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No Longer Am I That Girl, sigh.

12 Dec

So, I am no longer the girl who can say “I have lost 21.6 pounds so far” nope, that’s not me. And why is that not me? Cause I had a week of either eating way too many points or way not enough points and I gained weight…yeah, you read that right…I gained.   😦 With the weight I gained this week I have now only lost 20.8 pounds total. And yeah I know, I shouldn’t say “only” but that’s how it feels, like an only. sigh.

Least I didn’t gain so much I have a total lost under 20 pounds cause that would just be an epic fail and worth way more then 1 sad face emoticon.

This weekend has been an odd one. Friday was partying with friends to celebrate a bday, I drank water all night cause I was driving and didn’t want to deal with figuring out the points involved in drinking, lol. Go figure, I am way sober cause I don’t want to have to figure out the points for a drink, *rolls eyes*, sometimes I am definitely special. lol. Saturday was chillin, gift wrapping, and nannying for two highly evil demonic children. I am not even kidding about the demonic…altho maybe it’s more like psychotic. shrug. Either way, I am never going back to that house again! The oldest of the two boys threatened to hit me with a broom, a broom! WTF?!?! Grr. Then today was sleeping in, shopping, errands, and eventually home to have a relaxed dinner and cup of tea. Ahhhh, the best part of the weekend! lol.

I’m not sure why but the past couple days I just wanna eat, sigh, not huge meals or anything, I just want to snack. shrug. I bought some dark chocolate peanut M&M’s when I was out shopping – I couldn’t seem to help it, but I haven’t cracked them open yet so least that’s something. sigh. I keep wanting to just grab a nibble of this or a bite of that – you get the idea…it’s damn annoying! What’s worse is I am not even hungry but if someone put some kind of nibbly anywhere near me right now I’d more then likely nibble, willpower be damned! lol

Today I ate:

1 cup cooked oatmeal = 2 points

3 tbls maple syrup = 2 points

3 tsp brown sugar = 1 point

2 pieces toast = 2 points

1 tbsl light peanut butter = 2 points

1 werther’s chocolate = 1 point

6 chicken strips = 8 points

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

2 tbls honey mustard sauce = 1 point

1 thinsations yogurt covered pretzels = 2 points

Total points eaten is 21. 🙂

The chicken strips are a new and yummy find. 🙂 They are from Safeway and are the Safeway Eating Right brand, 3 strips = 4 points. Now, normally I would only eat 3 of them at a time, along with some veggies but I had a lot of points left over by the time I was making dinner and I was quite hungry so I figured I’d eat 6 and see how it went. lol. They are quite good. They are not deep fried or trans fatty or any of that stuff. So…kinda healthy chicken strips…well, the healthiest you’ll ever get I s’pose. Normally I could never afford them, they are like $12 for a box! But my parents rock and sent me a gift card for Safeway so I bought the strips when doing my normal grocery shopping. 🙂 I figure they are a good investment since there are like 8 servings in a box, so 8 meals for $12, that’s good isn’t it? I am also trying to buy things that will last in the freezer till I get back from my christmas vacation – I will be crazed broke when I get back after christmas so I am planning ahead for that and buying things I can eat then, so frozen stuff, canned stuff…ya know, non perishable stuff.  Ah the joys of planning ahead, lol. 😀

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