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Inflated Tummy and Tent-Like Clothes

30 Nov

So, when I am at home you’d never know I lost weight. I wear all the same lounging-around-the-apartment clothes as before which were oversized way back then. I like baggy clothes when I am chillin at home and sleeping, I don’t feel self-conscious because I figure sure it looks like I am wearing a tent-like item but at least you can’t for sure see my rolls. lol. I just am not comfortable in form fitting (aka tight) clothes. Also, I feel like oversized comfy clothes are warmer then form fitting comfy clothes…I don’t know why, since I’m pretty sure this thinking is wrong, but whatev, it’s in my head and I see no reason to change that thinking pattern. 😛

The thing is, sometimes I will catch a glance of just my face in a small mirror and think, huh, my face might have slimmed down a bit. I am not sure it did, I mean come on it’s my face, not like I can exercise it, but maybe my cheekbones are a bit more prominent? But then I go to the washroom and see myself in front of a larger mirror and there is this possibly slimmed down face on top of a body wearing a tent that has no shape. It’s weird, and always make me think I haven’t really changed at all and my whole face slimming theory is crap.

It’s not demoralizing exactly, cause I know the clothes are oversized, but it can mess with my head a bit. Since a big part of weight loss has to do with your head and where it’s at, this messing with it can cause some issues. I think because I am aware of the screwy-ness of my thinking I am safe from it reeking havoc with my eating plan but sometimes it would be nice to catch a glimpse of myself in front of a mirror and not think “oh there I am in my tent” lol. My way around this is every night I indulge in a weird routine. *rolls eyes* After I have washed up I tug my shirt up a bit and turn to the side so I can see my tummy in the mirror, then I turn to look at the front view and the back view…just to see how the budha belly, back fat and side rolls are looking…uh, btw, it’s not looking all that great. 😛 Most of my weight is coming off my ass and upper thighs, weird, I know! shrug.

This is perhaps the worst time of day to do something like this, lol, after all, it’s been an entire day of eating and sitting and whatever-ing so I am…what’s a nice way to put this…inflated. 😛 I think this little routine has a higher chance of messing with my head then wearing the tent-like clothes and yet, not stopping. *rolls eyes*

So what did I eat today…

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 bowl weight watchers soup = 0 points

1 weight watchers english muffin = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt = 2 point

mixed raw veggies = 0 points

1 cup Fire Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup = 2 points

1 open faced sandwich

    – 1 weight watchers hamburger bun toasted = 2 points

    – 2 cheese slices = 2 points

    – 4 slices deli turkey = 1 point

    – baby spinach and mustard = 0 points

3 Lifestyle shortbread cookies = 3 points

1 Werther’s chocolate candy = 1 point

Total points eaten 21, yah! 🙂

I ate a bit earlier then normal, well, ok, that’s not accurate, dinner was around my normal time but my evening snack was early which means I got hungry again and have no more points. Durn. So, for the last 2 hours or so my tummy has been having low level grumbling and  I refuse to even look at the kitchen let alone go in it for fear I will break down and eat something. Sucky-ness. I wonder if my tummy will look less inflated cause I am hungry…hmm, something to check for in my night time routine! hehe.


A Better Week So Far

29 Nov

This week is already starting off better then last week, Yah! 😀 😀

It’s Monday so I had Zumba class after work, I didn’t get to go last week cause of being sick so it was really great getting to go this week. 🙂 There were new moves and new music this week and the ab section was all standing up exercises this time, normally the ab section is done on the floor, change is good! It makes it fun to go cause you know it’s not gonna be the same moves an music every week and it keeps your body from losing the benefits of the exercise, screw you muscle memory! ha! 😉

Also, I have eaten well for 3 days straight, no flex points for moi! I did eat my exercise points tho, but that’s ok. 🙂

So, today I ate:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 small banana = 1 point

1 green apple = 1 point

1 bowl weight watchers veggie soup = 0 points

1 weight watchers english muffin = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow cheese = 1 point

1 Activia Yogurt = 2 points

mixed raw veggies = 0 points

1 Cup Fire Roasted Sweet Pepper and Tomato soup = 2 points

1 open faced sandwich = 5 points

    – 1 weight watchers hamburger bun toasted (2)

    – 4 slices deli turkey slices (1)

    – 2 cheese slices (2)

    – baby spinach leaves, mustard (0)

1 piece bread = 2 points

1 tsp margarine = 1 point

1 tbls light peanut butter = 2 points

4 Lifestyles shortbread cookies = 4 points

Exercise Points Earned = 3 points

Total points eaten = 24, but that’s all good cause that’s 21 daily points and 3 exercise points. Perfecto! 😀

I totally copied my dinner today from a friend’s lunch at work that she had last week. lol. It’s an open faced sandwich with cheese, turkey slices, some baby spinach leaves on top and a bit of mustard – practically a work of art! It is soooo good. 🙂 I had it yesterday too. I have never been one to embrace open faced sandwiches, I don’t know why really, I just prefer my sandwiches closed, shrug, but since turkey is so low points wise and the spinach leaves are zero it made sense to do the sandwich open. I should’ve taken a picture it was that good! lol

Oh, so, I kinda cheated on sunday – not food wise! But scale wise. lol. I cheat with the scale so often it’s almost ridiculous. *rolls eyes* My rule is I weigh myself on saturdays, no sooner no later, but quite often I weigh myself on sunday as well cause I don’t like what I saw on saturday and I want to see if the next day is better. lol. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. shrug. Well, here’s what happened this past weekend. Saturday I weighed in and was the exact same as the previous week, sucky but my own fault, sigh, well, on sunday I was down 0.8 pounds, yah! That means that as of sunday I am 0.2 pounds away from hitting the 20 pounds lost mark, wOOt! However, I decided to not count the 0.8 pounds loss the scale showed sunday cause this way, next saturday when I weigh in my results will be that much more exciting! Right? Well, as long as the weight keeps going down it’ll be that much more exciting, lol. Since I seem to have found my willpower again I think I will be ok and have a good weigh in this coming saturday but who knows what will happen? Ooooh, the suspense of the unknown future! haha.

Fat Day? HA! Try Fat Week!

27 Nov

You know those days where you just feel fat…not for any reason (or at least not always for a reason) you just sometimes wake up and feel fat. 😛 Those days suck but you know if you get through it the next day will be better…well, not this time. sigh. This whole week I have felt fat, fat and getting fatter. It’s not been fun!

My clothes are all still fitting big so it’s not that, it’s that I kept screwing up my eating and was sick last monday so I didn’t go to Zumba. sigh. I didn’t think missing one exercise class would be such a big deal but it really affected me…in a bad bad bad kinda way.

I had two really bad eating days, one where I used ten flex points and one where I can’t even calculate how many points I ate cause I can’t get nutritional info for the restaurant but my approximation of points was frickin scary. Then I had days where I went over by a little, so like a point or two, which normally I am ok with cause in total for the week I’ll end up using like 7 flex points and I am good with that…but I was so in a different level of flex points usage this week…and it has made me feel icky.

So, what does that mean? It means this whole week I have felt fat. I don’t care for this feeling and want it to go away. *stomps foot* I used to always feel fat, I barely noticed the sensation because I felt it all the time but once the weight starting to (sloooowly!) come off I started to feel…well, not fat but big I guess…yeah, that seems right, I downgraded myself to big. lol I don’t like being back at feeling fat. 😦 It has made me want to just say “fuck it” and dig in to something high calorie, stop at McD’s for dinner, go to a restaurant and get dessert, gorge on pasta…something! I didn’t do any of those things, which is good, but I am not sure what stopped me, which is not good. It wasn’t will power, it wasn’t knowing I have a goal and working towards it, it wasn’t anything…I just somehow wasn’t able to do any of those things this past week…not for lack of wanting to tho!

I had hoped my weigh in this week would re-enforce the weight loss plan…after all, from last weeks weigh in I only needed to lose 1 pound to hit a total weight loss of 20 pounds…so, get ready for it, this week I lost…*drum roll*…0 pounds! That’s right, you did read that correctly, I lost nothing. 😦 I didn’t gain…and I remind myself of that everytime I think of how I didn’t lose, but…I didn’t lose!!!!  😦 I know I don’t deserve to lose this week, after those two really bad food days, no exercise, and multiple days where I used a couple flex points here and there I should be couting my lucky stars I didn’t gain but I am selfish and wanted to lose more weight, sigh. And to make it worse I had multiple days where at the end of the day I still felt hungry, not “peckish I am bored and want to nibble” hungry but “my stomach is growling I could eat a meal” hungry. Why??? That just can’t be right!

I have no answers to my yelled-out-to-the-universe question except for this…my body was used to eating it’s points and that was it, sure I used some flex points but not a lot and not on a regular basis so my tummy knew what to expect portion wise and it got used to it. This past week I had two days where I ate the way I used to, huge meals, high in calories, way more then what my tummy/body needs and now that my system has had a reminder of what it used to get it is feeling cheated out of all that fatty, high calorie, yummy tasting food. After all, foods I now consider total-exception-treats are what I used to eat all the time…it’s no wonder my body wants to go back, my old eating habits may not have been healthy but they sure were tasty! lol It’s like I teased my body and now it is getting payback, sigh, and we all know payback is a bitch!

Today I ate:

1 cup cooked oatmeal = 2 points

3 tbls maple syrup = 2 points

3 tsp brown sugar = 1 point

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

1 tbls raspberry jam = 1 point

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

I Uncle Ben’s Sweet n Sour quick meal = 7 points

Total eaten is 19 points. Oops.

I didn’t mean to eat under my points, I was at a nannying job (which is why I ate the microwavable Uncle Ben’s dinner thing – easy to take and make!) and I forgot to take my thinsations snack so after I ate my dinner I was kinda screwed. There were snacks there but everything I could find was really high in points, something I wouldn’t like, or something I didn’t feel comfie eating (it’s hard picking from someone elses kitchen what to eat, shrug) I did nibble on some raw carrots, but those don’t cost any points…and I did dip two of the carrots in a dill dip but no way was that enough dip to use up 2 points, lol, my solution to this is I am gonna grab s’thing little to eat once I am done typing this up. I normally try not to eat this late but my tummy is rumbling and hey, I have two points left, damn straight I am gonna use em! 😀

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

25 Nov

Snoooooow Day! My first contact with a person today was when SB from work called to see if I was going to work, I believe her question went something like “what are we gonna do with all this snow?” – at that point I was running a tad late and was just about to leave my place but had yet to look out a window so I didn’t know what she was talking about. lol. Well, I peeked out my living room curtains and yelped, then said something along the lines of “ah fuck, I don’t wanna go out in that…” Ultimately, both of us ended up at work cause “snow days” are only for kids, grr to kids! lol.

brr, snow.

However, while at work we (“we” being the entire office) kept staring out the wall of windows in shock because of how fast and thick the snow was falling…and a bunch of us kept hoping that the snow would get sooooo bad we’d get to leave early. 🙂 I mean really, the snow was not gonna be that bad that we could easily justify leaving work early, but I have been told that is my outlook on it because I grew up somewhere that gets way worse winter weather then here. lol.

The snow kept up all day, at times it was mixed with freezing rain – joy – 😛 at least in order for it to snow it has to warm up, it was ranging between 0 to -4C all day, not bad at all! For all you Americans that’s 32 – 24.8F 🙂 We were told towards the end of the day we could go home early but by that point I didn’t see any reason to so I stayed my normal shift. shrug.

I find the weather is making me want to eat hot more filling foods – I have a salad in the fridge that I was gonna have for dinner tonight but I just couldn’t do it, I ended up having a wrap filled with cooked veggies and scrambled egg. What I really wanted was a burger on a bun, or a big plate of pasta, or toast – yeah, I know, odd maybe, but I am a bread lover and I’d have killed today for toast with either peanut butter or some jam on it. *big dramatic sigh* lol. If I thought toast would have filled me enough as a dinner I so would have gone with that!

Something else I noticed this week, my lunches are bigger then normal. Ok, tuesday makes sense cause I ate out but the other days? shrug. Something went wrong there. Because of my higher pointed lunches I am going over my points for the day or hitting it right on the mark and while hitting my points exactly is a good thing it’s not so good when you are still hungry! Really not good…uber not good…makes for a cranky hungry redhead…foooooooooooooooood! 😉 heh

I blame it on the weather, it makes me want toast or other heated carbs so I have been eating an english muffin at lunch with my lunches and that is making my lunches way higher in points then normal for me. sigh. I have thawed out the remaining veggie soup and will have that tomorrow for lunch so yah! 0 points for the soup I will eat which means I can eat an english muffin with no worries about being able to eat dinner too. 😀 This is important because after my day job tomorrow I have a nannying job and will have enough time to grab a sub from Subway if I am lucky…if the snow hadn’t plopped down on us I wouldn’t be too worried about my timing tomorrow with grabbing a sub and getting to nannying but people in this city are horrible at driving in snow and go sooooooo slow so I will need way longer to get to the job then normal. *rolls eyes*

This week, food wise, has just been bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. ugh. I feel like I have gained weight and it’s not a happy feeling. It’s partially tempered by wearing a pair of work pants this week that the last time I wore (couple weeks ago) were not snug but were fitting just nice around the waist…the legs/butt area were looser then strictly fashionable but the waist still fit so, shrug, I wore em. Yesterday I grabbed them from my closet when getting dressed in the moring and found that they are now too large, I can hold the waist out an inch or so and they are so loose everywhere else they have now joined a bunch of other clothes in the “can never be worn again” pile. Yah! 😀 But still, I feel like the success that made those pants too large happened prior to this week and that this week I screwed up so much I am gonna gain weight, it’s so depressing. Feeling this way makes me want to eat even more, I am at times an emotional eater and feeling for days and days depressed about how many flex points I have used and that I have screwed up royally makes me want to eat! *rolls eyes* the amount of times this week I almost ate cake or cookies or chocolate or whatever, there have been many temptations and I have almost eaten all of them! Horrible! I had gotten to a point where the temptations didn’t even cross my radar and what happens? I totally dip and now am seeing the temptations everywhere and want them! Argh!

Here is what I ate today:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Lean Cuisine Honey Mustard Chicken = 5 points

1 weight watchers english muffin = 2 points

2 triangles light laughing cow = 1 point

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points


    – 1 weight watchers wrap = 1 point

    – 1 scrambled egg = 2 points

    – 15 grams light shredded cheese = 1 point

    – 1 tbls creole dijon sauce = 1 point

cooked mix vegg = 0 points

1 pckg Jolly Time popcorn = 1 point

Total points eaten is 21. 😀 Least I didn’t go over – feels like a frickin miracle! lol. I still have two more days before weigh in so two more days of feeling like I totally screwed up but not knowing for sure by how much…sucky. 😦

I won’t be posting tomorrow cause of nannying after working all day – sadness, but I’ll be here saturday afternoon to let you know the results of weigh in!

Stupid Germs, blarg!

23 Nov

Last Friday I was chillin with KL and she had a sore throat, not a big deal right? But then we spent a bunch of time outside freezing our arses off, then I was dressed all skimpy that evening in the even colder weather and by Saturday what did I have? Yup, a sore throat. grr. I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t getting sick, my throat just hurt cause of having to talk louder in the bar…makes sense to me! Course, it didn’t explain my throat still hurting Sunday but oh well…that’s just a technicality. lol.

Monday I felt awful (jingle*Yesterday was plain awful!~ you can say that again!~ Yesterday was plain awful, but that’s. not now. that’s then!*jingle) – little bit of Annie anyone? – so, back to the topic at hand, Monday I felt like crap. Sore throat, fever, chills, runny and stuffed nose, achey joints, nausea…so basic ickiness. I didn’t even go to Zumba after work I felt that sick! That pisses me off for many reasons, the first is I spent money on those classes – it’s about ten bucks a class and by not going I wasted ten bucks, grr, also, it is the only exercise I get each week so this could very likely negatively affect my weigh in on Saturday, double grr. Today of course I don’t feel as bad, if the class had been Tuesday night instead I totally would have been able to go, triple grr anybody? Oh, and yup, you read that right, I don’t feel anywhere near as bad today, I had a headache for a while and my appetite is nowhere near as high as normal but I figure the smallness of appetite helps make up for the lack of exercise I got (am getting) this week. Cause let’s be honest, I am not gonna do anything during the remaining week that will make up for the lack of Zumba class…that’s why paid classes are the best bet for me – I gotta go, I’ve made a commitment. Leave it up to me and what do I do? I sit…and chill on the comp or watch tv or read a book…shrug, it’s how I roll. lol.

Today was lunch with AC and peeps from work, it was really great. The first time there has been a work-food function and I have taken part in it since starting weight watchers…man, the food was goooooood! We went for Japanese and there were these awesome lunch specials, all under $8 and all kinds of combos, you could basically have anything. I got beef teriyaki with Philadelphia rolls, it comes with a bowl of rice and a bowl of miso soup and a couple veggies (literallly a couple, I had one small piece of broccoli and a carrot stick, lol) there was also a salad but it was drowned in dressing so I left it alone. lol

Today I ate:

54 grams Fibre 1 = 3 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 bowl sticky rice = 4 points – per 1 cup

1 bowl miso soup = 2 points – per 1 cup

1 serving beef teriyaki = 7 points?

8 philadelphia rolls = 7 points?

2 cups vine ripened tomato soup = 2 points

2 pieces toast = 2 points

2 tsp margarine = 2 points

I am scared to add up that total…sigh…ok, here goes…aw fuck, I ate 31 points today…just shoot me now, eesh. ugh. This weeks weigh in is gonna suck balls. argh. 😦

Some of those numbers are approximates so it could even be worse…this is why I don’t eat out at the work functions! Talk about learning a lesson! sigh.

With the Philadelphia rolls according to the book 2 large rolls are 3 points, my rolls weren’t large, I am not sure if they’d be described as small or medium but I know they aren’t large. shrug. So I figure 3 rolls equal 3 points, one of the rolls was uber small cause it was the end piece so I don’t feel that one should count as 1 point hence my 7 points for 8 rolls.

The beef teryaki, sigh, I thought I would never eat this again cause when I was reading the weight watchers dining out companion one day I noticed how bad that particular dish was so it immediately went on my “never again list”, and yes, I really do have a list like that! But when I was out today I thought what the heck, treat yourself! Moron that I am, eesh. 2 slices, or 4 ounces is 7 points – can you believe that?!?! What I want to know though is what constitutes a slice? I had a small pile of beef on my plate and I’d say maybe one piece of it could be called a slice, the rest was just small randomly sized pieces…uh, no for sure “slices” there. So maybe try to gauge the 4 ounces you may be thinking…well, as much as I weigh all my food at home I don’t carry a scale around with me, lol, and I don’t know what 4 ounces of cooked meat looks like, shrug. I decided to count 7 points for the beef cause sure, I might have eaten more but I really don’t know, shrug…

The soup and rice were easy to look up so I didn’t have to guess about that at least. lol.

I wasn’t going to eat dinner, I thought I’d skip it to save myself some points but my place is so frickin cold all I could think about was getting something warm in me. I decided to eat some Campbell’s V8 Vine Ripened Tomato soup, it is 1 point for 1 cup which is pretty awesome. I don’t know if I would recommend it though, I mean yeah, the points per serving is great but it was a bit bland, and chunky, and there were a couple spoonfuls that had something crunchy in…weird. Personally I prefer smooth tomato soup for starters…and what’s with the crunchy bits? I couldn’t figure out what that was…I should probaby regret the soup, or at least the toast since they put my points for the day up in to the frickin 30’s but I needed something warm, and a bit bland actually cause my stomach is still kinda off. I love toast. Mmm. I should have just had the toast…course I only think of that now! Ah well, least I got a couple veggie servings from the soup. 🙂

Dieters Hell

21 Nov

I found a whole new hell-on-earth, one I never even thought of and therefore was quite unprepared for…

The grocery store during the holiday season *shudder* I never want to go back and yet, it is a place everyone must visit usually once a week.

Why is it a hellish place to be? Simple. Christmas goodies. Oh you know what I mean, all those chocolates, cookies, tins of various sweet treats that all come out this time of year. It’s a dieters hell, even a weight watcher dieters hell cause sure, the program is based on the principle you can eat anything you want you just have to portion it out but really? Do you really think you can buy that box of danish cookies, the tin of seashell chocolates, the cadbury’s chocolate fingers, the ferrero rocher, the Almond Roc, the chocolate orange and all those other things that are now sitting temptingly at the end of every aisle in the grocery store and not blow your diet? Hell no!

They totally took me by surprise, I turned a corner in the grocery store and boom! The empty space that used to be for traffic flow was filled with displays and all those displays were some kind of chocolate or cookie…or cookie chocolate! heh I walked very quickly through that section but I must admit I cast quite a few longing gazes at a lot of those treats. sigh. Oh, and yeah, they were all on sale too! Torture!

So what’s a dieter to do during this loooooooong season? Eat before you shop! lol. Sounds weird but it works. I had just been  out for a late lunch with friends so I was disturbingly full and had no interest in any food, I bought the things on my list and that was it but I know if I had been even a tiny bit hungry it would have been hard to resist picking up something from one of those displays. So my plan for the next, hmm, 7 weeks, is to not step foot in a grocery store unless I am not hungry. Hopefully this works…oh, and the 7 weeks? I figure all the stuff that doesn’t sell will go on sale in the new year so I am enacting this plan through to the second week or so of January. Cross your fingers for me!

Today I ate:

1 Activia = 2 points

1/2 cup cottage cheese = 2 points

1 chocolate glazed timbit = 2 points

White Spot

    – Southwest Bigger Burger (6oz 100% Canadian beef burger with jalapeno jack cheese, marinated onions, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato), oh and to make it worse it comes with a spoonful of coleslaw and a serving of fries – I swapped out the normal fries for sweet potato fries (what can I say, I am weak when it comes to sweet potato fries!)

So, I have no idea the points of that burger, coleslaw and fries, sigh. The restaurant’s website doesn’t have nutritional information which by this point we all know is a bad thing. lol. According to weight watchers 1 fast food burger is 6 points, or if you look at the beef the least healthy beef option in the book (85% lean/15% fat) for 3 oz is 5 points, I know my burger was 6oz so my meat alone may have been 10 points (depending how lean the beef was), the bun was probably 2-4 points (let’s go with 4 just in case) and then there are the toppings, sigh, the onions, tomato and lettuce are zero (small mercies) but the cheese, oh the cheese, that was probably 3 (it was 1 slice but no way in hell that was light cheese like what I buy for at home lol) and the sauce (the mayo), there was about 2 tbls of mayo on that and I highly doubt it was light so there is another 2 points…let’s tally this shall we?

Beef = 10, Bun = 4, Cheese = 3, Mayo = 2, That’s 19 right there, but don’t forget the grease used to cook it all (what, you thought I forgot? lol), so it’s actually higher, then there are the yam fries and the coleslaw. 1/2 cup of coleslaw is 4 points, there was only a spoonful of coleslaw so maybe 2 points worth? The yam fries, well, the ones I make at home are 3 points a serving and the restaurant was a way way way bigger serving then what I get at home, so easy 12 points of fries if not more.

I didn’t eat all the burger, but I did eat most of it, and I eventually ate all the fries, lol, I brought about half of them home and ended up snacking on them later in the evening, double sigh.

I don’t know what got in to me! I went in to that restaurant fully intending to order a salad but it’s so frickin cold out that the idea of a salad was just laughable, I wanted something warm! But did I pick a healthy warm dish? Nope. I followed my friends choices and got a burger. Dummy! Argh!

I will have to be very very careful this week, I never start a week having used so many flex points, it’s a little scary. I am going out for lunch Tuesday with peeps from work, it’s been planned for a while and I can’t get out of it (to be honest I don’t want to either, lol) we are going for Japanese so I have no idea what I will order. Also, it’s a restaurant I have never been to so I don’t know what to expect from the menu…hopefully there are some healthy choices. But other then that lunch I absolutely must stick to my points cause I don’t wanna go over my flex points, not when I am this-close to reaching 20 lbs lost. I wonder if sub-consciously I am self-sabatoging my diet so I don’t reach the 20 lb mark…hmm, something to ponder this week…


20 Nov

Yesterday was an Epic day – in all ways! 😀 😀

It started off with breakfast with KL at the Crepe Cafe, a restaurant that does not provide any nutritional information, grr to that! lol. Restaurants not providing nutritional information has become quite a pet peeve of mine, sigh. So I went online today and googled nutritional information for some of the items in my breakfast so I could at least get an approximation of what I ate. I had eggs benedict with hash browns, yum! And yes I know, point wise it was a bit of a nightmare. lol. The eggs and english muffin I was able to calculate but the hollandaise sauce and back bacon I had to look up. Gotta love the internet!

On I found that for 1.37 ml of hollandaise sauce the points are 6. Now, I have no real concept of what 1.37 ml is…is that a serving? Half a serving? I dunno…so I am couting 6 points for the sauce. Although, the sauce is not classic hollandaise sauce, I know this cause of how it tasted and the texture. It seemed more whipped, lighter, thinner…and to be honest, didn’t taste all that great. It wasn’t not good tasting it just wasn’t the right flavour for the sauce, ya know? It burns my ass a bit that I wasted points on something that doesn’t taste all that good but oh well, it’s done with now. shrug. If I remember I will look at a package of the sauce at the grocery store tomorrow and check out the nutritional info, see if that varies from the website, also, I’ll have a better understanding of the measurement of the serving on the packaging so that should help me to understand better. 🙂

The hash browns, sigh, I ended up using the nutritional information from a restaurant called Perkins Restaurant…I have never heard of them but I am going to assume that most restaurants make their hash browns in a similar manner and serve similar portions…cross your fingers I am right! lol. Nutritional calculator put the hash browns at 2 points per serving, so it could be worse. Oh, and the back bacon, for 3 slices it is 1 point (that is Maple Leaf brand btw), there were 2 slices on each benny but I didn’t eat it all so I figure I maybe ate in total 3 pieces of the bacon but prob not. Either way, it’s only 1 point so that’s fine.

In total, that breakfast cost me 16 points which is absolutely ridiculous! It was a special day though so I am gonna just let it go and forget about it. 🙂

The reason it was a special day? Harry Potter came out!!!! 😀 😀 😀 That was why KL and I met up for breakfast, we went to the 11:15 am showing of Harry Potter and thought we’d eat first. That movie, epic! I won’t say anything specific about it cause I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but let me just say – you should see it! There you go, I will leave you alone now. lol

After the movie KL and I went shopping, her bday was this past wednesday and friday night was gonna be her party so we had to find her something to wear! She already had an outfit but wanted to see if she could find something better. shrug. Makes sense to me. 🙂 I already had an outfit picked out too but she somehow ended up convincing me to buy this dress we came accross and made me promise to wear it to the bar. Now, here’s the thing, I don’t wear dresses, not my thing. I mean, if I absolutely have to I can wear a dress but I don’t. lol. Dressing up for me is wearing nice pants and a well, a nice top. lol. Pair it with some jewellry and voila I am done. I wasn’t allowed to get away with that this time. The dress is kinda simple, it has an empire waist (which is good cause it helps hide my tummy and the full width of my hips!) and it shows off my breasts quite nicely. teehee. Hey, if you got it flaunt it! It has no sleeves so I worried I’d freeze but ah well, sacrifices must be made for fashion. *rolls eyes*. I have been engaged in an epic search for a pair of rockin boots, still looking btw, sigh, if I had found a pair I would have worn them with the dress but instead I wore black tights and black flats. I was pleasantly surprised how good I looked, the 18 lbs lost was totally noticeable in that outfit…and in how I felt in that outift. 😀

Oh, so back to the epic day, after the shopping we each went home, groomed, I scarfed down a salad and some toast, then out to party town I went. I hadn’t decided how much I was gonna drink…it’s a hard decision to make. I was factoring in calories, parking, public transit, temperature, possible hangover, all kinds of things but the deciding factor that actually made my decision for me? I left my place and walked in to a snow storm…well, storm is an exageration but it was snowing and boom! decision made! No way in hell would I be taking public transit, at night, in the cold windy snow falling weather to get to the bar and then repeating that but later at night when it is going to be even colder to get home…not in that outfit! Nuh-uh! So, I drove downtown, got a wicked great parking spot, had one or two drinks right at the very beginning of the night to toast my friend’s bday and then chugged water the rest of the night and danced the night away. I love dancing. 🙂 It’s a good thing that’s how it went down too cause by the end of the night KL was sick, everyone was so amazing plastered, and they all missed the last seabus back to the north shore so they’d of had to spend a fortune to get a cab so I did the dd thing and gave em all a ride home. Didn’t get home till about 3:30am which meant I slept in even later then normal today but I figure that’s better then all of them having to find a way home when they were that drunk. shrug.

All in all, yesterday, like I have said, was Epic. A totally awesome day from beginning to end!

Today…not so awesome. I slept so late that when I woke up I felt sick…weird, huh? If I didn’t know how much I actually drank I’d think I was hungover but I can’t be, sigh, so I am not sure exactly what is wrong. shrug. I have a headache, am tired, felt so incredibly sick to my stomach earlier, ugh, not pleasant. I guess such an Epic day should be followed by a crappy day – the universe has to balance itself out right? lol. I finally managed to be able to eat and for the day am sitting at 16 points total, I am not gonna be able to get any higher cause (1) it’s 11:30pm and when this is done I am gonna go to bed and (2) tummy is still anti food and just couldn’t handle more. Oh, and for all it’s unhappiness I kept wanting to get McDonald’s today, lol, I think cause when I am hung over I would eat either kraft dinner or McDonald’s, I don’t have any KD in the house and McD’s is really close so my brain kept wandering to McD’s, lol, but I decided no cause I don’t feel well and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I would if I was eating it when I felt fine and well, I didn’t want to go driving in the snow just for a big mac lol. So then my brain clicked over at one point to timbits from Tim Horton’s, sigh, and yum. lol. I was contemplating going to Timmy’s and getting 5 timbits cause that would use the rest of my points for the day and I could just sit and vegg while gorging on them but that went out the window cause I didn’t know when they closed and couldn’t find store hours online, if I got all the way there and they were closed I’d have a fit! lol, also, it seemed a stupid way to eat my points and it was just too much effort for my poor headachy body. shrug. So I made some tea and had a weight watcher wrap with some light peanut butter and nutella in it, yum! It fixed my craving for sweet and was easier and cheaper to do. Yah!

I am sure tomorrow will be a more normal day, no recovering or partying or anything, which I think I am looking forward to. But, one more thing before I go…

WEIGH IN DAY!! I wasn’t gonna weigh myself today, what with the crazy day of yesterday but I decided to give it a go and this past week I lost…1 pound! Yah! That means I am at 19 pounds total! 😀 😀 😀 I think 1 pound is great since the whole week I felt off and diconnected to my food choices. I can’t wait to be able to say I lost 20 pounds, hopefully that will be next saturday!

I’m Baaaaaack! Finally!

18 Nov

Holy crap, never have I been so internet deprived – I thought I was gonna cry some evenings I was so at a loss without my modem. Why oh why did the modem have to die?!?! Torture! Complete and total torture! But I survived, the torture is over and I am happily sitting on my couch writing up a blog post while wearing sweats and drinking a cup of tea…oh, my tv is on too and I am doing laundry. See? This is why I need internet at home, not only am I blogging I am doing lots of other stuff – ah the life of multi taskers, what’s a little scary (when you think about it and generally I try not to think about it) is I consider this a relaxing evening but I am doing at minimum 4 things while thinking about all the other things I also have to do…*rolls eyes*…do people ever actually just sit and do nothing? Or sit and do one thing? Like say…just watch tv? Or just read a book? Who knows! Doesn’t really matter cause this blog is not about the lack of relaxing time we have nowadays, it is about weight loss and my progress…sooooooo – let’s recap the past week an a bit! 😀

I discovered French Toast – did I write about that last time? I dunno…and no, I don’t mean I didn’t know what french toast was I just didn’t realize I could fit it in to my eating plan, it’s something I can only eat on the weekends cause (1) it takes too much effort and (2) yes I can fit it in points wise but not on a normal work day cause for the toast and toppings it’s like 10 points – totally yummy and worth the points tho! 😀

I found this yummy Creole Dijon sauce – it’s meant for chicken but I so far I have used it on a hamburger, with chicken, in home made fajitas, on brown rice, in a grilled cheese sandwich…on all kinds of things. 1 tablespoon is 1 point and so far 1 tblsp has been plenty for everything I have put it on. It’s a bit spicy but not too much, really, it’s kinda perfect. 🙂

Last weekend I made vegetarian chili – the recipe is from Yves 

same texture as ground beef - but no dealing with the dead cow, lol.

It uses a Meatless Ground Round (picture to the right) that is quite good. I won’t say it is tasty cause it takes on the taste of whatver spices you cook with so it doesn’t have it’s own taste it steals the taste of what’s around it. The thief! lol. I will repeat what I have said in the past, no, I am not a vegetarian, I just don’t like cooking with meat cause I don’t like handling raw meat so I use this…sometimes. I never would have tried it but when I was living with RA I learned about vegetarian eating – I actually researched vegetarian dishes before we moved in together so I’d have suggestions we could both eat. Aren’t I just so nice? lol.

So, the chili, the best thing about chili is you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Don’t feel like cutting up a fresh carrot? Don’t put it in! Have some frozen veggies? Throw em in! You get the idea. 🙂 I looooove corn in stews an stuff so I put corn in mine, with some mixed frozen veg, I also put in an onion and some canned diced tomatoes. For me it’s the perfect combo of veggies. 😛 I think the only thing I don’t really like about the recipe is that it uses tomato paste to thicken it up…I don’t use tomato paste for any other recipe, ever, so whenever I make the chili I have to buy the tomato paste and then I try to figure out what to do with the rest of it, I inevitably fail in thinking of something and throw it out, sigh. It’s not like the paste is expensive but still, it’s a waste.
The chili has been my lunch everyday this week, it makes six servings, and is 5 points per serving. So, kinda high but it’s so filling you don’t need to pair it with a lot of other things. My first day eating it I paired it with an english muffin, my bad, I used a lot of points for that meal! Smaller dinner to compensate of course, lol.
Last weekend my weigh in day rocked! I lost over a pound 😀 😀 and that brought me to a total weight loss of…get ready for it…18 pounds! wOOt! Isn’t that crazeee? It seems like such a high number, it’s a little mind boggling. I keep looking at myself in mirrors and trying to see the difference in what I look like. I can see it and yet, sometimes I can’t, odd huh? Today I could totally see it with the way my shirt fit, my waist is tucking in a bit more at the sides, probably not all that impressive to others but because I know what it looked like before it pleases me a lot – everytime I went to the bathroom at work I ended up checking myself out in the mirrors, lol. Who knew it was possible for me to become even more vain? 😛
Monday – I had Zumba class and it was way fun but I hurt my back, I am not sure what I did but by Tuesday morning the pain was so bad I couldn’t go to work…mostly cause I could barely move. ugh. I spent the day providing support to my back and keeping heat on it. The heat seemed to help but what I didn’t realize was it was too high and I ended burning my back, great huh? So Wednesday at work I hurt cause of the back pain and I hurt cause of the burn…it was a wonderous day, really. *rolls eyes* I had a nanny job after work so it was a loooong day. I ended up taking the kids swimming so I was sitting in a pool area for a bit over an hour, pool areas are always kept nice n warm and the indirect heat from the room seemed to really help, weird huh?
Thursday (today) – my back wasn’t so bad at the beginning of the day but by the afternoon it was really hurting. Sitting for so long at my desk seems to make it worse so every now and then I’d get up and walk around, it didn’t help a lot but it helped a little. shrug. I’ll take what I can get. lol.
I really wish I hadn’t had to take Tuesday off cause I already booked off this Friday so that’ll be two days this week I don’t get paid, shit. 😦 The reason I took the day off? HARRY POTTER!!! Oh yah baby, I am a HP fan! 😀 😛 My friend KL and I wanted to go to a midnight viewing tonight but couldn’t get tickets, this will be the first time since they started the midnight showings I won’t see a HP movie at 12:01…sadness. I had the Friday booked off cause I knew I’d be useless at work after watching the midnight movie and since KL and I both already had the Friday off we decided to go to a day time showing of the movie on the Friday. So tomorrow at 11:15am I will be sitting in a theatre with KL watching HP – awesome! 😀
Oh, back to the weight loss, my weight has gone down low enough so I am now at 21 points per day. 😀 Seems great right? And it kinda is but this week has been pretty bad points wise, sigh, I keep thinking if I was still at 22 points per day I wouldn’t be using so many flex points, lol, but hey, being at 21 points rocks cause it means I am down another weight category. *happy dance*
So there we go, that caught you up to where I am now. Tomorrow will be a bit of a oops fest points wise cause there is the breakfast planned before HP then that night I am out at a bar with KL and others partying up for her bday, I won’t be drinking a lot cause (1) calories and (2) I take the skytrain back to where I leave my car when I am on my way home so I can’t be drunk or I won’t be able to drive the last leg of my trip home, sigh. I may put off weighing in until Sunday…I’ll see how I feel when I finally get up on Saturday. teehee.

Stupid Modem, Grr!

7 Nov

Stupid frickin modem, I’d say I wish it would die but it already has…last sunday, sigh, which I why I haven’t posted since then. I didn’t quit, I didn’t decide to stop posting, I didn’t decide I had too busy a life to go online every night…I didn’t do or think any of the things you may have thought of. Instead I have been living through my own hell…a life without internet! *gasp*

I have read blog posts where people actually willingly choose to not use the internet for a week, just to see what it is like…what the hell would you want to do that for?!?! I can tell you the result of me not having internet for a week, sucky. 😦 I am way out of touch, haven’t been able to check my hotmail, facebook or blog in 7 looooooong days – oh, and important stuff? Like paying bills? Nope, can’t do that either cause hello? that’s all online now. I got a text from my phone provider to let me know my online bill is ready for viewing, well that’s nice, too bad I can’t SEE it! It get’s even worse, I know, you’re wondering how that is possible, well it has because I am that person who is sitting in a starbucks on a sunday evening with a cup of tea and my laptop typing away…I always make fun of those people, heh, my normal thought process when I see someone in a coffee shop typing away on their laptop goes something like this: “oh look, someone who thinks the world wants to see how busy and important they are that they have to be working on their laptop while taking an expensive coffee break cause they just don’t have time to relax with their drink” well, the thinking usually goes something like that…it’ll depend on how the person looks, I usually give a bit of a break to students cause I remember needing a change of environment when studying – course, even then I didn’t go to starbucks. *rolls eyes* After all that ranting indirectly about starbucks I guess I should be grateful for them cause otherwise I still wouldn’t be able to blog. *sniffle*

I missed writing my daily blog more then I thought I would. This blog has become an integral part of my weight loss and I felt a bit, well, lost without it. Every evening this past week I thought I would go sit in a starbucks with my laptop and write up what has been going on but there just isn’t time. It’s easy enough when I am at home and can sit and type while eating or in between laundry loads or something like that but finding time to go out to sit in a shop all so I can go online? I just don’t have that kind of time in the evenings…which is sad cause that means that I probably won’t be able to blog again until next weekend…or when my new modem shows up in the mail, whichever comes first.

So, hmm, how to cap up the past week…


Zooooooomba! Ok, it’s actually spelled Zumba but I can’t say the name without stretching the sounds out, it’s more fun of a word that way, lol. What is Zumba you ask? “It is a fitness/dance class that combines Latin rhythms with cardio exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training. It uses a variety of styles in its routines, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, flamenco and calypso.”  – case you’re wondering, I quoted that from the class description. lol. I get 6 classes for $60 and that seems fair. The class last monday was a freebie, to sorta intro the class, let you get a feel for it to see if you want to pay, it was loads of fun, the instructor, this uber tiny bouncy full of energy lady was insanely awesome. 😀 When she wanted to change directions or steps or whatever instead of saying “left!” or some other command she did that rolling tongue sound that I haven’t a hope in hell of being able to make. lol. I have never in my life met a more energetic person. At one point I started thinking well sure, she can hop and bounce around like that cause she weighs like 90 pounds, I way considerably higher then 90 pounds so there’s no chance I can do some of what she can do…I was in a bit of a down frame of mind last week so shrug, dark thoughts, anyways, I was able to do all the moves, sure I may not have been as graceful as her (nowhere near as close! lol) and I didn’t get as high in my jumps etc (compared to her it felt like my feet barely left the floor, lol) but ya know what? Who cares! I did what I could, and I will do even better tomorrow, and I had fun. 😀 Oh, and sweeeeet music!

Tuesday thru Thursday:

Nothing really exciting on those days, I stuck to my points, ate a lot of the weight watchers soup (0 points!) for lunch which meant I could have a bagel with lunch and not kill my points, yah! There was left over halloween candy at work, sigh, lots of suckers and hard candies. I checked the nutritional info and found out that these big suckers that were in the candy were 1 point each so I snagged some, hey, every girl needs a hit of sugar sometimes. 😛


Pizza was brought in to work from management to say “Thanks” for all our hard work, ha bloody ha! The entire office is pissed at management. Grr to them! Not only did they cut our staff by three they increased our work load and annouced we aren’t getting a christmas party this year, the most they are springing for is drinks and appetizers at a crappy pub type place after work on a wednesday. Uh, hello? What the fuck is that?!?! They sent out this email saying how we had over $4 billion in profits but we can’t have a christmas party?!?! Fuckers. Grr. So, hehe, we all declined the invitation to the drinks and one of our staff took it upon herself to plan a better party, it’s dinner at a Mexican restaurant on a friday, we all have to pay for ourselves, but whatever, at least we get food and not some cheap ass appetizers.  I have a link to the restaurant and will check it out prior to that evening so I can plan ahead what I am going to eat. I haven’t eaten Mexican since going on weight watchers so I don’t really have any idea just how bad this could be for me but ah well, I’ll save my flex points that week and see how it goes. 🙂

Satuday – Weigh In Day:

Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Weigh in day ROCKED!!!!! I lost 1.8 pounds which means not only did I get to my goal of 15 pounds lost I surpassed it and am sitting at 16.6 pounds lost!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I sooooo bought my full length mirror, teehee, and am going through my closet when I get home. 😀 AND! Not only that but…the second number in my weight has gone down…in other words I am down to 21 points per day instead of 22…in other words this wasn’t any ordinary weigh in day! I haven’t had the second number in my weight be this low in…well, I don’t know how long. But it is there now and I am gonna do my best to get it even lower. 😀

It was so odd, on friday evening I really wanted to weigh myself, I just knew I had lost weight and I wanted to see what the number was at but I resisted cause hello, weighing yourself after a full day of work and eating and well, life, bad idea. So I didn’t weigh myself and when I got up Saturday I was pissed cause I am a girl and I woke up bloated and with cramps and that can totally skew the weigh in. sigh. But even then, before I stepped on the scale I told myself that I don’t care what the scale says, I know without a doubt I lost weight this week and I am buying my mirror no matter what the scale says cause I am not letting being bloated take away my victory, and then the number came up and I was so stunned my mouth dropped open. I was so excited I didn’t want to get off the scale, lol, so I didn’t, I just stood there, staring at the number flabergasted. The second digit had changed?!?! I wasn’t expecting that! Then I started jumping up and down (not on the scale) and to top it off I actually shed a couple tears…this may not seem like a big deal but I am not a cryer but with this, I couldn’t help it, they just leaked out. *rolls eyes at self*

Oh! And! (I know, I can’t believe there is more lol) on the friday after work I went shopping, now I was s’posed to be shopping for my bro’s bday present but I ended up (oddly enough) in the women’s section of some stores that my brother would never shop in, lol, (we don’t share the same taste in clothes at all!) I ended up buying a couple shirts. I know! I wasn’t going to buy anything until I had lost at least 20 pounds but it had been such a crappy week I just wanted to lose myself in stores for a little bit. What I was shopping for didn’t materialize, I wanted a new bag and a pair of boots, but ended up with a new leather wrist strap with some silver studding and two shirts…wait, three shirts…eesh. I don’t really have the money to afford that but it’s done now. Anyways, back to the shirts, one of them fit great, in fact I am wearing it now, one fits a bit snug, well, for my comfort cause I don’t like things that cling but I know by the christmas party it will probably be fine and I will wear it there, but the third shirt…this is the special one, I bought it for headshots cause it’s a dark blue and will look great in pics on me (bring out the blue in my eyes and pop against my uber pale skin) but the reason it is so great? I had to get it a size smaller then normal. 😀 Now, I know it’s cause of the style, it is designed to sorta flow…look loose-ish, ya know? But even so, I had to go down a size cause the size I thought I would need, ha! Way too big! Yippee!

I know when I shop for pants it’s gonna be interesting cause I have no idea what size I really am anymore. Pants that fit 3 weeks ago are now too large, some I am making them still work for me, mostly by taking my belt in a notch and pulling them up as I walk, lol, very attractive I know, but I don’t have the money to buy new clothes and I don’t want to buy clothes I will have to replace quickly – I guess I shouldn’t assume my weight loss will continue on the schedule I have set for it, maybe I should buy pants cause I’ll be stuck at this size for a couple more months but I am trying to be optimistic (not my strong suit) and think that in a couple more months I will be even smaller.

So here I am on sunday, mentally prepping to start a new week and wishing it was weigh in day already cause I want to step on the scale and see that second digit number again! I am enamored. teehee.

I don’t know when I will get to blog again, my modem is supposed to show up in the mail within 3-5 business days, so the first possible day would be monday (they didn’t mail it out till wednesday, sigh) – hopefully it shows up then, otherwise it might not be till mid week and I’m sorry, but another week of no internet at my place? I don’t think I will survive! I rely too much on my computer for, well, everything! Bills, work, play, education, weight loss…there isn’t one aspect of my life that doesn’t somehow get played out online…I miss my internet, a lot!

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