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Receipt Checker

10 Jan

I don’t know about you but until last year I’d go shopping, take the receipt, stuff it in my purse where it would get crumpled down at the bottom and stay there until I got annoyed with it and threw it out.


Last January I started budgeting. And not in a vague sort-of not researched type of way. Oh no, I did massive research, read books, watched YouTube Videos, read everything on Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s website (re-watched a bunch of her tv show episodes),ย  and pestered my parents multiple times a week with questions, sort of way. Hey, if you’re gonna do something, might as well do it right!…or to the best that you’re able cuz oh wow was learning how to budget a frustrating experience. There were a bunch of mistakes made, things I could have done better, a decently large learning curve to navigate but I did eventually manage to navigate it. I learned from my mistakes, took notes so I knew what I wanted to change for 2018, and overall think that starting this whole budgeting dealio was a solid choice.

Now, and all of last year, I take the receipt, write down in a tracker the date of the purchase, what I bought, how much it cost, and I would deduct it from my running tally. Yeah, I became that person.

Today I went to Wal-Mart for some stuff and when I got to the checkout I thought the total was high but didn’t think to question the cashier cause, well, why would I? When I was home, comfie in my sweats, and happy in the knowledge I didn’t have to go out again, I was checking my receipt as I wrote the expense in my tracker (because yes, I’m still that person!) and to my surprise there were two items at the top of my receipt I didn’t recognize.

Now, sometimes the short description on a receipt is not easily translated in to the item you bought but this was a tiny purchase, I only bought 6 things, though this receipt said I bought 8. That and all the other items clearly said what they were and I knew I bought those things.

I had been charged $14 and change for two things I didn’t buy.

Not cool.

I called Wal-Mart, the phone rang over 30 times (not even kidding) and when I finally got a person and told them what happened I was told to call back in ten minutes.

*rolls eyes*

I called back in ten minutes, I stopped counting the rings at 50 but I didn’t stop calling, I just let it ring, and ring, and ring and finally someone picked up. It turned out to be the same lady I spoke with earlier so at least she knew what the problem was.ย  She asked me a couple questions about the receipt and told me if I came back in tonight she would fix things.

Not gonna lie, I was torn between staying home cozy in my sweats or going back out for a refund of $14 but the cheap side of me won out and on went real pants, up in to a pony tail went the hair, and off I went.

Sure it’s only $14 but every dollar counts, especially when you are budgeting and you know where that $14 should be going…like next weeks groceries!

So lesson learned, take a look at the receipt before leaving the store to not only make sure I wasn’t charged incorrectly but to save me having to change out of my cozy sweats and back in to public appropriate clothing. Really, it’s all about comfort in the end lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

My Coach Experience Part 2

2 Jun

After I wrote a post a week or so ago about my horrible experience shopping with Coach via their customer service line I did something I have never done, I emailed the company and in my email I added the link to the post I had written.

If ever I needed proof the written word can at times have power, that did it, because in less than 24 hours I had a voicemail from a gentleman at Coach wanting to talk to me about my shopping experience.

Go fig.

We played phone tag for a couple days but did eventually manage to speak on the phone. He wanted some more details about what happened. He explained why it happened, then said that is no excuse and they are looking in to things, and apologized. He also said they were refunding the entire cost of the bracelet and that refund should show up on my credit card within the next 3 days.

Pretty awesome, am I right?

2016-05-18 21.40.37

I really didn’t expect them to do anything, let alone respond to my email with anything more than an email saying we got your complaint and am forwarding it on to the appropriate department so I was impressed with the speed at which they phoned me. I was even more impressed with the refund.

Apparently, if you call Coach after business hours the call doesn’t go to the Coach call centre it goes to a call centre that they outsource to. My guess is it is cheaper to outsource evening and overnight calls to people not working at Coach because then they don’t have to worry about things like benefits, and handling such a large work force etc. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no they aren’t outsourced to a call centre outside of America, I was talking to Americans every time I phoned, so don’t even try to climb on to that soap box about outsourcing cause it won’t fly with this incident. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But yeah, they outsource and the gentlemen I spoke to said that even though it is not Coach employees handling the evening phone calls they are still held to certain standards and the other company had been contacted so the phone call could be pulled and listened to and the employee dealt with. Which sounds ominous but I’m sure will result in nothing more than a quick “mute the phone so customers don’t hear you yawn” comment on her next evaluation, shrug. Can’t be expecting miracles lol

So yeah, I thought I would update all of you and let you know that while my shopping experience with Coach was horrible, the follow up and fixing of the problem was handled with speed, manners, and generosity. Oh, and a compliment! The gentleman I spoke to apparently actually read my post and said I write quite well…probably something that given the circumstances didn’t make him all that happy lol ๐Ÿ˜›

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