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My No Spend Attempt

9 May

Ok, so, if you look at No Spend challenges in a very black and white sort of way, I failed. I however, choose to acknowledge the grey in life and think I didn’t do so bad.

no spend challenge

I set for myself a No Spend challenge, it was to last two weeks, and officially ended yesterday. I was allowed to buy gas for my suv, as well as food / household items as needed. Oh, and pay bills, obviously lol.

In that two week period I had two opportunities to donate to charity, one to the Edmonton Food Bank and one to the Vancouver Food Bank, and I donated to both. Neither of those donations fit in any way, shape, or form, to the short list of acceptable purchases but I have no regrets.

I also paid the entry fee for a virtual marathon. This one is a bit trickier. I had intended to wait until the end of my No Spend challenge to buy my entry but found out last week that it was the last day for the early entry fee, which meant that after that date it would cost more to sign-up. I suppose I could have just said I wouldn’t do it, or I could have waited until my challenge was over and paid the higher entry fee, but, well, no. I wasn’t going to miss doing this with my friends, and why would I wait a week and pay more for something when I could buy it that day and pay less?

The No Spend challenge was meant to help get my spending back in line with my budget, that doesn’t mean I stop looking at the bigger picture and spend less on a certain day only to spend even more 8 days later. Sometimes logic is what is in that grey space.

So yeah, technically, I broke the No Spend rules. Ok, not even technically, I did break the No Spend rules but not in a bad way. Not in a I bought more books, or clothes, or some other random item that I don’t really need but I’m bored and saw it online and impulsed bought it way. I donated to charity, and bought something I was going to buy anyways on a day it was a cheaper purchase, how can that be bad?

This is why I tend to shy away from No Spend challenges, and similar things I see in the budgeting world. They don’t always lead you to making the logical purchase, or they may restrict you from an opportunity to help someone else.

To me, I think the better way to go about curbing your spending is to stick to the budget you gave yourself. Maybe you don’t budget, and ya know, if you don’t and that works for you, cool. For me, I budget. I set myself an exact amount of money to be used for gas, food, household items, and other categories. My problem is lately I’ve been going over budget by buying more online, things I never would have bought before, partially out of boredom, anxiety, because outside of work I do nothing and interact with almost no one, and somehow that has led me to increasing my shopping. Not good. Shopping is not a coping skill. I need to stop treating it like one.

Which is why, for the next two weeks, I’m not putting myself on a No Spend challenge, I’m putting myself on a Stick To Your Freakin Budget Challenge. Much more my style, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰



No Spend Challenge

23 Apr

My landlady, in a joking way, texted me saying she thinks I may have an online shopping problem.

I got all excited because I thought that meant an item I bought online last week and have been anxiously waiting for had arrived, but realized it can’t be that item because I am signed up for text notifications and hadn’t received one saying it was delivered. So I started to text her back to let her know the list of things I am waiting for only to realize the list is uh, let’s say, substantial, and having to type it all wasn’t going to make me look good.

I fully understood her joke when I got home and found not one but three packages waiting for me.

Three! It’s like a random personal Christmas out of nowhere. And it really is out of nowhere since all three of these packages took way longer than expected to get to me. Something online shopping teaches you, if you aren’t shopping with Amazon Prime that is, is patience.

The first package I opened is a t-shirt from one of those annoying ads you see on Facebook. It was cheap, and cute, and I decided to buy one t-shirt to see what their quality is like. The shirt fits, and smells horrible, so it is now in the hamper and we’ll see how good it looks once it’s been through the wash. I hope it stays cute!

The second item is stamps. Yeah yeah, I know, the post offices are still open, why was I so incredibly lazy and unwilling to go in to one to buy stamps? I actually have a valid reason for this! The post offices by me are tiny, and in the backs of small stores, and I am supposed to be avoiding places like that to decrease my chance of exposure and by extension risk to the seniors I work with. I thought buying stamps online from Canada Post would be the easiest purchase, and fastest delivery, since ya know, they are the ones delivering them.

No. That thinking is incredibly wrong. After you buy them you get an email saying they will process your order in three days. Not have them to you in three days, or in the mail in three days, but that they will take three whole days just to process the order. Oh, and they come from Ottawa, case you were wondering, so three days to start processing the order, then delivery time from Ottawa, they took almost two weeks to get to me.

But that’s ok, because patience. It is a virtue, it is a thing best practiced over and over…and over…

And over yet again by the book I ordered that finally arrived. That one took about a month.

But really, what does delivery time matter, right? They all arrived eventually, if somewhat embarrassingly on the same day, and I now feel like maybe I am buying too much stuff.

I don’t think of myself as someone who tends to randomly purchase things online, I will look, then talk myself out of it, but looks like two times I didn’t talk myself out of it…I’m leaving the stamps off this list because I do actually need them, so what’s with all the shopping?

Before you say two items isn’t that big a deal, I have more things on their way to me…oops?

Looks like this is the perfect time to start a No Spend Challenge.

April 22 2020 a

What is a No Spend Challenge you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like. For the next two weeks the only things I will spend money on are food, gas for the suv, bills, and $8 I owe a friend who is doing a fundraiser. It doesn’t have to be for two weeks, you can set any time frame you want, I’m choosing to ease myself in to this and picked a short time frame to start with.

I’m leaving myself a teeny tiny loophole, due to the pandemic, that if yet another emergency situation pops up, I mean c’mon, we haven’t been swarmed by locust yet so there are still some ways things could get worse, I may expand the list to random emergency items I can’t think of at this moment in time.

This means no more online shopping when I’m bored, or feeling a bit sad, or anxious, or because something cute caught my eye at random (*cough* t-shirt *cough*). To make it more likely I will succeed at this challenge I need things to do when I feel like shopping, distractions to stop me from hitting that checkout button.

So far I have come up with reading one of the many books that are in this apartment, writing cards or letters to people, exercising, trying to read the cat’s mind, cleaning (let’s be honest, this one probably won’t happen but I feel like it is expected to be on the list), and practice my knitting (I am learning and need all the practice I can get). Did you notice what all these things have in common? Well, except for trying to read the cat’s mind that is.

Hands. They are all things that will keep my hands busy. Busy so they can’t be tapping the screen of my iPad or typing on my laptop, busy so I am physically engaged in an activity that will not only keep my brain somewhat occupied but also my body. I find if I can keep one of those two busy I am less likely to engage in a behaviour I am trying to avoid, if I can keep both busy I do an even better job of it.

If you have any suggestions for things I can do instead of shop feel free to share them!

April 22 2020

Striker thinks spending more time petting him is an excellent way to stay busy, so looks like I’m adding that to my list…the top of my list if Striker has anything to say about it!

My Coach Experience Part 2

2 Jun

After I wrote a post a week or so ago about my horrible experience shopping with Coach via their customer service line I did something I have never done, I emailed the company and in my email I added the link to the post I had written.

If ever I needed proof the written word can at times have power, that did it, because in less than 24 hours I had a voicemail from a gentleman at Coach wanting to talk to me about my shopping experience.

Go fig.

We played phone tag for a couple days but did eventually manage to speak on the phone. He wanted some more details about what happened. He explained why it happened, then said that is no excuse and they are looking in to things, and apologized. He also said they were refunding the entire cost of the bracelet and that refund should show up on my credit card within the next 3 days.

Pretty awesome, am I right?

2016-05-18 21.40.37

I really didn’t expect them to do anything, let alone respond to my email with anything more than an email saying we got your complaint and am forwarding it on to the appropriate department so I was impressed with the speed at which they phoned me. I was even more impressed with the refund.

Apparently, if you call Coach after business hours the call doesn’t go to the Coach call centre it goes to a call centre that they outsource to. My guess is it is cheaper to outsource evening and overnight calls to people not working at Coach because then they don’t have to worry about things like benefits, and handling such a large work force etc. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no they aren’t outsourced to a call centre outside of America, I was talking to Americans every time I phoned, so don’t even try to climb on to that soap box about outsourcing cause it won’t fly with this incident. πŸ˜‰

But yeah, they outsource and the gentlemen I spoke to said that even though it is not Coach employees handling the evening phone calls they are still held to certain standards and the other company had been contacted so the phone call could be pulled and listened to and the employee dealt with. Which sounds ominous but I’m sure will result in nothing more than a quick “mute the phone so customers don’t hear you yawn” comment on her next evaluation, shrug. Can’t be expecting miracles lol

So yeah, I thought I would update all of you and let you know that while my shopping experience with Coach was horrible, the follow up and fixing of the problem was handled with speed, manners, and generosity. Oh, and a compliment! The gentleman I spoke to apparently actually read my post and said I write quite well…probably something that given the circumstances didn’t make him all that happy lol πŸ˜›

My Missing Books

1 Jun

Oh geez. I have not had the best luck with online shopping lately, which surprises me because I prefer to shop online and usually it goes smoothly. But alas, I suppose I was due for some bad luck with online shopping, keeping the scales balanced an all that.

I ordered a book from Chapters online, it is for my dad as a super late birthday present and I ended up buying a book for myself because as the online checkout pointed out I only had to spend $8 more to get free shipping and hey, isn’t spending $15 more and getting a book a better deal than spending that money on shipping? πŸ˜‰ Gotta love a book lovers logic!

So yeah, I ordered the books, knew they were due at my place around the end of the month and impatiently waited the delivery. I got home Monday and saw the cardboard box that is what Chapter’s books always come in but the entire box was inside a plastic bag from Canada Post.

It looked like this…

2016-05-30 17.06.51

Now, the writing on the Canada Post plastic bag mentioned my package was found damaged in the mail system…it wasn’t damaged, it was empty! The books were gone! The box was in perfect condition, except for the whole nothing-inside-the-box issue. I was momentarily rendered speechless, I mean c’mon, I went from excitement that the books had arrived to shock that the box was empty to freaking out about where the hell the books were.

I called Canada Post and got left waiting since they were experiencing “higher than normal call volumes”, a claim I never ever believe lol The automated system eventually prompted me through a bunch of menus and one of them was selecting an option for a damaged parcel. As soon as I selected that option the automated voice informed me that only the sender can open a claim if a parcel is damaged, sigh. Instead of waiting for a person who would most likely tell me the same thing as the machine I hung up and called Chapters and got the most helpful person! πŸ™‚

Apparently because the parcels they mail go out in bulk some of the boxes sometimes end up getting opened because the glue isn’t quite dried and the boxes rub against each other and that ends up opening the seal.

All I did was explain I got the parcel but it was empty and boom! She made a duplicate order and sent out the same two books at rush delivery, no cost to me. Yay! In case you were wondering I did have the option to get a refund but why would I do that when I still wanted the books? lol Oh, and in true Canadian fashion the lady who helped me apologized multiple times even though it wasn’t her fault – customer service skills people! πŸ™‚

The problem was solved so quickly it barely caused me any stress but I do feel badly for the two lost books. Out there, alone, exposed to who knows what kind of elements, its sad and I hope the books find a good owner who takes good care of them. Which yes, I know, makes me sound crazy but hey, no judging! I take excellent care of my books and for all I know those two books are in the care of someone who is folding down the pages, or bending the covers, or letting them get wet! *fans face* I have to stop thinking of the horrible possibilities lest I faint! πŸ˜‰


My Coach Experience

24 May

Oh boy, talk about an online shopping experience taking up way too much of my time and energy *rolls eyes*

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?…you might want to get a fresh cup of tea for this…

I saw an item that I wanted to get for my friend for her birthday, it is from Coach and was only available on the website so I decided screw the horrible exchange rate, I’m buying it. Now, I am weak and saw a bracelet I loved and on a whim decided to tack that on to the order also. The website wouldn’t accept my delivery address postal code for some reason so I called in, explained I was having issues with the website, and asked if I could place the order over the phone. The lady said yup.

That has got to be one of the worst customer service phone calls I have ever had…

She kept yawning while talking, and muttering about her computer not working so she’ll just leave a note for someone about that, she took forever, at one point she did something that wiped all the information she’d already put in so we had to start over. I don’t know if she is new or Coach just has horrible training for their call centre employees or what but eesh! Then she tells me the bracelet I want is out of stock, but it is clearly showing on the website as being available. I asked if it was possible the one the website was showing was in my “shopping basket” was the last one and should I close the tab so it cancels the online order I had been trying to place to free it up and she said I could try, so I did, and after she did something on her end she said she had the bracelet on my order. So okay, it took forever, she was horrible at her job, but I got both items ordered, had to pay through the nose for shipping, was told I would have the items in 3-5 business days and voila, shopping done!

I was told I couldn’t get the tracking number yet because it isn’t generated by the system until the items are removed from the warehouse but if I want to call back the next day I can get the tracking number then. Seems fair.

I called the next day, explained I was just wanting the tracking number, the lady I spoke with (different lady than the original call) pulled up my order and said it was showing as “pending” and she had no idea why it wasn’t processed yet and I had to call back during regular business hours because there is nobody there in the evenings who can check on that for me.

Annoying, and concerning, why is it pending? She has noooooo idea, and didn’t really seem to care, so fine whatever, I’ll call back tomorrow.

I call back the next day and get my first nice Coach customer service person! I told her the order was showing as pending and I was wondering what was wrong with it blah blah blah, she pulls it up, says it has processed through and there is a tracking number now. She doesn’t know why it took longer than normal to process but it is on its way. Yay!

I wait about a week and go online to check the tracking (it is with DHL) because the package hasn’t shown up yet and I’m wondering where it is.

DHL shows there is a problem with the delivery address and they have been trying to reach me and are now waiting for the customer to contact them.

What the hell? Nobody tried to reach me! And what address problem? So I call DHL to find out what is wrong and they said (1) the delivery address doesn’t exist and (2) the phone number they had for me didn’t work. So we compared information and it turns out Miss. Yawning While Working wrote down the delivery address wrong, the building number is 3633 and she wrote 3622…which is not a place. Then for the phone number, the last digit in my phone number is a 7 and she put it down as an 8. Grr. So DHL had been sitting on my package for daaaaaays because of this and were at the stage where they were about to send it back to Coach. They couldn’t ship it to the correct address without Coach filing some paperwork confirming the proper address so the DHL lady suggested I come pick it up because it would be the fastest solution. Annoying, but fine. They agreed to move the package to a DHL location near me and told me that would take 24-48 hours and I should call back to confirm it had arrived at the new location in 2 days.

As soon as I was off the phone with DHL I called Coach and complained. I actually got a second nice person, she kept putting “Miss” in front of my first name and she had a slight accent and I decided I liked her lol She took a look at the order, listened to me bitch, stayed calm and handled things well. I pointed out I had to pay $26 American for shipping, which turned in to way more in Canadian dollars and they were waaaay past the 5 business days the package was supposed to take, all because Miss Yawning While Working was incapable of inputting simple numbers accurately. She agreed it was not acceptable and refunded me my shipping charges which I thought was fair.

48 business hours later I call DHL and my package is where it should be so I go pick it up. Finally! After 2 weeks of dealing with Coach and wondering where my over priced items are I finally have them!

Well, jokes on me! I opened the shipping box and inside are two very nicely wrapped boxes, the one with the bracelet looked like this…

Cute right? I opened it and there was this little sticker on the tissue and the bracelet itself was in a dust bag…

Then…then I opened the dust bag…and that is when the pictures stopped because they sent me the wrong freakin thing!

The bracelet comes in black or brown, I ordered black, Miss. Yawing While Working sent me brown.

This woman really needs a new job…

It may not seem like a big deal but the brown one was ugly, ugh, I wouldn’t wear that in a million years.

So once again I call Coach, I get a lady not as bad as some of the others I have spoken to but someone who definitely didn’t care about customer service, or not sounding bored out of her skull, and she said best she could do was put one on hold at a location that is semi-near me and I could go exchange them. At this point I was so done with having to deal with the call centre that I said yes.

The next day I go traipsing to the store, walk in mentally preparing for battle, and meet the two nicest people ever. There were two sales people near the door when I walked in, I explained I was there to swap a bracelet and they instantly knew who I was, called me by name, offered me water, one stayed with me to chat while the other went to get the right bracelet. They both apologized for what I had to go through with the call centre, they had nothing to do with it and yet they apologized! They printed me out a receipt for the bracelet showing Canadian dollars so if I have to bring it back I have a store receipt which will make it easier. Then the lady corrected all the address and phone number mistakes in their computer system because with all the phone calls I made to Coach’s call centre, and all the times I explained to different people there the situation, and all the different call centre reps that looked at my order, not one of them bothered to correct the shipping address information or correct the last digit of my phone number. Nice huh?

The lady at the store also told me that if there is ever an item I want on the website that isn’t in the store to tell her and she can order it in to the store, saving me from (1) dealing with that horrible call centre again (2) saving me from paying duty and (3) saving me from paying shipping. Niccccce! πŸ™‚

Overall I am not impressed with Coach. Considering how much they charge for their items and the fact that they market themselves as a luxury goods provider, you’d think they’d have people working in the call centre that provided a higher level of customer service, and a consistent level of customer service! I called them 5 or 6 times and of those 5 or 6 times only 1 of those people was actually friendly and nice and pleasant to deal with, there was 1 other person who wasn’t bad but wasn’t amazing, just average, which is fine, and the rest of them were different levels of bad, all of them being topped by Miss. Yawning While Working.

Never again, never again will I order from their website or deal with their call centre, too much drama for moi!

Oh, in case you were wondering, this is what the correct bracelet looks like…

2016-05-24 01.07.022016-05-24 01.09.03

It is a surprisingly hard bracelet to get a good picture of lol but trust me, it’s pretty. πŸ™‚

Shallow Moment Happening…Right Now!

17 Jan

Ahahahahahaha I just finished jumping up and down, doing a little (ok, big!) butt wiggle of a dance and aaaalmost silently squealing like a little girl!

Guess whose online purchases showed up in the mail todaaaaaay?

Yay for new stuff! πŸ˜€

This whole delayed gratification thing? Totally worth it! wOOt! wOOt!

My jacket was waiting on the doorstep when I left my place today to go to work, I took the package with me but left it in my car while I was working, drove me nuts I couldn’t open it right away lol When I was off work I drove to a friend’s house, she has a pair of snow pants that she was willing to let me have (provided they fit of course) because she’d bought a new pair and this pair was still in excellent condition but obviously she doesn’t need two pairs.

Purple and green, awesome combo!

Purple and green, awesome combo!

I was kinda worried, ok, really worried I’d be too fat for them. KR is way tinier than me and even though she was replacing these pants because they were way too big for her I was still worried what was way to big on her would be too small on me. I was all prepared to be mad at myself when I tried them on and they didn’t fit but guess what?? Not only do they fit, they are a bit loose! OMG yay!! Even though she didn’t want any money for the pants no way could I not give her something for them (brand new they would cost around $200 and these were in such good shape she could have easily sold them for $100). She finally said $50 which duh, oh course I said yes to but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna give her a bit more than that cause they are so awesome and she’s doing me such a huuuuge favour.

Then, when I got home waiting for me on my doorstep were my new boots from Aldo, sweeeet! They fit perfectly, super comfy, nice n cozy, I can’t wait to wear them out! πŸ™‚

They are finally all miiiiiine!

They are finally all miiiiiine!

So now I am dying to go to the mountain and try out my new gear, I wanna break in the jacket and snowpants and my snowshoes oh-so-badly but alas, I hafta work tomorrow so no going to the mountain for me. Boo! I’ll be going this coming week on my days off for sure!

The boots however are not meant for snowshoeing, nope, they are meant for fashion so I’m pretty darn sure I’ll be finding a way to wear those suckers, oh I dunno, tomoorrow? lol πŸ˜›

Delayed Gratification

16 Jan

Online shopping teaches us a valuable lesson. It teaches us that sure when you press “purchase” you may get that excited feeling in your tummy because you just bought something awesome but that doesn’t mean you’ll get to enjoy that item right away, not like when you go shopping in a store.

Oh delayed gratification, how you taunt me!

Recently I boughtΒ boots, boots that I have been wanting for months and months. I patiently stalked the boots online, waiting until they were at a sale price I could afford and when they were reduced in price I pounced! I quickly put a pair of those boots in my online shopping cart, hit the checkout button and presto! I became the proud owner of a pair of kick ass boots. Wellll, an owner in name only since they didn’t just magically jump out of my computer screen onto my lap. Nope. They are in transit somewhere, sloooooowly making their way to me. Ok fine, not that slowly, I’m just impatient so the 3-5 business days it will take to get those boots feels like forever. I know I know, first world problems *rolls eyes*

2014-01-15 00.04.52

The other day, I bought a jacket, yup, I was online shopping again. I can vaguely justify this purchase because I have been trying since November to find a jacket and snow pants for snowshoeing and have been having miserable luck with it. I have basically stopped looking in the stores because the jackets they put on sale only seem to be in extra-small size and even then they cost $300 and up. How is that a sale price?? And how is it that everyone is ok with the cost of winter sports gear?? It’s ridiculous! So yeah, every week or so I check online for jackets and snow pants. I haven’t been too rushed because we’ve had a depressing lack of snow on the mountains this year so even if I had all my gear I wouldn’t be able to go snowshoeing yet. The lateness of the snow kinda worked in my favour that way. Well, guess who got snow? Yup, us! WooHoo! Rain in the city, snow in the mountains, finally! Only problem is now I wanna get my ass up to the mountain but can’t cause I don’t have the right clothes to go through the trails on my snowshoes without freezing, or coming out drenched lol.

I found a jacket, my size, on sale, and if I signed up for the email list from the company I’d get an additional discount on my purchase aaaand they were having a “spend x amount of money get free shipping” promotion. The sale price and the free shipping were both ending the next day so I felt mildly pressured to buy! buy! buy! Even though I hated the idea of buying a jacket online I hadn’t tried on it seemed this was going to be the only way I could get one so out came the credit card and boom! I increased my debt load. πŸ˜›

I was all excited the next day, thinking how I bought a new jacket blah blah blah but the excitement faded when I realized there was no real point in telling anyone about it since I couldn’t actually describe it except for what I read in the description and saw in the pictures. I can’t talk about how good it fits (hopefully it does!) or how I love the colour (it might not look the same in person) or how warm/waterproof/epic it is cause I haven’t actually had a face-to-jacket experience yet. It’s kinda driving me nuts lol

You know where else you have to cope with delayed gratification? Weight loss. Getting in shape. Changing to a healthy lifestyle. Building muscle. Whatever your plan is, whatever your final goal is, whatever you want to call it…they all teach us about delayed gratification cause duuuude, none of that stuff happens overnight, sadly. πŸ˜›


You may change to healthy eating habits and follow them religiously, you may start a work out plan and never deviate from it, you may do or change any or all aspects of your life to achieve whatever changes to your body you want to achieve but the changes won’t happen overnight, they won’t even happen within a month, you just have to trust in what you are doing and wait. Wait for the changes to be visible in the mirror, visible to other people, visible to your critical judgement of your body.

That waiting can be hard. That waiting can invite doubt, skepticism, impatience, it can invite all kinds of things that are hard to battle. You may start to think you are doing something wrong, that you are failing because you don’t see changes yet, you may be tempted to go back to your old way of eating, your old way of not exercising, you may think what does it matter when all those changes you made to your lifestyle aren’t creating change to your body.

This is where patience comes in. The same patience I have to attempt to have so I don’t go nuts about the boots and jacket that are en route to me through the postal system is the same patience I have to try to hold on to when looking at my body and being upset I don’t see changes to it despite having made changes to my eating and/or exercising.

I have to attempt to be realistic about the process. I can’t expect the boots or jacket to show up on my doorstop the next day just like I can’t expect my body to be instantly slimmer and toned because I made changes to my diet and exercise regime last month. The changes that have begun are internal, I’m sure my innards are getting healthier even if my outer body isn’t showing much difference.

Something else I have to remember is to stop being so hard on myself when I don’t see those changes right away. I am impatient. I want to wake up tomorrow and look exactly how I want to look even though I know that is impossible, I’m sick of working at it, fighting for it, I want the results to be here already. When I look in the mirror and see the results aren’t here yet I start to call myself names, put myself down, think poorly of myself. I judge myself more harshly then anyone else ever could, I know all the right buttons to push, all the best mean comments to make, all the areas I am most sensitive about to criticize. I am my worst critic. I am my meanest judge. I am my biggest doubter.

And I have to stop that.

I have to trust that I will get there, that one day I will look in a mirror and like what I see, or at least not hate it. Just like I know the boots and jacket will eventually arrive I have to have faith that the changes I am working for will eventually be visible. Otherwise I’ll spend my whole adult life hating my body and that is just a waste of my time. πŸ˜›


9 Jan

Way back before Christmas there were a pair of boots being sold at Aldo that I was lusting after the same way a fat kid lusts after the last chocolate in a box. I wanted those boots!

Yay for boots!

Yay for boots!

See the pic of them? Aren’t they so purdy? πŸ˜€

They were on sale when I looked at them prior to Christmas but were still too pricey for me. Being the girl that I am I then checked the price of the boots during boxing week sales but they were still too pricey! Mean ol Aldo pricing things I want too high! *pout*

Tonight when I was going through my email I had an email flyer from Aldo, I get them all the time, talk about being bombarded from a company but since I love looking at shoes I guess I don’t totally mind lol I of course went directly to these boots to see if they were on sale, well, on better sale then they were the last time I checked and guess what? S.A.L.E!! Way better sale then the previous discount price! Yay! The boots were in my price range! So guess who immediately purchased a pair? Yup, this girl. πŸ˜€ They should be here in 3-5 business days. I am grateful Canada Post is still delivering to houses lol

I was so excited to buy the boots I didn’t check my bank balance prior to making the purchase. Aldo gives you the option of paying online using your debit card so you can avoid using a credit card, I prefer this option because then I can only buy the item if I actually have the money for it instead of putting it on a credit card and pretending I can afford to shop lol Well uh, *clears throat* I didn’t check my bank balance before pressing the “purchase” button, I checked it after and uh, crap, I should not have bought the boots *rolls eyes* I’m soooo happy I already did my grocery shopping lol now I just have to make it to payday without buying anything! lol Hmm, that’s only…8 days away…could be worse lol πŸ˜›

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