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Self Isolation Day 6: Re-Potting Plants

20 Mar

I wanted to make a video of my attempt at re-potting plants, and well, I did, it just isn’t all that good.

However, it took a while to make, then edit, then get uploaded, so now you’re stuck with it. After all that effort I’m using it regardless, we’ll just have to look at this as a learning situation…for me.

Don’t worry, it’s only four and a half minutes, you aren’t going to lose oodles of time watching it, if you watch it at all!

I was gifted these plants end of last summer and they usually live on the windowsill at my work. They’ve been looking pretty rough though so I brought them home for re-potting. Lucky for the plants I did as two days after bringing them home I was put into self-isolation and I’m 100% positive they would not have survived being ignored for 14 days.

I’m not sure if they’ll survive until I can take them back to work, poor little things. See, I live in a basement suite with two very tiny windows that get almost zero sunlight thanks to fences. These plants are getting zero sunshine while home with me. But at least today they got new pots, and potting soil, and a bit of a chance at life.

One of them I think is too far gone, it’s leaves are quite crispy. They didn’t fall off though as I was handling it which I have decided to take as a sign that it is a fighter and wants another chance. None of them look particularly good right now, which means if they make it I’ll have some great before and after pictures to share lol.

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