Hodge Podge Dinner

9 Feb

SB and I sit beside each other at work and man, something was way wrong today. 😦 We both had stomach aches, felt like crap, had no appetite, were freezing…it was weird. We didn’t like it! Like anybody would, right? πŸ˜‰

So neither of us ate lunch, just weren’t interested in the food deal but by the time I got home I was wanting food so yah! Big dinner cause of no lunch! I didn’t want to eat anything too crazy though soΒ I made a bunch of random things and ate that. lol. Let’s see, I ended up with left over pancakes, cheese, brown rice, mixed veggies, one hot dog weiner, mashed yam…now, not all of those were eaten individually – that really would’ve been weird. lol. The rice, veggies and hot dog were put together in to my poor man’s stirfry, the cheese was put on top of the leftover pancakes…and well, the mashed yams were eaten as is, no need to mess with those. πŸ˜›

All in all it was a good, if odd dinner. πŸ™‚ My tummy liked it which is all that really matters, lol.

Today I ate:

29 grams Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Pecan Bunches = 2 points

1/2 cup 1% milk = 1 point

1 banana = 1 point

1 Activia yogurt w/ fibre = 2 points

30 grams light cheese = 2 points

3 pancakes = 3 points

1/2 cup mashed yams = 1.5 points

1 cup brown rice = 4 points

1 light hot dog weiner = 1 point

1 tbls creole dijon sauce = 1 point

mixed cooked veggies = 0 points

Total points eaten = 18.5 Not too shabby. πŸ™‚

So I’m undecided as to how to use my last 1.5 points – do I have a 1 point cup of hot chocolate and then stay 0.5 point under or should I eat a nibbly for 2 points and go half a point over, or eat a nibble that’ll leave me 0.5 under…really, my decision is between the hot chocolate or a nibbly…sigh…

Oh! That reminds me! The weight watchers hot chocolate my mom sent me in that package yesterday, turns out my uncle sent it to her and she passed it on to me…this matters cause that means it came all the way from England and sadly, can not be bought in Canada 😦 …I’m not sure if it is available in the US or not, shrug. I was s’posed to go to the states end of Feb for some shopping so I was gonna hit up a grocery store to stock up on weight watchers foods that aren’t available here (which is a lot!) but the trip has to be put off so it’ll beΒ  a while longer till I know if it’s available there or not. sigh.

It sucks that there are so many more weight watchers foods in the states then up here, there used to be more up here but I dunno, they went away. shrug. Kinda like the dinosaurs…just…gone… πŸ˜›


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