat Festival, it was held in Richmond BC. 😀

The entire day was soooooo awesome I don’t even know where to begin! 😀

KL came to my place at 8am, I was awake at 6:20am after a measly 3 hours of bad sleep, ugh. Not the best start to a long day but oh well! I wanted to make sure I was up early enough to get ready and have time to eat a proper breakfast, my thinking was that starting my day with a healthy breakfast would help fuel my body through at least the first race and would help me eat properly for the rest of the day. I’m really glad I chose to eat breakfast at home cause when we got to the racing site all the food vendors and the majority of the food my teammates brought was unhealthy. At our tent we had timbits, donuts, cookies, banana bread, cranberry ginger bread, bagels…to be fair, we also had veggies (which I brought), some fruit – cause our coach made us promise to bring bananas (potassium = goooooood! lol), there was also a bit of grapes and a watermelon…so, ok, not all of the food was bad but most of it was!

We had to race in 4 heats, the first two were 200 metres and the second two were 500 metres. After the first race we all got back to the tent and dive bombed the food table, lol, this happens after every race! I don’t really understand why, like under 3 minutes of intense exertion has totally wiped us out and we must immediately refuel or risk faaaaading away. teehee. We had less then an hour until our next race so I nixed the idea of eating the salad I brought for my lunch and instead ate 1 C of strawberries and 1 light babybell, both of which I brought, lol. It’s weird, the entire day, I never felt hungry. When I did eat it was usually some fruit and I was only eating that to help keep me hydrated, shrug, ah well, doesn’t seem to have hurt me in the end. 🙂

The third race was to determine who qualified for the finals, for some reason if your team came in first or third you would go on to medal races but if you finished second or fourth you went to, um, shoot, what were they called? consolation races? that doesn’t seem quite right…basically, you would get to race one more time but not win anything, shrug. I don’t know why it wasn’t the first and second placed teams in those heats that went on to compete for a medal but hey, who am I to question? lol

For our fourth race all the competing teams were ready to go when an official called over the steerer and drummer from each team and they were all having an official looking convo. Then the official turned around and told us that two of the teams competing had “sandbagged” to get in to this heat and to make things fair teams had to swap steerers and drummers! There was a massive uproar! The drummer is the person who is responsible for keeping the team in sync, informing the team when we are switching to a different type of stroke and also they are the person who yells at us the whole way to keep us going – these people are NOT interchangeable! Turns out this was the officials idea of a joke, odd sense of humour that man has. *rolls eyes* A good side benefit to this joke was we were all riled up and ready to take that excess energy we had immediately built up to fight this unfairness out on the water. Sadly though, our team lost all that riled up energy because it took us so long to be able to get in our boat, by the time we were in our boat we were more worried about if we were going to miss our race! Ack!

Some of the teams are there for fun, they aren’t as competitive as the other teams, not to say they don’t work their asses off,  they do! They just aim to have fun and enjoy the experience where as some of us (my team! lol) are there to WIN!! lol Some of the fun teams are geared towards making the sport accesible to people with disabilities. Like last racing weekend, there was a team that for every seeing rower there was a non-seeing rower. This time, the team that was vacating the boat that we were supposed to use for our race was a MS team. Not all the members have MS (from my understanding) but most do, those who have advanced MS were having extreme difficulties getting out of the boat. What normally takes a team about 1 minute to accomplish took this team closer to 10 minutes to do. Since the races are scheduled down to the second for start times this is a problem. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, I think it’s great that the sport is open to pretty much anyone who wants to try, but this delay put us at a disadvantage within our division because all the other teams we were racing against were already sitting at the start line while we hadn’t even left the dock (which is at the finish line).

Usually, to get to the start line you row casually, you have to row 500 metres to get there and you don’t want to wear yourself out! You take your time, on the way your team will probably practice your starting strokes (that’s usually your first 30 strokes), then go back to rowing casually, this way you’re warmed up and pumped to go when you get there. You always want to be the first team at the start line because that means you have the most resting time before your race starts, you can relax, get in the zone, do what you need to do in order to prep yourself for what is to come. We were soooo late getting to the start line that we had to row faster then normal to get to the start line, then we right away had to turn around and get in our lane, as soon as we were turned the announcer was calling alignment and bam! we were off! We were yelling at each other right before the race started “no pain!” “no tired!” because of course we were all in pain, and we were all tired but we had to work past it, we had to act as if the next 500 metres decided everything – which they did, lol.

Just goes to show you what training and perseverance will get ya! Well, that and I told the team that bronze just doesn’t look good against my skin tone so we had to at least get a silver! 😉

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